Best Hiring Platforms For Small Businesses

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Choosing the right hiring platform for your small business can mean the difference between landing the right candidate…and watching that open job go unfilled.

In fact, nearly half of small businesses are having trouble filling open spots right now, according to data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Many companies with fewer than 50 employees struggle to compete with larger employers, who may be able to offer higher salaries and devote more time and staff to hiring and retention efforts.

Here’s how to identify and get started with the best hiring platforms for your small business.

If you’re ready to hire now, we recommend ZipRecruiter. One of the best ways to source candidates is by searching via a resume database. ZipRecruiter’s resume database allows you to search millions of jobseeker resumes. You can start using ZipRecruiter’s resume database for free.

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Best Hiring Platforms For Small Businesses

Depending on your company’s needs and goals, you may want a platform that simply streamlines the hiring process or you may need a site that will fully integrate with your applicant tracking software. In any case, these are a few sites to consider as you start your search:


ZipRecruiter offers a free trial for employers using its basic and premium plans–and since 4 out of 5 employers find qualified candidates on their first day, there’s a good chance you’ll never have to pay. All packages feature ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI that matches candidates and reaches out to qualified prospective hires.


Indeed lets you post job listings for free or add a budget for as little as $5 per day to sponsor listings. Indeed says that sponsored jobs are 4.5 times more likely to result in a hire but even free job postings appear in general search results and support mobile job application.


CareerBuilder has been matching employers with qualified candidates for over 20 years. The site offers value plans targeted at small business employers for as little as $219 per month. CareerBuilder’s entry-level package offers 500 resume views per month, application alerts, and resume match notifications.


AngelList bills itself as the world’s largest startup community, offering funding, product launch support, and job posting for startups. Post your jobs for free or upgrade to a subscription product.


Snagajob says that employers seeking hourly workers can post job listings in five minutes or less, find top applicants in its pool of over 6 million active job seekers, and interview instantly via its online tools. Packages start at $89 per month.

Why Should Small Business Owners Use Platforms Dedicated For Small Businesses?

Although many sites offer scalable packages, it makes sense for small businesses to look at job sites designed with their needs and goals in mind. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing hiring platforms aimed at small businesses:


Small employers often have more limited budgets than their larger competitors. This makes low-cost or free job posting sites even more attractive than they would be for companies with more hiring dollars to throw around.

However, the cost of a bad hire makes an even bigger impact on a small business than on a larger one. So, smaller companies need to make sure that they’re getting a good return on their investment when they choose job sites. That means choosing hiring platforms that understand small business requirements and goals.

Support and Analytics

The best hiring platforms for small businesses offer dedicated support to help employers craft job descriptions and listings, match with qualified candidates, and analyze the results of your postings.

Integration With Your ATS 

Platforms like ZipRecruiter integrate with your applicant tracking software so that you can easily move job postings from your ATS to their site. This saves time on your end because your hiring team never has to get used to a new set of tools.

Quality Candidates 

Look for sites that are geared toward your industry, niche, or place in the business lifecycle to ensure that you’re reaching the folks who want to work for a company like yours. For example, targeting platforms that specialize in developers or candidates who enjoy working at startups can help you find candidates who are ready to hit the ground running on their first day of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do small businesses find employees? 

Small businesses can find employees in a number of ways, including free job sites, subscription job platforms, professional and industry organizations, and word of mouth. To make good hires, small businesses should invest in the planning phase of their hiring process, perfecting job descriptions and setting goals before starting their search for top candidates.

What is the best recruiting software? 

The best recruiting software offers tools that help you automate and analyze your entire hiring process. CareerCloud’s picks for the best recruitment software include Workable, BambooHR, and BreezyHR–all suited for small businesses who are seeking recruiting solutions.

How do I hire the right employee for my small business?

Start the hiring process by creating a job description that includes the job duties and responsibilities, required and preferred skills and qualifications, and place in the org chart. Post your job to your preferred job sites and don’t forget internal hires, referrals, and word-of-mouth recommendations when searching for top applicants.

What employees does a small business need? 

A small business will need different kinds of employees depending on its industry, goals, projected growth, and evolving requirements. But it’s wise to keep an eye on what job duties take the most time for your current employees–if you see that certain tasks are taking up a growing percentage of your workers’ days, it may be time to spin those off into a new role.

The Bottom Line

The best hiring platform for your small business will help you find and attract top candidates in your industry, interview and hire quickly, and tweak your future plans on the fly. Best of all, they’ll work with your budget and timeline to make sure your resources are well invested.

Ready to hire your next employee? ZipRecruiter allows you to post your first job for free. Try it today and grow your small business one super-qualified employee at a time.