Put Work In It's Place And Design Your Path With Advantage Mapping

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Are You finally ready to do the work you were meant to?

If you’ve been going through the motions, stuck on a default path, but know you could do more - I’m here to give you permission to explore.

If you don't know how to actually explore, we have a system for that.

We work 1:1 with ambitious professionals to help them go from stuck to aligned and pursuing the work they were meant to do in our Advantage Mapping program.

Every single one of my explorers leaves with 1-3 high odds paths to break out, and they report an average of 100% jump in clarity and confidence in their ability to execute their career pivot.

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In 2018 Work Wasn't Working for me. So I Broke It.

In 2018 I was stuck. On paper I had a great life, but inside I was trapped and struggling. I searched for a way out, but couldn't find one so I built my own.

I mapped a path out by combining principles from the intersection of my unique past. These disciplines also happen to be the three greatest fields that deal with uncertainty:

I imagined like a designer.

I managed risk like an investor.

And executed a plan like an entrepreneur.

I now dedicate my life to helping individuals build confidence to creatively explore unknown paths to align with the work they were meant to do.

I believe confidence is built when we understand how to deal with, and overcome uncertainty.

The Advantage Mapping system I built centers around two core components:

  1. Figure out your “high odds” path to alignment and fulfillment
  2. Give you the tools and support to attract the right people and opportunities instead of playing a low odds numbers game.

By combining principles from my zig zag path through finance, human centered design and entrepreneurship, I built a map for how to design work into my life.

That map resulted in a methodical side business to full time exit of corporate work within 12 months. Ultimately I found my escape path, and haven't looked back.

Over the past 3 years, I've tweaked and refined the mapping system, and have now taught it to mid career pivoters, first time employees and even high school and college students, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did!

It's the exact same system we teach to our clients today in the Advantage Mapping Program so they can achieve similar results.

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What Makes Advantage Mapping Different?

If you want to live an amazing life, you have to be willing to break a few rules.

The average coach tells you to find your passion. That doesn't work, so that's one reason why I'm not a certified coach.

Instead, I'm a guide, who will lead you on your exploration journey.

More importantly, you have to be willing to break the invisible scripts that hold you back from your true potential.

The traditional career path, which we've all bought into, says “go get a job, work and then figure it out.” So when we feel mis-aligned we often think the answer is to just get a different job, only to wake up at age 40 realizing we’re still stuck.

Don’t do that.

That’s where we come in.

We build your purpose by mapping your advantages and stacking them so you can pursue a high odds path with confidence.

Our system is based on my personal journey navigating 6 different career changes before the age of 40. I reinvented myself many times, and I'm set up to continue breaking my limits well into the future.

I don't quit easily. It's a blessing and a curse, actually.

  • I have crappy standardized test scores.
  • I Applied to business school 3 times.
  • I battled years of adrenaline and stress, in his finance job, where I literally thought I would die in my chair.
  • I woke up in the night with heart palpitations, not sure if I would ever wake up again if I fell back asleep.
  • My first business failed.
  • I was fired from my second startup.
  • My first client went bankrupt.
  • My corporate gig sucked the life out of me.

After bouncing around to all the “great opportunities” out there on the traditional path (college, finance, corporate, startups) and still not feeling "right", I decided to just create what I was looking for.

Maps I Help YOU Create

1. Intentional Career Change and Discovery

I changed my career 6 times before the age of 40, on purpose. I built successful careers in:

  • Trading financial markets - mid 6 figure income at 23
  • Freelance consulting - Replaced my 6 figure income within 3 months. Built my “Options Portfolio” approach to finding opportunity.
  • Online content marketing - Employee #5 at an online startup. Sold to Private Equity.
  • Corporate Innovation Consulting - Managed Fortune 500 Innovation teams building new products and services inside a stodgy old Insurance company.
  • Diversified Solopreneurship - Built Careercloud.com from side hustle to 65k monthly visitors. Monetized podcast + Newsletter. Current side hustle - Quotebook. Investor.

We will assess your Career Resilience, and put you through my full Advantage Mapping Program to create a map of how you can get to where you want to be.

2. Side Hustle to Full Time Corporate Exit

  1. I engineered my exit from a well paid, soul sucking corporate job, by building a multi-million dollar online business over the course of 18 months.
  2. I can show you the exact process - the steps, decision points and choices I made to ensure success.

3. Resilience and Adaptability Training

Find out how to become an agile, adaptable and resilient careerist. You'll be better equipped to frame and handle risk, while recognizing and seizing opportunities that will make you unbreakable.

Ready to Take The First Step?

Not Ready Start, But Like What You hear?

It's ok. Everyone needs to move at their own pace.

But . . . from experience, it is imperative that you start to build the belief that you can change your path. That's what we call building the Belief Flywheel.

Here are a few ways you can keep moving forward:

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Here's to building your BREAK moment and becoming the best version of yourself!