Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

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If you’re an employer or a recruiter, the last thing you want to do is waste your time and money posting jobs that will yield you a bunch of low-quality candidates. We recommend trying ZipRecruiter because they're one of the biggest job search engine on the internet. It's also free to get started. Post a job and you know you'll reach a wide audience as well as the right job seekers searching for your position.

If you're interested in advertising your job opening across various platforms, explore our guide to the leading job posting sites.

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Our Top Picks for Best Job Posting Sites

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers Reviews

As an employer or recruiter, finding the right candidates for your job openings is crucial. You don't want to waste your time and resources on job postings that attract low-quality candidates. That's why it's important to use the best job posting sites available. One of the top recommendations is, which is a free job search engine that reaches a wide audience of job seekers.

If you're looking to advertise your job opening on multiple platforms, there are also many other job posting sites to consider. To help you find the best job sites for your needs, employers and recruiters with years of experience were interviewed to get their feedback. The sites were then tested to get a true feel for the experience. The result is a variety of top picks highlighted below, depending on the position you're hiring for, your location, and how many candidates you want to screen.


ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace that connects employers and job seekers. With its AI-powered smart matching technology, it actively distributes job postings to millions of job seekers.

ZipRecruiter offers a free trial for all of its three job posting packages, which start at $59 per month for the Starter package which includes three active job slots. The Team package comes with 10 active job slots, and the Enterprise package is customizable for larger organizations.

ZipRecruiter's unique feature is that it allows employers to keep any applicants they receive during the free trial period, even if they cancel their subscription.


  • Millions of job seekers
  • AI-powered smart matching technology
  • Free trial with all job posting packages
  • Keep any applicants during the free trial period


  • Monthly fee for all job posting packages
  • Need more than one hiring need


  • First job posting is free
  • Contact ZipRecruiter for custom pricing based on your hiring needs

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Indeed is a popular job posting site that offers basic job postings for free. However, employers can also sponsor their job postings for a minimum of $5 per day to increase visibility. Sponsored postings are flexible, and employers only have to pay when someone clicks on their job posting. Indeed also offers options to become a featured employer and create a company page, which works well if an employer has several jobs to post and sponsor to attract more candidates.


  • Basic job postings are free
  • Flexible sponsored postings
  • Pay for performance
  • Integrates smoothly with many applicant tracking systems
  • Options to become a featured employer and create a company page


  • Basic job postings can end up in a large pool with every other free job posting on
  • Sponsoring a job can add up in cost


  • Free: Post unlimited jobs for free
  • Sponsored Job Listing: Promote as targeted ads with a price per application, usually between $15-$50 based on historical hiring data from similar jobs, location, and the estimated number of applications needed to make a hire

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Snagajob is a subscription-based job posting site that focuses on hiring hourly workers. It offers a variety of features such as job board distribution, applicant tracking, email boosts, personality assessments for candidates, and posts to other job boards. Snagajob's pricing starts at $89 per month for a single job slot, and the most premium package costs $249 per month and comes with three job slots and more features.


  • Focuses on hiring hourly workers
  • Offers a variety of features
  • Job board distribution to boost visibility of job postings
  • Robust applicant tracking feature
  • Month-to-month terms


  • Subscription-based pricing


  • Starter: $89/month. One active job posting and talent management tools.
  • Starter Plus: $99/month. One active job posting, talent management tools, and visual personality assessment tools
  • Growing: $249/month. Three active job postings per month


LinkedIn is a high-quality job posting site that offers a unique position because it offers a channel for employers and recruiters to reach candidates who may not be looking. LinkedIn's pricing starts at $195 for a 30-day posting, or employers can purchase job credits at a discounted rate. LinkedIn also offers job slots in addition to job posts so employers can swap their jobs at any time. LinkedIn Recruiter is another option that gives access to everyone on LinkedIn, and is best used for companies that are continuously hiring.


  • Unique position because it offers a channel for employers and recruiters to reach candidates who may not be looking
  • Job slots in addition to job posts
  • LinkedIn Recruiter gives access to everyone on LinkedIn


  • Expensive pricing for job postings
  • Job posting expires


  • Single job postings are free to post to your connections
  • PPC model offered to post outside of your network
  • PPC model offers daily or total budgets, LinkedIn determines price based on location and competing jobs
  • Searching and applying for jobs is free for job seekers


Glassdoor is known for employer reviews and salary information, but it also offers job postings and finding candidates. Glassdoor offers custom solutions for employers with features like building an enhanced company profile, job slots, and display advertising. Job postings are connected to an employer profile, so job seekers have the ability to learn about the company when applying. Glassdoor is also about half the cost of LinkedIn.


