How To Get a Job in Business

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Are you trying to figure out how to get a job in business? It’s trickier than it sounds on the surface. That’s because business careers encompass so many different fields that the choice can seem overwhelming.

The key is to select the specialization that will best match your own skills, preferences, and career expectations. Once you do, you’ll need to plunge forward, taking advantage of the best resources available – and here they are!

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Benefits Of A Business Career

A big part of the reason why a business career is so sought after is because of the many benefits the field offers. Just a few of those benefits include:

Salary and Security

It’s no secret that a degree in business can lead to high paying careers, especially more specialized positions. The average earnings of positions in business stands at $76,570. That’s a great deal higher than the average earnings of most occupations, which sits at an average of $45,760. Because virtually every organization requires some form of business professionals, your job security is all but guaranteed.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our guide to the highest paying business jobs.

High Demand

As businesses evolve, their demand for business majors and professionals evolves with them. In order for any organization to function, a certain degree of skill in business is required. More specialized fields may require more specific skill sets, making the demand even higher if you possess that skill set. As a result, jobs in the business field are expected to grow by more than 750,000 through 2030.


A degree in business allows for career opportunities that go in many different directions. There’s a vast pool of related jobs that include finance, sales, insurance, administration, consulting, and publishing. It’s possible to start in one area of business, and gradually transition into another.

Potential to Start Your Own Business

One of the biggest benefits of a job in business is the potential to launch your own business. For example, if you hold a position as a business manager for several years, you may eventually be in a position to launch your own business – already having hands-on management experience. If you work in marketing or sales, you may have the skills to generate a cash flow for whatever business you choose to enter.

To learn more about starting your own business, check out our guide on how to become a freelancer.

How To Get a Job in Business

How to get a job in business is a multi-step process that will typically involve the following strategies:

Start With A Degree

You may be able to get an entry-level position without a degree, however that lessens the opportunity for your career. Most companies will require a bachelor’s degree or higher for you to be considered. There are different types of business degrees that may be required as well, especially for specialized positions like finance and business administration. Specialized degrees may make you a more attractive candidate to an employer.

Prepare Your Resume

Creating a resume that highlights your skills and experience is an important piece to your career puzzle. Resumes should also include any college projects, internships, and/or apprenticeships. Be sure your resume includes all relevant information that should be included on a business resume.

If you struggle with writing a resume, it may benefit you to have it done professionally using the best resume writing service.

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Assemble A List Of Credible Referrals

If you already have experience, referrals can be your “in” with a new company, or even help you advance within. Always use your current employer and coworkers when using referrals, as they can offer the most up-to-date information.

It’s also important to use previous employers and managers as well. Employers will want to make sure that you can be vouched for as a solid employee, which can be especially secured with the right referrals.

Consider Internships And Entry-level Positions

Don’t know where to start? Try an internship or even a few. Not only will you gain experience, but you’ll also grow your circle of connections while also learning about how the company works and what will be expected of you. Internships can also help if you’re not quite sure what position or field you want to get into.

Start Advanced Schooling

You may find yourself itching to try something new within your field or outside of it, and want to be a worthy candidate for promotion or just a stronger employee. Transitioning into a new position or field may require more schooling or training. Advancing your education or taking specific courses required for a position will not only expand your knowledge but also open the door for more career opportunities.

Best Places To Find Business Jobs


ZipRecruiter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find a job. The site gives you easy access to making a personalized profile to go with your resume. Job hunters gain access to over 100 popular job boards across the industry. And on top of that, it’s completely free to use by job hunters!

For more information, check out our ZipRecruiter review.

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Indeed is similar to ZipRecruiter in that it’s also free for job seekers.  The company includes positions from among various job boards as well as newspaper ads and local job listings. Employer reviews are included to help you better understand the potential company you want to work for.

For more information, check out our Indeed review.


Monster is another of the best-known job boards in the industry. Free to use, you can upload your resume on the site, and it will be available for consideration by participating employers. Monster also provides a library of career-related articles, including those that will help prepare you for the interview process. Their salary tool will help you learn compensation in your field.

For more information, check out our Monster review.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a business related job, or any other position, check out our list of the best free job posting sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a job in business without a degree?

Yes! A degree will absolutely offer more positions as well as a higher salary, but a business career is still possible without one. Many positions such as HR, sales, and marketing, offer training programs for those without a degree. Some companies may offer paid schooling or training for employees to advance their education and credentials, often only requiring a high school diploma to start.

Is a degree in business worth it?

Absolutely. A business degree helps you gain knowledge in basic aspects of business. That includes management, leadership, administration, finance and even marketing. Not only does it open the door for opportunity in a vast number of positions, but it also allows you to expand your skill set when it comes to the position you choose to work in.

What is the highest paying job in business?

The highest paid job in business is chief information officer (CIO), at more than $150,000 per year. Requiring a bachelor’s degree, the duties of a CIO include handling computer-related activities in an organization, as well as system replacements and upgrades.

How do I choose a field in business?

Much like any job, you’ll want to focus on your skills and experiences as well as what you enjoy doing. If you don’t have any experience yet, it may benefit you to research how you may be able to gain some. Research should also include potential jobs you wish to work in, as well as the required skill sets to enter them.

The Bottom Line

If the business career world seems overwhelming to you, that’s because it is. But that’s good news because it’s so versatile and the job opportunities are truly vast. All you need to do is match your skills with what you like to do and take it from there.

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