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Discover the Skills that Define the Future of Work – and Learn How to Master Them!

In a world evolving at lightning speed, adaptability, flexibility, and resilience are the keys to success. But how do you equip yourself with these crucial skills? That's where our community comes in.

Welcome to a space where we redefine the idea of work and empower you to carve a unique path for yourself. We're not just a subscription; we're your toolkit for building an UnBREAKable future.

Here's what you get when you join us:
  1. Time and Focus: We create room in your work and home life, allowing you to concentrate on decisions that truly matter.
  2. Strategic Advantage: It's not just about acquiring skills; it's about creating Advantage along your path. We guide you to build a strategic edge in your career.
  3. Resilience Planning: Learn to anticipate setbacks, navigate through layoffs, and effectively manage inevitable changes in your professional journey.
  4. Option Creation: Our community teaches you how to craft various options for yourself, providing the freedom to shape your own destiny.
  5. Strategic Thinking: Think in bets, experiment fearlessly, and make decisions that lead to growth and success.
  6. Capitalizing on Opportunities: Seize new opportunities as they arise and turn them into pathways for personal and professional advancement.
  7. Uncertainty Mitigation: Gain the skills to navigate uncertainty with confidence, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever comes your way.

Join us, and be ready for anything life throws at you. It's time to secure more of what you truly want from life.

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When You're UnBREAKable you:

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  • Mitigate risk and downsides
  • Capitalize on the upside of uncertainty
  • Make bolder choices because you know you're prepared for anything

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"I struggled with indecision, investing in myself and figuring out the next steps for my career path. Since joining The Break Community, I’m finally betting on myself. I learned to make more odds based decisions, and better assess risk in changes I want to make. I now work as a freelancer and have more time and financial freedom. I love being able to network with a like-minded community! The calls with Mike are a favorite of mine as well. I always leave feeling inspired! If you want to level up - in your career or personally, I highly recommend joining The Break Community!"

Macy, Freelancer

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FUD Is A Dream Killer

Think for a second about where you are in your career.


You might have thought getting a good job was the key to safety, but now you’re hearing about “hiring freezes”, “budget cuts” and “voluntary leave.”

Will it happen to me?


You went to college and spent 4 Years and $104,108 to pick a “track”, but now you’re unsure if it’s the right path for you.

Can I even do something else?

You probably took the first good offer you got because the anxiety of not knowing how to decide would be too disruptive.

How can I find other options?


You dream of making a big change to get more freedom, more money and more enjoyment out of life. So you’re thinking about maybe, possibly, could I:

  • Jump ship to a new company
  • Break into a new role
  • Start a company
  • Get promoted
  • Freelance
  • Work remotely in Bali (doable - my friend does this)

BUT . . . doubt creeps in

  • But guys like me can’t do that!
  • But women like me face the glass ceiling!
  • But what would my parents say?
  • But what would my friends think?
  • But I’m not as smart as she is.
  • But I’m scared of speaking up.
  • But I can’t afford to leave my job.
  • But I don’t have enough savings to pay for a coach.
  • But, but, but . . .

Here’s the Two Ways 95% of Professionals Deal With FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT?

1. 85% of the professionals choose TOMORROWland: 

  • Spend lunch break scrolling open jobs on Indeed
  • Email blast their resume to every job portal known to man
  • Endlessly scroll social media, reading every “creator” who tells you the key to freedom is building your brand online
  • Reading more (don’t even get me started here)
  • 0 real progress
  • Kicking the can down the road to “Tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is a mythical place where 99% of all human achievement is stored.

You have a 0% chance of getting what you want if you never start.

Tomorrowland might as well be Neverland.

2. 10% of people Quit cold turkey:

“I just quit my job, and I have no plan.”

I’ve seen 40 year old single income fathers take this route because the pain was so great, but not realizing they just put their family and relationships at great risk, and put even greater pressure on themselves to figure it out.

This pressure can lead to bad decisions like:

  • Taking the next job that comes along to “fix” the mistake
  • Taking bigger risks to get out of a bad situation (the gambler’s fallacy)
  • Depleting savings and not making ends meet
  • Broken marriages
  • Career sabotage
  • Emotional turmoil


So what about the other 5%?

There is a secret 3rd option that only 5% of smart pros take:

Kill FUD By Becoming UnBREAKable

There’s a reason 3 of the top 10 greatest skills for the future according to the World Economic Forum have to do with managing change: resilience, adaptability, flexibility.

These are the FUD killers.

Turns out these skills aren’t innate, they can be learned, cultivated and grown.


Your career track feels a little off. Maybe your worry about layoffs has you indecisive and paralyzed?

You can't imagine being on the same path in 5 years, but you don't know what the next step is. You're not even sure what you need - a career coach? Job placement? Interview help? Mentorship? A life coach? Ugh.

Shelling out a bunch of money to a stranger to help you figure out you seems like expensive therapy.

You just need SPACE and focus to figure it out.

This community is home for you.

The next step in any career can feel very confusing. Most people who are confused about which direction to take inadvertently let worry and anxiety creep in to derail their plans. So they end up doing NOTHING. For years.

Don't let that be you.

If you are an early to mid career professional, and could benefit from the following, the UnBREAKable Community is for you:

  • Build a model of your unique self through my unique Advantage Mapping System
  • Using our decision making framework and templates.
  • Mitigating downsides and “Fear Setting.”
  • Getting help from a veteran “Career Breaker” (me).
  • Accountability partners for designing and taking action toward YOUR version of success.
  • Tools, tactics, experiences and support from people going through the same things as you.
  • Expert speakers on work-life design.
  • A proven course for figuring out your life's purpose.

This support helps our members crush indecision and build unBREAKable lives. And I know it will help you too.

Best of all, it costs the same as an higher end glass of wine! You know, the kind you spring for on date night ;)

Break Out for only $23


  • Bi-weekly group calls with 6X career re-inventor, Michael Gardon to help you guide your transformation.
  • Guest speaker series: hear from successful people who have become unbreakable by re-inventing their work-lives to thrive.
  • A hive mind of high performers on a similar journey. We are here to network, support and share opportunities.
  • Access to the Advantage Mapping Foundations course for free**.** This course is the principles Mike uses to coach career transformers to rediscover their hidden advantages and leverage them to build a “high odds” next path (a $250 value). Based on principles from Human Centered Design, Investing and of course, Entrepreneurship (access for annual subscribers, sign up now!)



  • A complimentary 1-on-1 coaching session with Mike to help you get clear on your journey, goals and action plan (Valued at $400).


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Meet Your UnBREAKable Guide:

Michael Gardon is a writer, speaker, guide and host of The Break podcast on Careercloud Radio where Mike teaches people how to break their relationship with work to create space for what matters most. Mike’s journey began as a kid who didn’t know what he wanted to do when he grew up. While Mike still doesn’t know, he’s learned that aligning with a higher purpose is what really matters. What he discover is that he could fulfill that purpose through work in many ways, but as long as those paths were connected to his higher purpose, he could change work without fear - and the process of inventing a new career could actually be an exciting journey!

Since his realization (his BREAK moment), Mike’s Purpose Statement (something our members create) is: 

“My purpose is to create a state where I help a generation build the change muscle. Because I believe dealing well with change is the  most critical skill to teach my children. By dealing well with change, we become unBREAKable.” 

Changing careers and re-inventing yourself is one of the most profound experiences anyone can willfully go through, so Mike has dedicated himself and The Break team to supporting you on this journey.

To learn more about Mike or contact him for coaching support, click the link below.


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