Computer Teacher Job Description

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Table Of Contents

Learn about the important requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a computer teacher job description.

Computer teachers help students achieve computer literacy and gain confidence in their computer skills. Sometimes called computer instructors or computer science teachers, computer teachers instruct pupils at various grade levels.

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Computer Teacher Job Description Template

We’re looking for an experienced computer teacher that’s passionate about youth computer literacy. As our computer teacher, you’ll develop lesson plans, create instructional materials, source educational software, teach students, assess and document pupil progress, and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, parents, and other stakeholders. Our next instructor must be patient, empathetic, and able to adapt their lessons and instructional approach to meet student needs.

Computer Teacher Responsibilities

  • Creating lesson plans and accompanying instructional materials

  • Testing and selecting age-appropriate educational software

  • Instructing students

  • Reinforcing learning with assignments, projects, and activities

  • Assessing learning with quizzes, tests, and observation

  • Tracking and documenting student progress

  • Ensuring computers and related equipment remain functional

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences, staff meetings, and required training

Computer Teacher Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar field

  • 2+ years of experience as a computer teacher

  • State-granted teacher certification

  • Superior presentation, communication, technical, classroom management, and interpersonal skills

Computer Teacher Duties And Responsibilities

Let’s dive deeper into some of the computer teacher’s job responsibilities.

Create Lesson Plans

Computer teachers create lesson plans to help students learn about a specific topic in the curriculum. Lesson plans include elements such as lectures, discussions, demonstrations, activities, and assessments. A computer teacher must have a deep understanding of the state curriculum, their subject matter, and their students’ capabilities and learning styles.

Instruct Students

Computer teachers instruct pupils on how to use computers and related equipment. They likely spend much of each class period demonstrating a skill and observing the students practice it. A computer teacher must be able to manage their classroom and student behavior while providing quality instruction.

Reinforce Learning

Computer teachers reinforce student learning by using activities, projects, and other assignments. That way, students are more likely to retain the content from their lesson plans. For best results, a computer teacher should choose activities and projects that students find engaging and fun.

Assess Learning

Computer teachers use tests, quizzes, and observation to assess their pupils’ knowledge. Then, they can use that assessment to adapt their instructional methods or lesson content to meet student needs better. Therefore, a computer teacher must be able to select the most appropriate assessment method for each situation.

Track Student Progress

Computer teachers track and document student progress regularly. That way, they can inform parents and other school personnel about pupil performance. A computer teacher must stay in tune with how their students are doing and feeling in the classroom.

Computer Teacher Salary And Job Outlook

Here’s the current outlook for the computer teacher role in the United States:

Median National Salary: $38,500

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 1 million+

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 5% (average)

The Bottom Line

We’re excited for you to get started on your computer teacher job description. Once you’re satisfied with the draft, post it on ZipRecruiter today! Then, get your role listed on the best free job posting sites. You’ll attract more candidates without spending another cent.