ZipRecruiter Review 2024: Features, Plans and Pricing

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ZipRecruiter is our top job posting site pick for employers who want to find the right people.

With so much information on the internet, it can be very challenging for job seekers and recruiters alike to know where to search for new jobs or new employees. To help you get your questions answered, check out this full review of ZipRecruiter.

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What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace for both employers and job seekers. ZipRecruiter’s online job board has served over 110 million job seekers and boasts a database of more than 43 million resumes, so it’s a great place to find employees online. You can start with a free trial today.

ZipRecruiter for Employers

Trying to hire the perfect person is never easy. Often this involves sifting through hundreds of resumes, holding a ton of interviews and hoping you find the right person. Luckily, there are sites like ZipRecruiter that can make hiring easier.

How To Post A Job On ZipRecruiter

To post a job on ZipRecruiter, the process is pretty simple. Follow the steps below to set up an employer account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Post a job.”
  3. Select the number of employees your company has and then click “Post job for free.”
  4. You will then be prompted to enter your name, company information and create an account.
  5. Select the ZipRecruiter package you are interested in.
  6. Enter your payment information.
  7. You are then ready to post your first job! ZipRecruiter provides customizable templates to help you write the perfect job description.

After creating your job post, your job post will be sent to over 100 top job sites by ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter’s AI technology will also instantly scan their resume database and match you with candidates that meet your description. You can also search the resume database on your own to find qualified candidates.

For more information, check out our detailed guide on how to post a job on ZipRecruiter.

Features Of ZipRecruiter For Employers

Free Trial

As an employer, you can try ZipRecruiter for free for four days. If you like what you are seeing, you can continue your package after 4 days.

Resume Database

ZipRecruiter’s resume database allows you to search the resumes of millions of job seekers. You can also set alerts that will notify you when new resumes are added that fit your specifications.

Candidate Screening

Set up questions for potential candidates to help eliminate individuals who are unqualified, or not the right fit. You can use multiple choice questions, yes/no, free form answering or create custom questions.

Powerful AI Matching Technology

ZipRecruiter scans thousands of potential candidates to find those with your exact requirements. The tool invites qualified jobseekers to apply to your open roles, ensuring that your jobs are visible to top talent.

Job Postings Widely Distributed

When you post your job posting, ZipRecruiter takes care of sending that job post out to over 100 top job boards. For you, this is all done with one simple click!

Candidate Alert System

You will get an email every time a candidate applies to a job you posted. This allows you to easily track who has applied and allows you to quickly get back to candidates.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

See top candidates for your role and sort, rate, and review potential hires all in one place. Your ratings will help improve search results, continuously improving your experience.

Pros And Cons Of ZipRecruiter For Employers

ZipRecruiter offers a dynamic mix of features and toolsets, as well as a broad reach across established job sites and social networks. However, like all job sites, it does some things better than others.


  • Posts to 100+ job sites including Google,,, and College Recruiter
  • Reaches over 10 million candidates per week
  • Functions as a cloud-based ATS for small businesses or integrates with existing applicant tracking systems at the premium level


  • Limited free trial
  • May be too pricey for some small and medium-sized businesses
  • Doesn’t post to larger job sites like Monster or Indeed

ZipRecruiter Pricing For Employers

ZipRecruiter offers a free 4-day trial. After the 4-day trial, there are a few packages to choose from. ZipRecruiter plans start as low as $299 per month. They will customize a plan and price for your company's unique hiring needs, taking into consideration factors such as the number of job ads you need to post, the desired number of resume downloads, the number of user seats required, as well as your industry and location.

These are ZipRecruiter packages:

  • Standard

The standard plan includes distributing your job posting to 100+ job sites. This plan is best for hiring easily on a budget.

  • Premium

The premium plan includes everything in the standard plan, plus premium placement of your job posting in job alert emails and access to the resume database with over 43 million resumes. ZipRecruiter says that customers who use this plan find six times as many candidates on average as those who choose the standard plan.

  • Pro

The pro plan is aimed at enterprise-level organizations and offers all the benefits of the premium plan plus TrafficBoost for urgently hiring jobs and integration with several popular applicant tracking systems. This plan is best for sourcing top talent at scale.

Find a qualified candidate fast with ZipRecruiter!

ZipRecruiter For Job Seekers

For job seekers, ZipRecruiter is free to use. If you prefer mobile, they have the #1 rated job search app.


  • “Quick Apply” feature allows you to apply to a job in minutes using your uploaded resume.
  • Save jobs you’re interested in–or dismiss those that aren’t a good match to save time in your search.
  • Communicate easily with interested employers in the Message Center.
  • Track your job application in the Applied Jobs tab on your dashboard.
  • Use the Salary Research tool to find out what others are making in your field and location.

