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Working at home or online seemed like a dream for only the privileged few before 2020. Then the pandemic sent everyone who could go home, home. Businesses learned that employees could do many jobs from virtually anywhere, as long as they had an internet signal. An online job isn’t for everyone, but if you want one, there are opportunities available.

Quick Guide To Landing An Online Job

  1. Update your resume so that you can impress potential employers. You can get started with a professional resume review. **TopResume **will review your resume for free! For additional resume help, you can check out our guide to the best resume writing services.
  2. If you’re and employer looking to post an online job, try ZipRecruiter first. As a job seeker you can also check out ZipRecruiter for the latest online job openings.

What Is An Online Job?

An online job is also called a remote job. It’s a position you don’t need to go into an office or facility to do. You need a computer, a reliable internet connection, and somewhere quiet to work. If you deal with confidential information, you may also need a door that can shut to keep your housemates from overhearing sensitive conversations.

While these jobs used to be quite limited in number, some experts estimate that roughly 13% of full-time employees work from home every day. Approximately 28% of the workforce follows a hybrid model, splitting time between their home and the office.

How You Can Spot a Scam Online Job

As you identify the ways scammers work, they become more sophisticated, so constant vigilance is necessary. But here are a few tricks to spotting scammers.

  • They offer you a job without an interview. They are often quick to offer a job, sometimes without a resume or a job interview. They can’t know if you’re a good fit for the role without assessing your qualifications and ability to communicate.
  • They ask you for photocopies of your driver’s license or other identification. Real employers will have you fill out an I-9 form, which requires in-person verification of your identification.
  • They ask you to pay for equipment. Genuine companies will send you the equipment you need. They also won’t send you a check or money transfer for more than you need and ask you to return the difference.
  • They won’t do a video call. While some scammers will, many won’t. Always ask for a video meeting if you’re concerned.

Best Online Jobs Available Now

1. Freelance Writer

Median National Salary: $60,000

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 71,000+ 

Job Growth 2018 - 2028: -3% (decline)

Job Duties: As a freelance writer, you’ll create written works as your clients requests. You could write articles, emails, social media posts, web copy, whitepapers, brochures, or other types of content. Your work could get featured in print or online.

Freelance writers are in high demand, as content is needed for everything from websites to social media platforms. You can find freelance writing jobs on websites like UpWork and Fiverr.

2. Web Developer

Median National Salary: $89,000

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 197,000+

Job Growth 2021 – 2031: 23% 

Job Duties: As a web developer, you’ll create, maintain, and update websites. You’ll make sure each website you work on is user-friendly and fully functional.

If you have coding skills, web development is a great online job. You can find web development jobs on websites like ZipRecruiter, UpWork, Freelancer, and Guru.

If you want to get a job as a web developer, check out our guide to creating a web developer resume and learn more about your potential job duties with our web developer job description.

3. Graphic Designer

Median National Salary: $56,000

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 265,000 

Job Growth 2021 – 2031: 3% 

Job Duties: As a graphic designer, you’ll create aesthetically pleasing and compelling layouts, images, fonts, color schemes, and more. Your work may appear on websites, product packaging, company signage, or elsewhere.

With the need for visual content, graphic design is an in-demand skill. You can find graphic design jobs on websites like 99designs and UpWork.

Do you want to land a role as a graphic designer? Learn how to make a graphic design resume and learn more with our graphic design job description.

4. Marketing Manager

Median National Salary: $84,000

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 347,000 

Job Growth 2021 – 2031: 10% 

Job Duties: As a marketing manager, you’ll oversee the development and execution of marketing campaigns to promote your company’s goods or services while adhering to a set budget. Your team may include copywriters, graphic designers, market researchers, analysts, and other professionals.

To learn more, check out our marketing manager job description and learn how to write a marketing manager resume.

5. Virtual Assistant

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Median National Salary: $69,000

Education Required: None, but having a Bachelor’s degree is common

Number of Jobs: 2,200+

Job Growth 2018-2028: -7% (decline)

Job Duties: As a virtual assistant, you’ll handle various administrative duties for your employer or clients. You may take on specialty tasks like event planning, social media management, or content creation.

Does it sound appealing to work as a virtual assistant? Discover the best virtual assistant jobs through our informative guide.

6. Social Media Manager

Median National Salary: $63,000

Education Required: None, but having a Bachelor’s degree is common

Number of Jobs: 27,000

Job Growth 2018-2028: 8%

Job Duties: As a social media manager, you’ll develop and execute social media campaigns for your employer or clients. You’ll oversee each account, create and post content, engage with followers, and keep up-to-date with industry best practices.

