Computer Programmer Job Description

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Learn about the essential requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that are helpful in a computer programmer’s job description.

Computer programmers are responsible for developing new software applications for clients or individual companies, writing code, and troubleshooting issues with programs. They play an integral role in creating programs that revolutionize how businesses operate, contributing to technological advancement in their field.

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Computer Programmer Job Description Template

We’re looking for an experienced computer programmer to join our organization. In this role, you’ll develop, maintain, and test software applications. You’ll also work with clients to learn their wants and needs for a program. Other responsibilities include writing maintainable code, debugging or troubleshooting problematic programs, and managing databases. Ideal candidates should be well-versed in popular programming languages, software development methodologies, and database management systems. You should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to work well in a constantly changing and fast-based environment.

Computer Programmer Responsibilities

  • Developing, maintaining, and testing software applications

  • Collaborating with other teams to create new software features

  • Troubleshooting problems with programs

  • Writing maintainable and clean code

  • Staying up to date with the latest trends and updates in software development

  • Analyzing algorithms to provide customers with programs that meet their needs

  • Maintaining company and client databases

Computer Programmer Requirements 

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer programming

  • Proficiency in programming languages like Java, C++, and Python

  • Excellent IT skills

  • Experience working with end-user programming

  • Knowledge of software development methodologies and database management systems

  • Able to work well independently

Computer Programmer Duties And Responsibilities

Developing, maintaining, and testing software applications 

Computer programmers are responsible for developing, maintaining, and testing software applications. This involves regularly working with clients to understand their needs, so good communication skills are needed. Successful computer programmers also have demonstrated experience with programming languages and other software development techniques.

Troubleshooting problems with programs

When creating a new program, there are bound to be errors or problems at some point. Computer programmers are responsible for troubleshooting problems in the programs they create. Sometimes, they may also analyze other employees’ programs for bugs.

Knowing the latest and greatest information in the software development space helps computer programmers create the best programs possible. Many employers encourage computer programmers on staff to obtain new certifications, attend conferences, or take additional training to increase their skills.

Collaborating with other teams to create new software features 

Even though computer programming is a job where you don’t always work with other people, collaborating with other teams at a company is essential to create new software features. This could include the design, sales, or marketing team. Being able to work on a team is crucial for this responsibility.

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Analyzing algorithms to provide customers with programs that meet their needs 

Computer programmers are also responsible for routinely analyzing algorithms to identify the most efficient and effective ways to execute specific tasks within a program. This helps to ensure that the quality of the programs is always excellent and that they function how they are supposed to for clients.

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Computer Programmer Salary And Job Outlook

Median National Salary: $67,698

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer programming

Number of Jobs: Decline of 17,800 jobs per year over the next decade

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: -10%

The Bottom Line

Computer programmers create software programs and applications according to client needs. Typically, pursuing a career in computer programming involves getting a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or engineering and building a portfolio of programming projects.

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