  • Employer reviews and salary information
  • Custom solutions for employers
  • Job postings are connected to an employer profile


  • No free trial
  • No transparent pricing
  • No built-in ATS
  • Lacks candidate management tools


  • Free Plan: Allows posting company info, review requests, and basic employer profile analytics
  • Paid Plan: Contact Sales


CareerBuilder is a versatile job board that extends its reach across multiple platforms, including its own site. Providing an array of tools such as a comprehensive resume database, candidate matching, and recruiting software featuring applicant tracking, CareerBuilder enhances the recruitment process. Alongside these features, the platform offers convenient job posting templates and widgets. With flexible pricing plans, CareerBuilder accommodates recruiters by allowing them to post an unlimited number of jobs to meet their diverse hiring needs.


  • Integrates with many different applicant tracking systems
  • Customizable job alert emails
  • Background and other screening available


  • No free plans
  • Some features cost extra
  • Limited resume views


  • Pay As You Go: $425 once. One active job slot available for 12 months, candidate management, and limited resume database access 
  • Lite: $349/month. One active job slot each month, candidate management, and limited resume database access 
  • Standard: $449/month. Three active job slots each month, candidate management, and resume database access 
  • Pro: $749/month. Five active job slots each month, candidate management, and resume database access 


Pallet is a promising early-stage startup on a mission to revolutionize the job-seeking landscape. The platform introduces a novel approach to hiring by fostering a community-based model. Companies can leverage digital communities to discover potential candidates, while community leaders play a pivotal role in connecting individuals with suitable open positions.

Established in 2021, Pallet has achieved remarkable success, earning recognition from some of the tech industry's most influential thought leaders. If you've recently perused an influencer's job board, chances are they're harnessing the power of Pallet to facilitate connections and redefine the hiring experience.


  • Hyper-targeted recruiting 
  • Community leaders and creators can get paid for adding value
  • Businesses can integrate open roles into job seekers’ regular content streams


  • To be effective, job board curator would need a fairly large following 
  • Still relatively new to the market and lacks features other competitors have


  • Pay As You Go: $0 + 20% base salary fee
  • Custom: Annual partnership with no success fees, talk to sales

Reach the talent you want.

Pallet partners with trusted industry leaders to help you meet the perfect candidate.

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How To Choose The Best Job Posting Site For Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the best job posting site for your needs, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key things that employers should look at when choosing a job posting site:

Determine Your Target Audience

Consider the type of candidates you are looking for and choose a job posting site that caters to that audience. For example, if you are looking for tech professionals, consider using job posting sites like Dice or Indeed.

Evaluate Your Budget

Different job posting sites have different pricing models. Some sites charge per job post, while others charge a monthly or annual fee. Determine your budget and choose a job posting site that fits within it.

Consider The Reach Of The Job Posting Site

Look for a job posting site that has a large audience and can reach a wide range of candidates. Some job posting sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed have a large network of partner sites that can help increase your job's visibility.

Determine The Features You Need

Consider the features that each job posting site offers and what you need. Some sites offer applicant tracking systems, resume search tools, and other features that can help streamline your hiring process.

Evaluate The Site's Reputation

Look for a job posting site that has a good reputation and positive reviews from other employers. Check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of how well each site performs.

How To Use Job Posting Sites For Employers

Job posting sites are an essential tool for employers to find qualified candidates for job openings. Here are some tips on how to effectively use job posting sites:

Choose The Right Job Posting Site For Your Opening

There are many job posting sites available, but not all of them are suitable for every job opening. Consider the type of job you are hiring for, the location of the job, and the budget you have for job postings.

You should also consider if a general job posting site is suitable or if you should post to a niche-specific site. For example, there are sites that cater to specific industires like nursing.

Create An Effective Job Posting

Your job posting should be clear and concise, with all the necessary information about the job, such as the job title, job description, qualifications, and salary range. Use bullet points and bold text to make the job posting easy to read.

Also be sure to include relevant keywords in your job posting to increase the chances of your job posting appearing in search results.

For more help, check out our job description template.

Set A Budget

Job posting sites offer different pricing models, such as pay-per-click or flat subscription. Set a budget for job postings and choose a pricing model that fits your budget.

Monitor And Manage Candidates

Once you start receiving applications, it's important to monitor and manage them effectively. Use the tools provided by the job posting site to track and manage candidates, and respond promptly to qualified candidates.

Bottom Line

Finding the right candidates for job openings is crucial for employers and recruiters seeking efficiency in their hiring process. ZipRecruiter stands out as a top recommendation, offering broad reach and a free trial with flexible pricing plans.

Assessing factors such as target audience, cost, reach, features, and reputation can guide employers in choosing the best job posting site for their specific requirements. Employers are encouraged to leverage these platforms effectively by creating clear and keyword-rich postings, setting budgets wisely, and actively managing candidate responses for a successful hiring outcome.

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