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John Palcisko is a West Point graduate who runs JDP Search, a recruiting firm based in Ohio focused on manufacturing. In this Recruiter Q&A we’ll chat with him about the types of manufacturing roles that he places people in and get his take on the job market. He’ll also dish out some solid job search advice.

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Describe what types of jobs and industries that you place people in?

I've been recruiting in the  Manufacturing and Engineering industry since I started five weeks prior to 9/11, 2001. The scope of my work has increased over the years from the Supervisor level all the way to the VP level in Sales, Quality, Supply Chain, Materials, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and even Accounting. If the job is in a Manufacturing facility, chances are I have recruited for it.

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What types of skills must you have to qualify for these jobs?

Even though most people consider these 'Blue Collar' roles, the people in these positions have high potential and can become a tremendous asset to their company in a quick amount of time. They are degreed candidates who have a history of success as well as a steady upward rise in responsibility.

Problem solving skills with the ability to look at a situation and know what to do without being told is a key skill that not everyone has. Manufacturers love to hire those kind of people.

What’s the job market like for manufacturing and engineering candidates right now?

The market is very fluid right now as many firms are hiring at higher level positions in many departments. Companies can't make enough widgets if they don't have the leadership in place to ensure all machinery is running and a predictive and preventative schedule is in place for growth.

Automotive clients are hiring in droves especially in the automation, machining, casting, foundry and forging areas.

Why should someone coming out of school considering going into manufacturing?

Sheer mathematics. There is a shortage of skilled labor in many manufacturing niches at this time. Maintenance, CNC, Engineering and Management roles are in high demand. These roles offer great advancement and above average wages for those willing to work hard.

How do candidates impress you when screening them?

Candidates need to understand that even though it is considered a candidate driven market they STILL need to clearly demonstrate their accomplishments in order to set them apart from the competition. Too many candidates are very lackadaisical when it comes to interviewing and selling themselves during the interview.

Make sure you have cleared up any doubts about your skill set before leaving the interview and please, please, please ASK for the job. Simply stating that you look forward to hearing from them is not enough in this competitive market.

What are some jobs you are currently trying to fill?

I have a multitude of Maintenance leadership roles in heavy manufacturing as well as automotive as we speak. Being a West Point graduate I am also always asked to keep a heavy pipeline of up and coming officers leaving the service as well as Junior Military Officers with manufacturing expertise. The clients I am working with have been making great offers that let the candidates know they want them on their teams.

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As in independent recruiter who places a lot of “blue collar” workers, what have you learned about job hunting over the years?

Working within manufacturing and engineering has offered me the opportunity to help many companies that help make America great. I will only recruit you if the opportunity I am being asked to fill is actually a better career opportunity for you long term. Try to get as much additional training in your specialty as possible. Never fear pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

How can people apply to your jobs?

Click here to search/browse over 1870 manufacturing jobs in my network, there are various roles listed across the country.




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This Recruiter Q&A is a sponsored post by JDP Search.