Grit In Action: How Danielle Cobo Transformed Challenges Into Triumphs

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Table Of Contents

Welcome back to another episode of The Break podcast, the space where we unpack the remarkable stories of individuals who've faced life's challenges head-on. I'm your host, Mike, and today's conversation is one that you don't want to miss.

Our guest today is Danielle Cobo, a powerhouse in resilience, courage, and unwavering determination. Before we dive into the heart of her story, a little sneak peek caught my attention recently – Danielle's truck. It's not just a vehicle; it's a symbol. We'll unravel the story behind it in just a moment.

Now, for our audience, if you're seeking inspiration and insights into overcoming life's hurdles, you're in the right place. Connect with us on our social media platforms for more exclusive content, and don't forget to check out Danielle's podcast, the Unstoppable Grit Podcast.

But back to Danielle's journey. The heart of today's conversation delves into her mission – helping people discover the power of resilience, courage, and determination. We'll explore her experiences, her mission, and the unexpected twists that make her story truly compelling.

So, buckle up!! We're about to embark on a conversation that goes beyond the surface, exploring the depths of grit and resilience with Danielle Cobo.

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  • (1:50) How big is that truck?
  • (3:43) Danielle's mission
  • (4:18) Why resilience and grit are so personal to Danielle and why they are her life's mission
  • (5:55) Danielle's husband's military career
  • (9:39) Danielle's sales background
  • (12:10) NICU, deployment and hurricane
  • (14:20) Looking at the positive instead of negative
  • (16:00) Learning to ask for help
  • (18:45) Design thinking mindset
  • (29:55) Soul searching and self discovery - what lead to this for Danielle
  • (34:30) Repellers of change
  • (36:16) The power of forgiveness
  • (40:53) What is grit?
  • (43:28) How to develop grit and become more resilient
  • (46:27) Gap/gain thinking
  • (50:00) Setting goals with grit
  • (52:40) Vision boards and how Danielle sets goals
  • (59:00) Roadblocks to developing grit
  • (1:01:15) Who Danielle's book is for
  • (1:07:07) How to work with Danielle


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