7. Tutor

Median National Salary: $46,000

Education Required: None, but a Bachelor’s degree is common

Number of Jobs: 203,000+

Job Growth 2021-2031: 15%

Job Duties: As a tutor, you’ll help students better understand the material presented in the classroom by using instructional techniques that cater to their strengths. You may tutor students one-on-one or in small groups.

If you want to work as a tutor, start by updating your resume. Learn everything you need to know in our guide to writing a tutor resume.

Do you want to become a freelancer, but don't know where to start? Check out our guide to the best freelancing courses.You can also take a look at our list of 200 side hustle ideas.

Other Online Jobs You Could Do

Affiliate Marketing

Average Salary: $73,000

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commission by promoting other companies' products on your website or social media platforms. Websites like Amazon are a popular option for affiliate marketing. 

Online Transcription

Average Salary: $37,000+

As an online transcriptionist, you’ll transcribe audio or video content. Websites like TranscribeMe and Rev are popular options for online transcription work.

Artist: Create Your Own Prodcut Or Sell Your Own Art

Average Salary: $73,000

As an artist, you can create your own product and sell it on popular platforms like Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay. You can create a social media profile or blog to showcase your artwork and demonstrate how you created it.

There are many great online job opportunities available now, with varying levels of required skills and experience. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can work from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a more flexible schedule.

Requirements And Skills For Working An Online Job

The requirements and skills for an online job will vary from position to position. However, no matter what role you have, you’ll need to be able to:

  • Work independently. You’ll spend a lot of time by yourself.
  • Learn new technology quickly. You’ll use various software, applications, and tools to do your work, and your employer may try new ones regularly.
  • Communicate clearly in writing. While you’ll participate in more video conferencing calls than you’d probably like, much of your communication will be through email or other written messages.
  • Self-motivate. Having your refrigerator and washing machine steps away during the workday is great. However, you must stay productive for your employer during your scheduled shift.
  • Balance your professional and personal lives. When the day is over, close your laptop, and walk away from your desk. Just because you live and work in the same place doesn’t mean you’re always on the clock.

How Do You Get A Good Paying Online Job?

Like an in-person job, you can get a high-paying online job by having in-demand skills and professional experience. Depending on the position, you may also need specific degrees or certifications.

Plus, many employers want to see previous remote work experience and online productivity tools on your resume. That way, they can feel confident about your ability to get the job done with minimal supervision while still communicating and collaborating with the team.

Where To Find Online Jobs

Online jobs are everywhere! But here are five places you can start looking. If you’re ready to start applying for online jobs, make sure your resume is polished and updated. If you want to explore additional options, check out our round-up of the best job posting sites.

If you are ready to start applying for online jobs, make sure your resume is ready to go! If you need help with your resume, check out the best resume writing services.


ZipRecruiter has a massive selection of jobs. Just use “remote” as your location, and you’ll find many online jobs in your target area.


UpWork is a great platform for finding freelance jobs all over the country. Be aware, however, that Upwork will take a percentage of your earnings as payment for the ability to find work on the website.


Pallet is a personalized platform that focuses on community-based hiring. Pallet job boards are curated, with the job seeker in mind.

CareerCloud’s Executive Editor and Podcast Host, Mike Gardon, curates jobs that are fully remote, upwardly mobile tech positions, or tech positions located in growing mid size cities with lower cost of living.

get started with pallet

Company Websites

Start at their website if you want to work for a specific company. Most companies list open positions and will indicate if they are remote or on-site.


This website focuses on flexible jobs, which includes remote jobs. FlexJobs is a job search site that requires you to pay to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best job to do remotely?

This is a subjective question! What do you want to do? There’s probably a remote job that meets your that meets your needs and interests.

What jobs cannot be done remotely?

Jobs that require physical interaction with other people (a dentist can’t fill a cavity remotely) or working with fixed equipment (an auto mechanic needs a shop's worth of equipment) cannot be done remotely. But, many other roles can be.

Will remote work be the new normal?

Maybe. But, keep in mind that not everyone wants to work from home, and people certainly don’t want everyone to work from home. If everyone worked from home, there would be no restaurants, food delivery, or clothing stores. Remote work is likely to continue to grow, but in person, jobs aren’t going anywhere.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get an online job, one is waiting for you. Get your resume ready and take a look at ZipRecruiter or another job site to get started.