How Much Does It Cost To Post Jobs On Indeed?

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Do you need hire? We recommend using a job posting site. Our #1 choice is ZipRecruiter.

Indeed offers employers a great way to post job openings online, but how much does it cost to post jobs on Indeed? Employers can post jobs on Indeed for free and have access to a host of paid services to enhance your experience and streamline your hiring practices.

Over three million companies rely on Indeed to help them find qualified candidates. With Indeed, you can upgrade your employer account to bring more attention to your job posts, your company, and ultimately find the best candidates for open positions in your company. Here’s a deeper look at how much it costs to post jobs on Indeed.

This article will focus on breaking down the pricing for Indeed, however, if you are looking for other options, we would recommend ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter offers free job searching for jobseekers and a free trial for job seekers.

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How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On Indeed?

For employers and recruiters looking to fill positions in their company, online job boards remain a relatively effective strategy. There are hundreds of online job boards to choose from, and Indeed is one of the largest around. Costs to post jobs online vary between the different job sites. Also, many job search sites offer extra paid services or packages for employers and recruiters. Here’s a breakdown of Indeed job posting costs and its other add-on services.

Post Jobs For Free On Indeed

To start, yes, job postings are free on Indeed. Without extra planning or spending, employers and recruiters can fill open roles in their company through free job listings on Indeed.

After you create a free employer account, you can start creating job postings. Free job postings then appear in the general search results as job seekers search for jobs through Indeed. Job postings typically include a job title, a description of the job opening and company, job location, a list of any skills, qualifications, or experience required (or preferred), and skill assessments to pre-screen candidates. You’ll also select preferences for how you want to receive job applications.

Posting a free job listing only takes a few minutes. After posting jobs, you can manage job listings from within your online account. For more information, check out our guide on how to post a job on Indeed.

Price For Free Job Post: Free

For employers looking to post job openings on Indeed, the platform offers a sponsored job post option that allows employers to set specific criteria for applicants and only pay for quality applications that meet their requirements.

To ensure that employers receive quality applications, employers can add screener questions or Applicant Qualifications, which require a specific response, such as valid licenses, certifications, or years of experience.

Employers can set deal breakers, which are mandatory requirements for the job, and applicants who do not meet these requirements will be placed in the rejected tab. 

Before paying for a sponsored job post, Indeed creates a price per application, usually between $15-$50 based on historical hiring data from similar jobs, location, and the estimated number of applications needed to make a hire.

Employers can set a target for the number of applications they need or pause the sponsored job post at any time. The price per application is transparent and dependent on the employer's specific hiring needs. 

Employers only pay for qualifying applications that meet the criteria set by deal breakers. If an application is not satisfactory, employers can reject it within 72 hours of receiving it, and they will not be charged for it. The job post will remain visible to job seekers on Indeed until the application goal is met or if the employer pauses or closes the job. 

Indeed's new pricing model, Price Per Application (PPA), replaces the old model, Cost Per Click (CPC).

With PPA, employers only pay for quality applications from job seekers whose responses meet the questions marked as deal breakers in the job post. Employers have more control over their quality and spend because they can review applications before being charged, giving them the final say on which applications to pay for.

Price For Sponsored Job Posts: Price Per Application (PPA)

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What Are Other Costs Associated with Indeed?

Indeed offers other services beyond job postings too. Here’s a look at what else is offers by the online job search site.

Indeed Resume

Indeed Resume allows you to search the job site’s resume database for qualified candidates. It will enable you to find the right individual for a particular job opening instead of waiting for them to find you. With Indeed Resume, you can perform detailed searches based on factors like location, education, industry, title, and more.

How extensive is Indeed’s resume database? Indeed Resume gives employers and recruiters access to over 200 million resumes, including over seven million resumes added or updated each month.

Indeed Resume is a subscription-based service with two options available — Standard and Professional. Both subscription options come with:

  • Unlimited resume searches
  • Email reminders to unresponsive candidates
  • View candidate names on resumes
  • Free credits when candidates respond

With Standard subscriptions, 30 contacts are awarded each month. With Professional subscriptions, 100 contacts are awarded each month. Professional subscriptions also come with extra features like the ability to contact more than one candidate at a time and additional hiring insights.

Pricing for Indeed Resume:

  • Standard Subscription: $120/month
  • Professional Subscription: $300/month

Employers can save on subscriptions by paying annually instead of monthly.

Featured Employer is an extra service available through Indeed that brings more visibility to your company. It gives you access to benefits like:

  • Branded ad impressions
  • Hiring Insights
  • Indeed Resume subscription

Unlike Indeed’s other services, Featured Employer isn’t a service you can sign up for. Indeed awards the distinction based on how many job openings you have and how much money you spend with the company. If you’re awarded the Featured Employer distinction, you also need to meet minimum monthly spending requirements, or you could get dropped from the program.

Pricing For Featured Employer: Contact Indeed

Company Pages

All companies who post job openings on Indeed have a company page on the site. To update your page, you first need to claim it, which allows you to add a logo, company description, location, industry. You can also add links to your company website and social media profiles.

Your company page also features all of your current Indeed job listings. Job candidates can choose to follow your company page, which updates them when new jobs are posted, or other new information is available. Company pages feature ratings and reviews of your company.

Pricing For Company Page: Free

Indeed Hiring Events

Indeed Hiring Events is another paid service available through Indeed. You can organize events, either in-person or virtual, of any scale and benefit from the platform's built-in advertising to reach a vast audience of job seekers. In-person Hiring Events are dedicated days for interviewing like a one-company job fair. Virtual Hiring Events are also available. 

Pricing For Indeed Hire: Contact Indeed

Targeted Ads

If you want to target more relevant candidates, you can also create targeted ads through Indeed. With targeted ads, you set the guidelines for who will see your ad based on factors like their location, search terms, and experience. Similar to sponsored job posts, you only pay when someone completes a job application. Pricing isn’t listed on Indeed’s website and requires calling and speaking to a sales specialist.

Pricing For Target Ads: Contact Indeed

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it cost money to post a job on Indeed? 

It’s free to create an employer account and post jobs on Indeed. There’s also an option to pay for sponsored job posts and set a daily budget between $5 and $499 per day.

How do I post a job to Indeed? 

You can post a free job listing from within your Indeed employer account. Simply click on “Post a job” and fill out the necessary information. The fill-in form lets you create a job listing title, add information about the job opening, company, and job requirements. You’ll also choose how you want to receive applications and then post your job.

How do I advertise for free on Indeed? 

You can advertise job openings for free on Indeed by creating an account and then clicking “Post a job.” Fill out the necessary information about the job opening, your company, and any job requirements, and mark how you want to receive applications.

Which is better ZipRecruiter or Indeed? 

Choosing between ZipRecruiter and Indeed as an employer depends on your goals and budget. Indeed offers free job listings and some paid services. ZipRecruiter has no free plan but posts your job listing on over 100 of the top online job search sites, giving your opening much more visibility than found with Indeed.

The Bottom Line

Indeed is an excellent option for employers and recruiters who need simple job listing services or have a limited budget. If Indeed isn’t living up to your needs, ZipRecruiter can help. If you are ready to add to your team, consider listing your job opening on ZipRecruiter!