Finance Director Job Description

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Table Of Contents

Learn about the important requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a finance director job description.

Finance directors oversee the financial strategy and performance of an organization. They ensure the firm remains in compliance with regulations and work to improve the company’s financial health. Finance directors also manage and train accounting and finance team members.

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Finance Director Job Description Template

We’re seeking an experienced finance director with a track record of improving financial performance. In this role, you’ll develop our overall financial strategy, set financial targets, find ways to reduce costs, recommend ways to increase revenue, and ensure the company complies with all applicable regulations and laws. You must have a strategic and mathematical mind and be capable of leading a large team of accounting and finance professionals.

Finance Director Responsibilities

  • Taking charge of the financial operation and health of the company
  • Developing a financial strategy and setting financial targets
  • Creating budgets and allocating resources to each department
  • Analyzing spending to find cost savings
  • Making recommendations to increase revenue and cash flow
  • Managing the company's debt
  • Supervising and training members of the accounting and finance department
  • Creating and presenting financial reports to the executive suite and company investors
  • Maintaining a good relationship with company investors
  • Identifying and mitigating financial risk
  • Evaluating company investments and shifting them as needed
  • Writing and enforcing more effective finance and accounting department policies and procedures
  • Ensuring the company remains in compliance with finance and accounting regulations
  • Maintaining appropriate levels of company insurance and shopping around for better policies annually

Finance Director Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance; Master’s degree preferred
  • CPA designation preferred
  • 10+ years of experience in a finance-related role
  • 3+ years of experience in a leadership position
  • Expert-level user of accounting and finance software
  • Superior analytical, mathematical, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills

Finance Director Duties And Responsibilities

Let’s dive deeper into some of the finance director’s job responsibilities.

Develop Financial Strategy

Finance directors develop the financial strategy for the entire organization. Then, every money-related decision gets made with the strategy in mind. Therefore, a finance director must be a big-picture thinker and know how to set challenging yet achievable financial goals.

Analyze Spending

Finance directors analyze company spending to identify potential cost savings. That way, the firm has more cash to invest, shed debt, or pay dividends to shareholders. A finance director must be able to reduce expenses for the good of the organization — even if doing so is an unpopular decision.

Supervise Team Members

Finance directors supervise and train more junior finance and accounting personnel. They may also participate in the hiring and firing of department staff. Therefore, a finance director must be an excellent leader to get the most out of their team.

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Create Financial Reports

Finance directors create financial reports to illustrate the financial performance and health of the company. That way, they can present the data to firm executives and investors. A finance director must be highly analytical and a skilled report writer.

Write Policies

Finance directors write new policies and procedures for the finance and accounting department. That way, they can streamline department operations. A finance director must be creative and passionate about efficiency and effectiveness.

Finance Director Salary And Job Outlook

Here’s the current outlook for the finance director role in the United States:

Median National Salary: $90,000+

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 730,000+

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 17% (much faster than average)

The Bottom Line

Now, you’re well-prepared to write that finance director job description. Once you do, post it on ZipRecruiter straight away! Then, consider sharing the role on the best free job posting sites, too. That way, you increase your odds of finding your ideal candidate without going over your recruiting budget.