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Our top choice for job boards has been ZipRecruiter for the past three years. They offer an industry-leading service that allows you to post a position quickly that is shown on hundreds of other job sites to high-quality candidates.

ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder represent two of the biggest job sites online today. Online job boards bring together job seekers and employers in a way that few other services can.

Both job sites have helped scores of people find jobs but using different business models. Keep reading to learn more about ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder and how they help you navigate the job-hunting process as an employer or job seeker.

get started with Ziprecruiter


ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010 as a way for small businesses to post job openings online without paying enormous fees. Since that time, the company has grown considerably, with more than 25 million job seekers visiting the site each month. Like most job sites, ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers to use, with the option to create a detailed profile and post a resume. There are paid plans available for employers to use ZipRecruiter, which lets you post job openings to over 100 top online job boards with one click of a button. Employers can also sign up for a 4-day free trial to test out ZipRecruiter’s services.

ZipRecruiter For An Employer

ZipRecruiter offers two primary ad placement pricing levels — Standard and Premium. Both placement levels have flat-rate monthly fees based on the number of job listings per month.

There’s also an Enterprise plan through ZipRecruiter that’s geared specifically towards companies with 5,000+ employees.

Standard plans include job posting services only, while Premium Plans add other services like placement in job alert emails and access to ZipRecruiter’s resume database. ZipRecruiter also offers several other add-on services for an extra cost.

ZipRecruiter claims its services are incredibly effective and that “80 percent of employers who post a job get a quality candidate through the site on the first day.” There’s no limit to the number of applications you can receive with each job listing. ZipRecruiter’s easy-to-use dashboard helps employers sort through and review job candidates. And as you fill positions, you can close the listing and replace it with a new one.

ZipRecruiter For A Job Seeker

Job seekers also have access to over 100 job boards through ZipRecruiter. As mentioned, You can create a ZipRecruiter account for free. As you create your profile, you can add things like your resume, profile picture, references, social media handles, and more. You can make your profile public which lets any employer reach out to you, not just where you applied for a job.

Within your free account, you can apply for jobs, search real salary data for various professions, save job openings to view later, and view jobs you’ve applied for already.

ZipRecruiter for Jobseekers.jpg

For a more in-depth guide, read our ZipRecruiter review.


CareerBuilder has been connecting job seekers and employers for over twenty years. In that time, they’ve helped millions of people find new jobs. The online job website claims to be the “largest provider of AI-powered hiring solutions serving the majority of the Fortune 500 across five specialized markets.”

CareerBuilder isn’t just a job search site. Job seekers have access to exclusive career advice tips and training. For employers, CareerBuilder features AI-powered candidate matching and job listings that can integrate with your existing ATS software.

CareerBuilder For An Employer 

CareerBuilder offers three different plans for employers. There’s also an option to create a customized package based on your needs. The entry-level “Lite” package starts at $219 per month. Careerbuilder features include:

  • Job listings
  • Resume and social media profile search
  • Resume views
  • Resume match notifications
  • Application alerts
  • Candidate management

Access to features depends on the package chosen. Like ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder lets you add-on other services for an extra fee, like virtual hiring events. CareerBuilder also offers Enterprize and International services along.

CareerBuilder For A Job Seeker

Job seekers have access to salary comparison tools that let you know how much others with the same job title make in your area. You can also use the tools to find out what skills you can add to earn more money.

CareerBuilder also makes it easy to apply for more than one job at a time. The Quick Apply feature shows you job matches based on your job search history and lets you apply for 25+ jobs with one click. CareerBuilder also has a highly-rated mobile app for iOS and Android that makes it easier for job seekers to search and apply for jobs from anywhere in the world.

For a more in-depth guide, read our CareerBuilder review.

Career Builder for Employees.jpg

The Difference As An Employer

ZipRecruiter posts jobs to over 100 job boards, while CareerBuilder only posts on its own site. CareerBuilder offers more integration with your existing HR management systems.

Neither company requires a long-term commitment from employers. Plans with both are month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time. ZipRecruiter offers a short free trial, while CareerBuilder only provides a free demo.

Pay per postPay per post
Price variesStarts at $219/month for one listing

The Difference As A Job Seeker

ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder are both free services for job seekers. There’s no downside to signing up and using both services other than an extra commitment of time. Using both sites could lead to finding potential jobs not listed on the other service. Both services are highly regarded among job seekers and feature top-notch mobile apps for job searching on the go.

Some job listings on CareerBuilder redirect you to apply directly through the company’s website. With ZipRecruiter, everything is handled in-house on the site.

The Bottom Line

ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder are viable solutions for employers who want to find and hire the best job candidates. Both sites cost money to use, but ZipRecruiter posts listings to more job boards, which could lead to finding a candidate faster. For job seekers, sign up for both services since they are free. You can use both of them to find your next job or choose whatever one fits best after testing them out for a while.