Breaking Barriers with Paul Dircks: A Story of Health and Career Triumph

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Table Of Contents

I am beyond excited for today's conversation. We've got a guest who's not only a fantastic individual but has an inspiring journey to share.

I want you to meet Paul Dircks. Now, Paul and I go way back. We connected earlier this year when he reached out for some coaching during a pivotal moment in his life. Today, we're going to dive into his transformative journey and discuss how he navigated some tough decisions, ultimately leading to where he is now.

For those of you curious about personal transformations, career pivots, and the nitty-gritty of making life-altering decisions, you're in for a treat. Paul's story is packed with insights, inspiration, and a sprinkle of motivation that could very well be the push you need.

Now, here's a sneak peek: Paul embarked on a health journey that saw him shedding over 50 pounds, and trust me, the lessons he learned along the way extend far beyond the gym. We'll touch on the parallels between health and career, those breakthrough moments that catalyze change, and the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to redefine your path.

But before we dive in, let me remind you that you can learn more about Paul on his website. And hey, don't forget to connect with him on LinkedIn. There's so much more to discover, and I can't wait for you to hear the wisdom Paul is about to drop.

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  • (3:09) Paul's journey of losing 50 pounds
  • (5:35) Parallels between getting in shape and making a change in your work life
  • (6:05) Paul's BREAK moment
  • (7:45) How Paul was feeling and why he wanted to make a career change
  • (9:15) Paul neglected making a career change for too long
  • (10:15) What Paul was doing in his career and the turmoil he felt
  • (13:30) Why Paul stayed in his career
  • (16:32) Narratives that Paul was telling himself
  • (17:40) The fear of other people's opinions and how that impacted Paul
  • (21:33) Sunk cost fallacy
  • (22:40) Paul's identity
  • (25:21) Is it fair that the 18-year-old version of ourselves should be tasked with getting our career right?
  • (27:15) Fixed vs growth mindset
  • (30:02) How Paul decided to quit his job without a plan
  • (33:50) Paul's thoughts on runway and his financial plan
  • (36:18) Barriers to belief
  • (41:20) High-odds paths
  • (43:06) How a purpose statement helped Paul frame what he wanted in his career
  • (44:58) Micro-experiments and investing in yourself
  • (46:14) How Paul got to his current career
  • (50:30) How skills can apply in different areas
  • (54:01) What Paul is doing now
  • (1:01:06) Other ways to be involved with real estate
  • (1:03:25) What the future looks like for Paul
  • (1:04:44) Financial freedom


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  • "I would have never had the confidence or the conviction [to change my career] if it wasn't for getting my health in order." - quote from Paul
  • "With that part of my life [health] being managed in a more optimal way, I felt like it opened up more mind space to tackle another complicated process, which for me, was my career." - quote from Paul
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - a book that Paul mentioned
  • How Will You Measure Your Life - another book that Paul mentioned
  • "Find a way to invest in cash-flowed producing assets as early as possible." - Paul's advice to anyone just getting started
  • "I think there's more than one way to build wealth. And I'm excited to connect with others and empower them to make decisions that work for them." - quote from Paul
  • Connect with Paul on LinkedIn and his website.