Energy As The Catalyst To Change With Dan Go

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Table Of Contents

Imagine being a pudgy, bullied high school dropout going nowhere, then miraculously, building a successful business, selling it, and then going on to coach thousands of high-performing executives and entrepreneurs on fitness and energy.

How did he do it all? Dan’s remarkable story starts with one simple decision - his BREAK moment. He decided to get in shape, and little by little Dan transformed the way he looked, but more importantly, he transformed how he thought of himself and what he was capable of.

Dan is now THE fitness coach to high-achieving entrepreneurs. He's spent the past 20 years coaching thousands of clients, helping them lose over 100,000+ pounds while growing one of the most successful gyms in Toronto. In 2018 he left the gym world to help high-achieving entrepreneurs improve their health and build world-class bodies.

This episode is packed with wisdom on getting in shape and transforming your psychology. I was particularly keen to ask Dan about the parallels between getting in shape and career performance.


  • How getting in shape changed the trajectory of Dan’s life
  • Dan’s amazing career and his BREAK moment
  • How to hack your energy to become more productive
  • How to take better, not bigger, risks with his one foot in safety one foot in danger method
  • How to create habits by making them as easy as possible
  • And we also get into a bunch of audience questions about the keys to habit change and getting your ass in shape


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  • “At age twenty I was a high school dropout who was fat, 15k in debt, and headed nowhere.  At age 40 I’m an entrepreneur, in my best shape, zero debt, built a 7 figure gym business, sold it and just getting started. The catalyst? Transforming my body.” - quote from Dan
  • “In order to achieve self-mastery, it’s about doubling down on the things that we have supreme control over. Which is the way we move our bodies and the foods we put in our mouth and the time that we go to sleep.” - quote from Dan
  • “I always like to have one foot in comfort and one foot in danger.” - quote from Dan
  • Akira The Don - music that Dan mentions he likes to workout to
  • Robert Greene - “The Laws Of Human Nature” - Dan loves Robert Greene and thinks everyone should read this book
  • Gates Of Fire” by Steven Pressfield - book that Dan is reading right now
  • Connect with Dan on his High Performance Founder website, his Dan Founder website, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.