5 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Construction [2024]

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This guide will help you to find the highest paying jobs in construction. We’ve not only highlighted what those jobs are, but also the best places to find them. Take advantage of this information to find the right job for you today.

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5 of the Highest Paying Careers in Construction 

1. Construction Managers

Average Salary: $101,480/year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in construction, business, engineering, or a related field

Number of Jobs: 505,800

Job Growth 2022 – 2032: 5% (Faster than average)

Job Duties: Though construction managers work in a variety of employment situations, a large number are also self-employed. Most time on the job is spent in an on-site field office. The construction manager monitors projects and provides guidance and instruction on construction activities.

They’re also responsible for preparing budgets, costs estimates and establishing work time frames. Construction managers will also interpret contracts and technical information, and collaborate with architects, engineers, and other professionals. They must also ensure each project complies with legal requirements, like building safety codes.

It’s not uncommon for construction managers to manage multiple jobs at the same time. Frequent out-of-town travel may be required, especially with large employers with construction jobs in multiple states.

2. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Average Salary: $99,000/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Number of Jobs: 25,100

Job Growth 2022 – 2032: 1% (Little or no change)

Job Duties: Elevator installers install elevators and escalators, typically in newly constructed buildings. Repairers, on the other hand, provide maintenance and repair of already installed elevators and escalators. In that way, the two positions are somewhat different from each other. Installers are more likely to work in the construction field.

Demand for elevator installers and repairers is highly regionalized. There is significant demand in urbanized areas, particularly those with high rates of new construction of multistory buildings. Conversely, there is little to no demand in rural areas dominated by low-lying structures.

3.  Electricians

Average Salary: $60,240/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Number of Jobs: 762,600

Job Growth 2022 – 2032: 6% (Faster than average)

Job Duties: Generally speaking, electricians work with anything involving the application of electricity in buildings and homes. That includes installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical lines and equipment having to do with power, communications, lighting and control systems. They may also inspect electrical components, including transformers and circuit breakers.

Electricians commonly work in construction, installing wiring and electrical components in new buildings, but frequently work in repairs as well. Many are self-employed, and the occupation often involves irregular hours and overtime.

If you want to learn more about becoming an electrician, check out our electrician job description.

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4. Plumbers

Average Salary: $60,090/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Number of Jobs: 482,700

Job Growth 2022 – 2032: 2% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: Plumbers can work in new construction or doing repairs. With new construction, they’ll install pipes and water related equipment in newly constructed buildings. On the repair side, they’ll maintain and repair existing plumbing systems. Plumbers need to be able to read blueprints and follow state and local building codes.

Like electricians, many plumbers are self-employed, and irregular hours and overtime are common. Weekend work may be required if a builder is behind and needs to speed production, or if emergency repair work is necessary on homes or commercial buildings.

If you want to become a plumber, check out our guide on how to write a plumber resume.

5.  Construction Equipment Operators

Average Salary: $51,050/year

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Number of Jobs: 483,300

Job Growth 2022 – 2032: 3% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: Construction equipment operators will be found on most construction sites. They’re the people who operate the heavy equipment necessary in building construction.

Examples include pile drivers (who operate machinery to install underwater and subterranean support structures), crane operators, bulldozer and backhoe operators, and may also drive industrial trucks or tractors, equipped with forklifts or booms for lifting equipment and supplies.

Schedules may be irregular, based on the needs of the job, and may also involve travel to work sites.

Best Places To Find Construction Jobs

If you’re ready to find a construction job, here are the top places we recommend. Before you start applying, be sure your construction resume is ready to go.


ZipRecruiter is the best choice for finding the highest paying jobs in construction, in our opinion. ZipRecruiter is free to use by job hunters, and gives you access to more than 100 of the top job boards in the industry. Not only can you upload your resume on the platform, but you can also create a customized profile that will attract more interest from potential employers.

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Indeed is the most popular job board in the world, used by more than 200 million users in at least a dozen countries. A major reason for this popularity is that Indeed aggregates jobs from nearly any source where they’re posted. That includes other major job boards, as well as positions advertised in newspapers.

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Monster is another popular job board. By uploading your resume, it will be available for review by employers who participate on the platform. They also offer plenty of employment related resources, particularly articles on preparing for the interview. Meanwhile, Monster also provides a salary tool to help you know if your compensation expectations are within industry parameters.

For more information, read our Monster review.

If you’re a construction company looking to fill a job, check out our list of the Best Free Job Posting Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What job in construction pays the most?

Based on the five jobs included in this guide, construction managers earn the most money in the field, at nearly $100,000 per year. The figure can be even higher based on the manager’s experience, the size of the employer, and the nature of the construction projects being built.

What profession makes the most money in this year?

While there are plenty of high paying positions in the construction field, the highest paying positions overall are concentrated in the medical field. These include anesthesiologists, surgeons, obstetrician and gynecologists, orthodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

What are the 10 fastest growing careers in the construction industry?

The answer to this question largely depends on geography. Or, more particularly, the type of construction going on in your region of the country. But overall, the fastest growth is in positions for construction managers, electricians, plumbers, masons, and elevator installers and repairers. Another career to consider, as green energy gains ground, are solar photovoltaic installers.

Is construction a good career for the future?

The construction field is a good career for the future because buildings will always need to be constructed and maintained. That said, however, there can be considerable fluctuations along the way. During recessions and housing downturns, construction jobs may become scarce. But as the economy improves, both available positions and pay levels will increase.

The Bottom Line

There are a wide variety of jobs in the construction field, with diverse skill sets and responsibilities, as well as pay levels. The best way to find the right job for you is to take advantage of the job boards where you’re likely to find positions in the field.

Plan to start that search at ZipRecruiter for the fastest results possible.