5 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Education [2024]

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There are hundreds of thousands of jobs in the education field, but it’s likely you’re looking for the highest paying jobs in education. But we’re not going to give you five – we’re going to give you 10. We’re including the five highest paying jobs in education with a college degree, and five without a degree.

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5 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Education

1.  College Administrators

Average Salary: $111,260/year

Education Required: A Master’s degree for most positions

College administrators work in a variety of capacities at colleges, universities, and community colleges. There are also a large number of positions in the field, including registrars and academic deans. Though most positions involve work with maintaining the operation of the campus, some may also work directly with students in an advisory capacity, particularly in the area of student financing.

2.  School Principals

Average Salary: $101,320/year

Education Required: Master’s degree in education administration or leadership; must also have teaching experience

School principals work in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across the country. They function as the highest-ranking employees in their respective schools and are responsible for the overall operation of the institution. At smaller schools, principals may be more directly involved with students and the education process. Maintaining communication with parents of the student body is an ongoing responsibility.

3.  College Professors

Average Salary: $80,840/year

Education Required: A PhD in most cases, though a Master’s degree may be accepted at community colleges

College professors work in public and private colleges, universities, and community colleges. They can work either full-time or part-time, and generally specialize in a single specific subject area.

Pay varies considerably, based on the geographic region, the specific institution, and the subject area. For example, professors of law, economics, engineering, and health specialties typically earn over $100,000 per year.

4.  Elementary and High School Teachers

Average Salary: $62,360/year

Education Required: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and often a Master’s degree, as well as a state-issued certification or license

Teachers provide direct instruction to students in elementary and high schools across the country. There are nearly 1 million positions available nationwide. Candidates can teach on a wide range of subjects, but the highest salaries generally go to those who teach math and science. Salaries are also higher by geographic location, with states like California and New York paying considerably higher rates.

For more information, check out our teacher job description.

5.  Special Education Teachers

Average Salary: $62,950/year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree, plus a state-issued certification or license

Special education teachers work at both public and private schools, including high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. They work specifically with students who have learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.

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5 of the Highest Paying Education Jobs Without a Degree

6.  Secretary/Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $44,080/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

There’s a business side to running every institution, and that includes schools. Secretaries and administrative assistants are widely employed in colleges and universities, as well as elementary, middle and high schools. They handle a wide variety of routine clerical and organizational assignments.

7. Security Guard

Average Salary: $38,930/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent; may be required to be state licensed if they carry a firearm

Security guards are often assigned to schools and universities to protect property and provide student safety. In addition, they may be employed in colleges and universities to protect buildings after hours and on weekends.

8. Bus Driver

Average Salary: $42,000/year

Education Required: None, but generally require specific driver licensing, and may require completion of specific courses related to the transportation of children.

School bus drivers are responsible for transporting students from their own neighborhoods or locations to school. They are required to maintain safety standards, as well as punctuality to get students to school on time.

9. School Custodian/Janitor

Average Salary: $31,990/year

Education Required: No formal education requirement

School custodians are responsible for cleaning school buildings but may also be involved in various maintenance activities. Those may include changing light bulbs, making minor repairs, and transporting supplies on the school campus. They may also be involved in minor outdoor maintenance, such as clearing snow from doorways in winter.

10. Teacher Assistant

Average Salary: $30,920/year

Education Required: While college is preferred, two years of higher education often meets the requirement, and a high school diploma is sometimes accepted

As the name implies, a teacher assistant assists the primary teacher in the classroom. They’re more commonly found in elementary schools due to the younger age of the student population. A teacher assistant will often work one-on-one with students who are struggling, or even with small groups. They may also assist in the preparation of lessons and supervise students in the absence of the classroom teacher.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a high salary this year?

As you can see from the information we’ve provided in this guide, college administrators are at the top of the pay scale for educators, at over $111,000. But among the education positions that don’t require a college degree, secretaries and administrative assistants do make nearly $40,000 on average.

What is the best career this year?

The answer to that question is completely subjective. Though some jobs do report higher job satisfaction – particularly college professors – the best career is the one that works best for you. That means the right combination of responsibilities, work environment, and compensation.

What is the highest paying job in the education field?

Once again, the highest paying positions in the education field are college administrators. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all college administrators earn six figures. Exactly how much you’ll earn will depend on the size of the school you work at, as well as the region of the country and the specific responsibilities the position carries.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of jobs in the education field, whether you have a college degree and even if you don’t. Find your education job on ZipRecruiter today!