How To Put Freelance or Contract Work On Your Resume

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Written By: Michael Gardon

Freelance work is becoming more and more common. Most people today are freelancing or doing a side hustle in some capacity. When it comes to updating your resume, it can be confusing to figure out how to add freelance work to your resume. This article will walk you through exactly how to add freelance work to your resume.

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How To List Freelance/Contract Work On Resume 

Your work as a freelancer could play a significant role in landing the desired job. You can leverage your contract work experience on your resume. Follow these tips for listing your freelance work correctly on your resume.

Focus On Your Achievements 

Don’t just list your freelance projects. Market yourself, your achievements, contributions you’ve made, and performance results as a contract worker. Hiring managers are looking for results and that you helped your clients meet or exceed project goals. List more than just your job title and client name when adding freelance work to your resume. Also, consider giving yourself a job title that describes the freelance work you were doing.

List Contract Work in Chronological order

Like other work experience, list your contract work chronologically, starting with your most recent work first. Doing so provides a much more organized resume that’s easy for a hiring manager to read and understand.

You can also group similar projects or roles to save space as long as they occurred in the same time frame.

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Include Details Of Why You Are Seeking Regular Employment 

If you’ve been a contract worker for a while, you’ll want to include an explanation of why you are looking for a more permanent position. You can include this in your resume in your career objections section (if you have one) or add it to your cover letter.

You Don’t Have to Include Every Single Contract/Freelance Gig

Potential employers don’t need to see every single contract gig you’ve had. Look at your contract jobs list to find significant roles, comparable companies, and any roles that will catch a hiring manager’s eye. Your freelance work doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list. Keep in mind your contract work’s timing, so you don’t leave any work gaps you can’t explain.

For more help, check out our guide to creating a freelance resume.

Group Your Contract Work in One Place 

Do yourself a favor and group together your contract work in one spot on your resume. Keep it separate from other work experience if possible. Hiring managers can quickly see your work experience in the context of experience type.

List Each Company You Worked With 

Don’t be afraid to list each client you’ve worked with, including any staffing agencies you worked for. A hiring manager can then see the scope of your freelance experiences, the range of clients you’ve helped, and the knowledge gained. You can list more than one project per client if you’ve worked with them on multiple projects.

Signify you were a contract worker by listing “contractor” after the company name. Include a short description of the work you did, focusing on quantifiable results when possible.

Including Contract Work On Your Resume: An Example

Here is an example from ZipJob that demonstrates how to add contract work to your resume.

Example courtesy of ZipJob

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Example courtesy of ZipJob

Where To Find Help With Adding Freelance Work On Your Resume

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I list freelance work on a resume?

Yes, your freelance work experience should be included on your resume, especially if it’s relevant to the position you are applying for. Your freelance work can have a positive impact on landing a job. Contract work carries just as much weight as full-time roles in many cases.

How do you list your own business on a resume? 

If you started your own business, you should list it on your resume. Regardless if your business succeeded or failed, starting a business is no small feat and requires hard work and many transferable skills that could apply to the job you’re applying for. List your own business just like you would list any other company that you worked for.

Does freelancing count as work experience? 

Yes, freelance work counts as much as any other work experience, full or part-time. In some cases, contract work carries more weight, especially if you worked with well-known companies or excelled in your freelance projects.

How do you prove freelance work experience? 

If a potential employer asks for proof of your freelance work experiences, you have a few choices. You can ask your freelance clients to provide a letter stating you worked with them, for how long, and your role. Another way to prove your work experience is to provide other documentation like tax forms, invoices, or other documents (as long as they don’t contain sensitive company information).

The Bottom Line

Your freelance work experience could play a major role in landing a new job. Include it on your resume to position yourself as a viable candidate in the eyes of potential employers. If you need additional help listing your contact work, enlist the help of a resume writing service to craft a professional-looking resume.