How to find jobs or projects in the sharing economy

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Being your own boss and having flexibility in your work hours is pretty much what all entrepreneurs boast about and are among the advantages of the so-called 'sharing economy'. Companies like TaskRabbit and Fiverr offer peer-to-peer platforms that let you earn money in your spare time and do it from home.

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They provide workers with the freedom to work full-time or part-time, particularly those who are unable to get into a 9-to-5 traditional job. It's a fact that sharing-economy gigs offer more freedom than the regular employee-employer relationships. But, how can one find gigs in the sharing economy? Below are some tools to help you do that.


Do you commute to work every day in your car? Well you can turn that commute into cash with Wrapify. They wrap your car with sponsor advertising and turn your car into a moving ad unit. Imagine getting paid to commute. You can make hundreds $$$ per month doing this. You need to have a newer car, and meet a few other requirements to qualify. Learn more.


This is a site designed for people to use to sell or buy services at a $5 flat rate. The categories on the site range from creating graphics and videos to being able to work as a freelance writer. To sell a service on Fiverr, you create what is known as a 'gig', a small service you will provide for $5. This can be virtually any type of service. People will then order your service if they are interested and 48 hours after the successful completion of your gig; you will receive $4 into your account. Fiverr takes out $1 fee. Although you don't get paid a huge amount of money on here, it can add up and the clients are endless once you get a good reputation.

Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is both a mobile and online marketplace that enables users to outsource small tasks and jobs to people within their neighborhood. The users name their task, add a price to it that they are willing to pay and sit back as communities of taskers who are pre-approved begin bidding to complete the job. Taskers are able to set their own rates and if they are truly committed to this type of work, around 15 percent of them can earn up to $7000 or more monthly, according to the company's vice president, Jamie Viggiano.


Join The Break Community

This company has refashioned ground transportation, providing convenient mobile phone technology, lower rates and quicker pick-up times than the traditional taxi cab services.  They even match customer's styles and budgets. Sign up at


Lyft is an Uber competitor and growing very fast. Their drivers put those mustaches on their cars if you seen them before. Sign up here.


Formerly oDesk, Upwork has over 1.5 million users and has something to offer any type of freelancer. There are both long-term and short-term gigs on it, per-project or hourly paying work and entry-level or expert-level engagements.


Providing millions of gigs, unlike other platforms, lets users compete with other users in contests so they can prove their skills. If you are confident in your skills and competitive, Freelancer is the perfect way of showcasing your abilities and attracting new clients.

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People Per Hour

This site focuses on freelancing gigs like web developers, designers and SEO specialists to name a few. Learn more.

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Virtual Assistants

Companies like Virtual specialize in helping people become VA’s. They offer legitimate virtual work at home jobs in customer service, secretarial, regular transcription, medical transcription, coding, captioning, research, writing, editing, proofreading, social media, blogging, administrative, email support, reservation agents, wordpress help, telemarketing, sales, help desk, tech support, and technical jobs

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