Pros And Cons Of ZipRecruiter For Job Seekers


  • Always free for job seekers.
  • Post your resume, search for jobs, create job email or text alerts, or use the mobile app.
  • Aggregates job listings from 100+ sites and social networks.


  • Does not include large job sites like Monster or Indeed.
  • Professionals may find better results on niche industry sites.

Pricing For Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter is completely free for job seekers. Users can post their resumes, search for jobs, set up job alerts, and quickly apply for open positions using the desktop site or mobile app.

How To Get Started 

To get started on the job search platform, follow these three simple steps: sign up, upload your resume, and fill out your profile with additional information.

Your profile acts as an extension of your resume and can be set as either public or private for potential employers to view. By making it public, you increase your chances of being noticed and selected by employers.

Once your profile is complete, you can search for jobs by location and keywords relevant to your experience and skills.

ZipRecruiter Reputation

ZipRecruiter has a positive reputation with job seekers and employers, according to most user review aggregator sites. As of this writing, the site had the following ratings on popular consumer review sites: G2 (4.8 out of 5 stars), TrustPilot (4.5 out of 5 stars), and ConsumerAffairs (2.9 out of 5 stars).

Five-star users typically cite its easy-to-use interface, free mobile app, large database, and fast response from employers as reasons for positive reviews. Negative reviews reference customer service glitches, mixed candidate quality, or a poor fit for job seekers.

ZipRecruiter vs. The Industry: What To Expect

Job boards are search engines for people to find jobs and employers to post them. They have evolved with the internet and really started to gain steam in the early 2000s.

ZipRecruiter Goes Above and Beyond

ZipRecruiter was the first company to consolidate this process by taking a job listing from an employer and beaming it out to over 100 hundred existing job boards, including their own. In our research, we found one other company that does this, Betterteam, which is relatively less expensive than ZipRecruiter but doesn’t offer as many AI capabilities, which is where ZipRecruiter really goes above and beyond.

Other Job Boards Focus On Company Reviews

Other job boards focus on other areas. Glassdoor and Indeed, for example, provide reviews of different companies so you can see what other employees have to say about the work environment before you decide to apply. ZipRecruiter currently doesn’t offer any reviews.

Indeed, the largest job board service receives 250 million unique monthly visitors, whereas ZipRecruiter receives only 25 million. This means that the company only has about 10% of Indeed’s user base.

ZipRecruiter, a Santa Monica-based company, proudly states that 4 out of 5 employers who place a posting will get matched with a qualified candidate on the first day. To date, they have raised $769 million in funding and have over 1,000 employees.

ZipRecruiter vs. Monster

Both ZipRecruiter and Monster are free for job seekers and offer free, four-day trials for employers. However, ZipRecruiter offers job listings on 100+ job sites and social networks, while Monster provides access to one site–albeit a large, well-trafficked, and venerable one. Further, ZipRecruiter’s packages may be cheaper for many employers, depending on their needs.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. Monster

ZipRecruiter vs. Glassdoor

The primary difference between Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter is that Glassdoor focuses on jobseeker education and employer branding via its database of user-submitted reviews, while ZipRecruiter targets traditional job searching. Both offer free tools for job seekers, although Glassdoor’s offerings are through its partner site, Indeed.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. Glassdoor

ZipRecruiter vs. LinkedIn

ZipRecruiter integrates with LinkedIn as one of its 100+ partner job sites and social networks. So, by using ZipRecruiter, you’re already using LinkedIn. However, if you’re an employer looking to post a single job listing for free, you may wish to go directly to LinkedIn, as that feature isn’t available from LinkedIn. Note that promoting that listing does require subscribing via a pay-per-click model.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. LinkedIn

ZipRecruiter vs. CareerBuilder

Both ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder offer free services for job seekers and fee-based services for employers. Both sites offer a free trial for companies. The primary difference between the two sites is reach: ZipRecruiter posts job listings to 100+ job sites and social networks.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. CareerBuilder

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed

ZipRecruiter and Indeed are both massive, well-trafficked job sites with excellent reputations with job seekers and employers. The main differences between the two sites are that ZipRecruiter disseminates listings to 100+ sites and networks and that Indeed offers free job postings. Like many free job posting sites, however, Indeed charges employers to promote listings, which helps get them in front of more users.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed 

ZipRecruiter vs. Craigslist 

Craigslist is best known as a local classifieds site and this is still its greatest strength. If you’re looking for work locally or have jobs to post in your area, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to bigger job sites. However, ZipRecruiter offers a robust suite of analytics and tools that local sites just can’t match from an employer perspective.

For more information, read our full comparison: ZipRecruiter vs. Craigslist

Frequently Asked Questions About ZipRecruiter 

How is ZipRecruiter different from other sites?

ZipRecruiter is different from other job sites because they post job description to over 100 job boards for a premium price. As a job seeker, ZipRecruiter is similar to most other digital job boards.

What types of jobs will I find on ZipRecruiter?

