Becoming Prolific Through Process With Teddy Mitrosilis

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Written By: Michael Gardon

Teddy is a former D1 athlete. He played Baseball at UNC, then took his two passions: sports and writing, and built a career in sports media starting with ESPN. Somewhere along the line, as most of us come to find out, Teddy realized how he was using his talents wasn’t as impactful as it could be. He worked for a startup for a while, where he built the confidence to later go out on his own.

Today Teddy combines his unique skills to help executives become better digital writers and build powerful brands online.

Pulling lessons from the worlds of athletics, leadership and the military, Teddy has built quite a following of his own digital writing.

What enabled Teddy to parlay his experience into a business where he is creative, fulfilled and in control? He says it’s consistency. And consistency is all about the process.

This episode is packed with great insights about adversity, courage and being consistent. Plus Teddy shares from his experiences training with Navy Seals and climbing the equivalent height of Mt. Everest.


  • Teddy’s favorite moment from his time as a D1 athlete
  • Teddy’s background
  • Teddy’s BREAK moment and his decision process in that moment and afterward
  • What Teddy does today and how he helps people
  • How Teddy started studying military operators
  • Teddy’s journey to climbing the equivalent height of Mt. Everest
  • How being a parent has impacted Teddy


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  • “The riskiest thing you can do in your career is probably to not take any risks.” - quote from Teddy
  • 3 Of 7 Project that Teddy mentioned
  • Do Hard Things” by Steve Magness - book that Teddy is currently reading
  • Mindset” by Carol Dweck - one of the books that has influenced Teddy the most
  • “Be humble and be consistent.” - Teddy’s advice for someone just getting started
  • “Being a parent has amplified everything for me. It has made me even more committed to the work I am doing and the work I want to do. Becoming a Dad has been the biggest blessing in the world.” - Teddy on how being a parent has impacted him
  • Connect with Teddy on LinkedIn, Twitter, The Process (newsletter), and The Daily Creator (other newsletter).

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