Sales Representative Job Description

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Learn about the important requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a sales representative job description.

Sales associates work for organizations of all sizes to sell products or services to other businesses or government agencies. While this position is sometimes confused with sales associates, an entry-level role, these company representatives should have prior experience in sales or customer service.

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Sales Representative Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a sales representative to help us grow our network of potential customers and increase our sales. Our ideal candidate will be confident in networking with points of contact from other businesses to promote products through presentations and demonstrations. Negotiating contracts is also a significant part of this role. Being able to connect with others well, having strong verbal communication skills, and having experience in sales will help a person to be successful as a sales representative with our company.

Sales Representative Responsibilities

  • Networking with professionals from companies to generate leads

  • Meeting sales quotas and goals

  • Assisting with determining prices, promotions, and stipulations for negotiation

  • Presenting products or services to clients through presentations and demonstrations

  • Preparing, negotiating, and finalizing contracts with clients, both potential and returning ones

  • Creating regular sales reports

  • Working with the marketing team to promote products

  • Nurturing client relationships

Sales Representative Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, management, or similar field

  • Past experience in sales and customer service

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Experience using computer programs to manage client records

Sales Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Networking with professionals from companies to generate leads 

A successful sales representative can connect with potential customers naturally and confidently. They are responsible for building solid relationships with potential customers by attending and hosting network events and maintaining contact after the initial meeting. They also should keep an accurate record of all customer interactions and related details. Very few leads actually convert into sales, so sales representatives must also be persistent and determined to improve their close rate.

Meeting sales quotas and goals 

Every year, companies set sales goals that reflect the revenue they aim to bring in. Sales associates are the main people who make sure these goals are met. They do this by keeping track of the average sales, generating leads, and improving their close rate.

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Creating regular sales reports 

Sales reports help companies track sales metrics and other key performance indicators. Sales representatives are responsible for creating, distributing, and presenting these reports to upper management and other essential staff members. Creating graphs and figures that make sales figures more digestible is a valuable skill for this position, along with strong written communication.

Presenting products or services to clients through presentations and demonstrations 

Creating sales presentations is another important responsibility for sales representatives. They are responsible for making presentations that tell a product’s story in a clear, concise, yet engaging way. Ultimately, these slideshows aim to increase conversion rates, so anticipating what customers need or want is an essential skill for sales representatives to have.

Working with the marketing team to promote products 

While the marketing staff is trained to engage customers through social media, email, and other web or print methods, the sales team’s knowledge is invaluable to help guide marketing efforts. Because sales representatives are in the field engaging with potential customers, they can provide helpful insight into pain points to address and what the company’s target audience is thinking.

Sales Representative Salary And Job Outlook

Median National Salary: $48,001

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 1,597,600

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 4%

The Bottom Line

Having a strong sales team is one of the greatest assets a company can have. Not only do sales representatives help to increase revenue, but they also help to improve the company’s reputation among potential customers.

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