All kinds. ZipRecruiter’s slogan is “Any industry. Any location. Any experience level.”

What types of candidates will I find on ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter says that 80 percent of job posters find a qualified candidate within one day of posting a job.

Do you have to pay for ZipRecruiter after the free trial?

Yes. After four days, if you decide you want to use ZipRecruiter, you can discuss pricing options with their sales team

Is ZipRecruiter a job board?

ZipRecruiter isn’t a single job board. It’s an employment marketplace that comprises a network of over 100 job sites and social networks.

Who started ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter was started by Ian Siegel, Joe Edmonds, Ward Poulos, and Will Redd. The site launched in 2010.

Where is ZipRecruiter located?

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, ZipRecruiter has offices in Tempe, Arizona, London, U.K., and Tel Aviv, Israel.

What job boards does ZipRecruiter post to?

ZipRecruiter posts to over 100 job boards including Google, LinkedIn, U.S. News, Patch, College Recruiter,, CareerBliss, and LiveCareer.

Is ZipRecruiter any good?

ZipRecruiter has largely positive user ratings on consumer review sites like G2, TrustPilot, and ConsumerAffairs.

Who is ZipRecruiter owned by?

ZipRecruiter was founded by Ian Siegel, Joe Edmonds, Ward Poulos, and Will Redd. A public company, it has raised $769 million in three rounds of financing. The company’s investors include IVP and Industry Ventures.

Do you know how to use ZipRecruiter to post to other job boards?

ZipRecruiter automatically shares job postings with its network of partner job sites. Employers can also choose to share their postings on Facebook or Twitter automatically. LinkedIn postings cost an additional fee.

Is ZipRecruiter legit?

ZipRecruiter is legit. The network was founded in 2010, has largely positive reviews on consumer reviews sites, and boasts a wide reach.

What does ZipRecruiter do for companies that only need to post jobs occasionally?

ZipRecruiter offers a free four-day trial for all its hiring plans. The site says that 4 out of 5 employers get a qualified candidate on the first day, so it’s possible to opt into the least expensive tier and hire quickly on a budget.

How do I get a ZipRecruiter 30-day free trial?

ZipRecruiter offers a four-day free trial for its employer plans. However, the site doesn’t offer 30-day free trials.

What is ZipRecruiter like as an ATS?

ZipRecruiter integrates with many applicant tracking systems, but it can also function as a cloud-based ATS for small businesses. AI matching technology helps users match candidates based on skills and qualifications, sort potential hires, and communicate with applicants.

How does ZipRecruiter work for employers?

Employers can opt for one of three plans: Standard, Premium, and Pro. Each plan comes with a free trial and access to ZipRecruiter’s dashboard and AI matching tools. Premium and Pro plans come with access to 43+ resumes, TrafficBoost for hard-to-fill jobs, and other options.

How do you contact ZipRecruiter?

Contact ZipRecruiter via phone (877-252-1062) or through their contact page, which offers messaging or live chat options.

How does ZipRecruiter make money?

ZipRecruiter makes money from its subscription-based job posting model. Employers pay to post jobs on the site.

Any tips for how to sign up for ZipRecruiter outside of the U.S.?

ZipRecruiter’s U.S.-based site covers employment in the U.S. and Canada. U.K.-based employers and job seekers should start their search on the U.K. site.

What is a ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost?

ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost promotes job listings to help employers fill urgently hiring and hard-to-fill jobs. Employers can buy TrafficBoost credits or enroll in the Premium ZipRecruiter plan, which includes this feature.

How do I cancel my ZipRecruiter subscription?

Cancel your ZipRecruiter subscription by calling 855-813-0288 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST).

How long is ZipRecruiter's free trial?

ZipRecruiter’s free trial lasts four days for all employer plans.

Does ZipRecruiter cost money to try out?

ZipRecruiter is always free for job seekers and offers a free four-day trial for employers.

What's the difference between a standard and a premium ZipRecruiter account?

A Standard ZipRecruiter account offers the ZipRecruiter dashboard, AI candidate matching, and posting on over 100 job sites. A Premium account offers everything that the standard account offers, plus access to a database of more than 43 million resumes. ZipRecruiter says that Premium users get six times more candidates on average than Standard users.

Are there any alternatives to ZipRecruiter?

Alternatives to ZipRecruiter for job seekers and employers include Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Glassdoor, and Monster.

Bottom Line

ZipRecruiter’s technology makes it easy for an employer to fill a position rather quickly because it learns what each employer is looking for and provides a personalized set of highly qualified candidates for each job posting.

As a job seeker, the company goes beyond job titles and introduces candidates to positions and industries they may not have been aware of. This SaaS service has been used by over 1.8 million businesses as of the writing, and 25 million job seekers come to the site every month. Our research found positive reviews of the company on both ends of the spectrum, and we feel comfortable recommending the service.

Get started with ZipRecruiter today!