What To Include On A Software Architect Resume + Software Architect Skills

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Software architects are leaders in their field, as they are responsible for the overall design and construction of software systems for an organization. They develop coding standards and track the development team’s progress, including project managers, lower-level developers, and other stakeholders. Whether you’re a seasoned software architect or just starting your career, you need a resume that shows you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for.

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Software Architect Resume Example

Diana Pollard

3443 Franklee Lane, Eagleville, PA 19403




Detroit, MI

  • Develop a close working relationship with other SW team members as well other cross competency personnel (Hardware, Systems, Project Management)
  • Responsible to work with improvements, by participation in the development, of the architectural principles, processes and standards
  • Establish and manage engineering processes, best practices, and continuous improvement, aligned with Agile-Scrum methodology
  • Perform state-of-the-art product development activities, with an emphasis on the “back-end” (including database design, performance, and security)
  • Develops high-level application designs and directs detailed design work of developers
  • Develop new products and frameworks from the ground up as well as providing enhancements to existing products
  • Working knowledge of other mobile development technologies would be an asset; including but not limited to, android development, JavaScript, Angular.JS



San Francisco, CA

  • Develops team through coaching performance, completing performance reviews, goal setting, development planning, and rewards
  • Actively participates in the continuous improvement of software development process; performs root cause analysis, identifies problem areas
  • Develop Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions for service provider customers globally through software architecture, design and development
  • Provide technical leadership to the development team of agile software developers to create, maintain, and enhance diverse software systems
  • Mentor other developers in best practices and work well with a team of developers
  • Collaborates with Solution Management to develop functional work flows and business rules
  • Provide guidance and guidelines of technical development environment, developer tools and operating systems



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


  • Technically proficient in common cloud service-oriented platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure) highly desirable
  • Proven ability to deliver reliable, maintainable and performant software solutions
  • Be accountable for the quality of the deliverables and adherence to practices and processes (adherence to development standards, reviews, testing etc)
  • Some background or knowledge of life in a clinical lab is highly desirable

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  • Hands-on development experience with a publicly available SaaS product is highly desirable
  • Assess and propose software architectural solutions to continuously drive system performance, scalability, reliability and high-availability
  • Lead design and implementation of highly available, scalable and distributed services as part of an Agile team
  • Excellent time management skills, Strong communication skills, ability to support multiple projects, and effectively manage a large volume of work
  • Ability to assimilate knowledge quickly and efficiently
  • Proven ability to communicate and knowledge share within and across team(s)

What Is Unique About A Software Architect Resume?

A software architect’s resume has to include several years of experience, which requires more detail than other information technology and software development positions. The outstanding feature of your resume should be this experience, as employers expect you to have advanced qualifications compared to people that are younger or newer to the field. They want to see that you can take an idea or discussion about software and turn it into a reality.

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What Should Be Included On A Software Architect Resume?

Once you’ve figured out the structure of your resume, you need to fill it with all the necessary information. Let’s look at what you should include on your Software Architect resume.

Resume Header and Contact Information

The resume header on your resume should be the first thing that catches a hiring manager’s attention. Your name should be the largest, boldest font size on the page. Include your full legal name that will be used on hiring paperwork, but indicate if you go by something different or have a preferred name.

Other contact information like your email, phone number, and links to professional social media profiles, should be listed beside or below your name in a smaller, non-bolded font. Avoid including unnecessary personal information like your home address or displaying the information in a way that doesn’t align with your branding.

Applicant tracking systems also skip over certain resume headers, especially if they’re colorful or overly detailed. Most of the time, the simpler the header, the better.


Although employers tend to focus more on work or professional experience than academics, software architect positions must have (at minimum) a bachelor’s degree in a technological or software development-related field.

For more senior positions, a master’s degree or higher may be required. Doctorate degrees are usually seen in academic settings and are necessary for many software development teaching positions.

Regardless of what the company you’re applying to work for requires, you want to highlight at least the name of the university you graduated from, the dates you attended, the type of degree you received, and your major. Additional information like GPA, honors, awards, extracurriculars, or related coursework is nice to include, but they aren’t necessary.

Work Experience

Employers want to see that you’re dedicated to your field. While “job hopping” is more common now than ever, and people are spending less and less time at each job they have, you should ensure that each job you include is relevant.

Emphasize a shift in position titles, especially if you’ve advanced from entry-level to a more senior position within a company. As you’re describing your job responsibilities, be as specific as possible.

For example, instead of stating that you “oversaw a team of six software developers,” say that you “organized, trained, and supervised a small team of software development professionals for [number of years].”

Achievements, Memberships, and Projects 

Software architects should include specific projects, achievements, and memberships on their resumes to showcase their expertise and potential value to prospective employers.

When it comes to projects, people applying for a software architect position should highlight their past projects or achievements that show their ability to design and implement scalable, maintainable, and secure software solutions. Only include projects that were delivered successfully; if you have specific relevant experience but weren’t necessarily positive, leave that off your resume and prepare to discuss it in the interview if prompted.

Memberships to professional organizations committed to increasing awareness about software development or leadership positions in software development-related community/nonprofit organizations are also great to list on your resume.

Professional Skills 

The professional skills you include on your resume show potential employers what unique contributions you can bring to a team. Including a blend of technical and soft skills is a great way to demonstrate versatility, letting hiring managers know you have the qualifications for the job. Since software architects are often leaders in the workplace, including skills associated with working well with others and effectively managing a team are important to add.

What Should Be Left Off A Software Architect Resume?

As you write your software architect resume, it’s important to know what to leave off so you don’t distract from the essential information a hiring manager looks for. Avoid putting too much personal information like age or marital status.

You also shouldn’t include your address. Although using buzzwords or other technical jargon to show off your vocabulary is tempting, avoid including these too so you don’t look unprofessional. Other things to leave off are unrelated work experience or coursework.

Important Job Skills For Software Architect 

  • Proficiency in System Design and Architecture. Software architects should be able to design secure and user-friendly software systems tailored to a company’s needs.
  • Experience with DevOps. Because software architects have to work with team members from the operations and development team, having experience in DevOps will look great on a resume.
  • Knowledge of Agile Principles. Software technology is constantly changing, so software architects should be able to adapt programs efficiently to evolving requirements for end-users.
  • Troubleshooting software problems. Software architects should be confident in their ability to troubleshoot, or fix, problems with the software they create. They may also help other software developers with corrections or problems in other programs.
  • Proficiency in programs like Linux, Scrum, C#, XML, JavaScript, Angular JS

Wondering what other things to add to your resume? Our best skills for resume guide might help.

The Bottom Line

Software architects are leaders in companies that focus on developing and managing software systems. Because they play such an important role in the overall operation of a business, hiring managers vet potential candidates thoroughly. With the right resume, you’ll stand out from the crowd and land a great position.

While creating your resume is an option, you can hire a resume-writing service to write and format a resume. It’s also important to stay updated on what positions are available. Check ZipRecruiter for the latest Software Architect jobs!