5 Of The Best Remote Data Entry Jobs [2024]

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If you are a detail-oriented person looking for a work-from-home job, then a career in remote data entry is a great option. Data entry is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the workforce. As predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs that involve data and data entry are expected to increase by at least 31%. Because of this, more remote data entry jobs are popping up now than ever. Companies are always looking for hard-working individuals to help them with data entry.

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Quickstart Guide To Landing A Data Entry Job

  1. Update your resume. Landing a high paying remote data entry job can be challenging. After all, you’re selling the company on a major investment in you, so you need to do everything you can to get an edge. Having a resume writing service assist with your resume can be the edge you need.
  2. Search for jobs on ZipRecruiter. If you’re ready to land a remote data entry job, we recommend ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is one of the top job search sites and it’s free for job seekers!

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What Is Remote Data Entry? 

Data entry is where information is entered into a program, spreadsheet, or another form of record-keeping system. There are all types of information that can be processed, such as demographics, statistics, and answers to surveys or other types of research. Maintaining quality data entry is essential for businesses. As a data entry professional, you will help to ensure that all records are relevant, error-free, and assembled correctly to where they can be easily interpreted.

Remote data entry is a great career, especially for those who thrive in a job that requires attention to detail and organization. This job can easily be done at home. You’ll need access to a computer and a steady internet connection.

5 Of The Best Remote Data Entry Jobs 

Here are a few types of data entry specialist jobs that you can find. There are many more, too! Be sure to pay attention to the prerequisites and requirements for each position as you’re applying. Many remote data entry jobs require a typing test. If you have any of the required skills, be sure to list them on your resume.

1. Data Entry Clerk

Median National Salary: $57,209/year

Required Education: High School Diploma

Job Duties: A data entry clerk is responsible for taking data (either in electronic or paper form) and entering it into a computer program or system. They are charged with inputting this data quickly and without errors. They may also be asked to update and organize current data and perform data backups.

2. Transcriptionist 

Median National Salary: $36,248/year

Required Education: High School Diploma or an Associate’s Degree (for more specific fields)

Job Duties: Transcriptionists listen to audio or video recordings and type what is said. This job will often require learning specific notations specific to the material that is being transcribed. For example, medical transcriptionists need to have a strong understanding of medical terminology and abbreviations. Other responsibilities include expanding on shorthand, proofreading/editing, and organizing. In some cases, people with this job may be asked to sit in on live meetings and transcribe in real-time.

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3. Word Processor 

Median National Salary: $47,050/year

Required Education: High School Diploma

Job Duties: Word processors are essential to the function of most businesses and can also be called typists. They are responsible for taking written or recorded materials and turning them into usable content, such as a brochure, memo, or advertisement. This position requires creativity, organization, and attention to detail. Like many data entry careers, they can be seen across all industries.

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4. Data Analyst 

Median National Salary: $80,429/year

Required Education: Bachelor’s degree

Job Duties: Data analysts are higher-level data entry careers that require both entering data into a computer system and analyzing it. Analysts look for trends in the data, identifying significant findings. Presenting the data in a format that is easy to understand is also a responsibility of a data analyst. They could also be required to work directly with sources to obtain the data.

5. Freelance Data Entry 

Median National Salary: $57,209/year

Required Education: Depends on the client’s specifications

Job Duties: Data entry is also a great option for those looking to stray away from a traditional full-time job. Many positions allow you to set your own hours, meaning you can work whenever you want. On average, freelance data entry professionals make $32,442 per year.

If you want to work in data entry, take time to update your resume. Learn more by reading our guide on creating a data entry resume.

Benefits Of Working A Remote Data Entry Job

Working a remote data entry job has many benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Ability to set your own schedule and work at your own pace
  • No commute or travel expenses
  • Increased productivity due to fewer distractions and interruptions
  • Opportunity to work for companies located in different regions or countries
  • Possibility of higher pay due to cost savings for employers
  • Improved work-life balance

Best Places To Find Remote Data Entry Jobs 

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure you update your data entry resume. After you update your resume, use the sites below to find the best data entry jobs!


ZipRecruiter is a job site that allows businesses of all sizes and types to post jobs. As one of the top-rated job sites on the web, ZipRecruiter uses AI-driven smart matching technology to help connect job seekers with businesses searching for quality employees. They have hundreds of data entry jobs on the website, updated consistently to bring you the most recent jobs.

For more information, read our ZipRecruiter review.

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Pallet is a personalized platform that focuses on community-based hiring. Pallet job boards are curated, with the job seeker in mind.

CareerCloud’s Executive Editor and Podcast Host, Mike Gardon, curates jobs that are fully remote, upwardly mobile tech positions, or tech positions located in growing mid size cities with lower cost of living.

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Amazon MTurk 

Also known as Mechanical Turk, this website is perfect for people looking to make a few dollars quickly. The jobs are called “microtasks” and range from just a few dollars to as much as $50 or more per task. Tasks like answering surveys and cleaning data sets are some examples of tasks you might find on Amazon MTurk.


FlexJobs is a unique type of job search website. Known as being one of the most reputable websites for finding high-quality job leads, FlexJobs is a paid membership site where actual employees review all the listings. They have multiple levels of payment plans, including an affordable monthly plan. It’s great for freelancers or those looking for an alternative to the traditional 9-5 job.

Looking for other options? Check out the best job posting sites to know where employers are posting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can data entry be done remotely? 

Yes, many data entry jobs are remote. You will need access to the internet and a computer.

How do I become a remote data entry? 

To become a data entry professional, you should have a high school diploma. You also need fast typing skills, with most jobs requiring at least 50-70 words per minute.

If you’ve had some interviews already but haven’t received a job offer, check out this Personal Branding & Interview Guide to supercharge your interview skills and improve your chances of landing your dream job.

What does a remote data entry person do?

A remote data entry person enters data into a computer program. Depending on the job description, they can also be responsible for cleaning and analyzing data.

Is remote data entry a good job?

Remote data entry is a great job for those looking for a work-from-home gig. Little equipment is required, so it is also a career that you can travel and do simultaneously.

The Bottom Line 

Ready to find the perfect remote data entry job for you? Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or several freelancing gigs, data entry is a growing and accessible field. Check out ZipRecruiter today for more data entry job opportunities.