What To Include On A Cloud Architect Resume + Cloud Architect Skills

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To secure a job as a cloud architect, it is essential to have a convincing resume. A cloud architect's resume should showcase your work experience and educational background while also highlighting your unique skills that distinguish you from other candidates. Use the following tips as a guide to create a winning cloud architect resume that accurately portrays your abilities and expertise in the field. It includes recommended skills to list and vital information to include (as well as what to avoid).

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Cloud Architect Resume Example

Zaynab Sosa

691 Oakridge Lane, Macon, GA 31206




Philadelphia, PA // Senior Cloud Architect

09/2020 - Present

  • Demonstrates experience presenting technical material to both technical and nontechnical clients
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification or similar Professional certifications
  • Strong track record of implementing AWS services in a variety of distributed computing environments
  • Demonstrates experience in running complex projects
  • High level of skill communicating effectively across internal and external organizations
  • Demonstrated expertise in an architectural leadership role


Philadelphia, PA // Enterprise Cloud Architect

02/2014 - 06/2020

  • Experience automating infrastructure provisioning and/or continuous integration/delivery
  • Knowledge of containerization and container orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Hands-on experience with core LAN/WAN network technologies
  • Knowledge of Information and application security concepts including public-key encryption, multi-factor authentication, and certificate-based authentication
  • Excellent project management skills to apply end-to-end processes, analyze and solve problems/issues, establish project guidelines, and present key concepts



Bachelor's in Computer Science


  • Practical knowledge of waterfall and agile methodologies
  • Experience with distributed, highly available, and scalable systems
  • Demonstrated expertise in problem solving and technical innovation
  • Project experience implementing core infrastructure, networking and cloud-based services for business teams or consumers
  • Deep product knowledge and understanding of product features including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Solutions
  • Experience configuring and tuning virtual private clouds
  • Experience supporting Production applications or workloads in a cloud-based environment

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What Is Unique About A Cloud Architect Resume?

A cloud architect resume showcases your technical skills, especially those related to how well you can operate, build, or troubleshoot cloud architecture. It serves as a platform to highlight the unique skills required to succeed in a cloud architect position, including those not traditionally needed for other IT roles.

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What Should Be Included On A Cloud Architect Resume?

Typically, a standard resume is only one page long; therefore, you have limited space to include all the necessary information for the hiring manager to access quickly. According to Indeed, most employers only 6-7 seconds to review your resume — so you want all the important points to be easily visible.

Here are some essential sections to include on a cloud architect resume.

Resume Header and Contact Information

At the very top of your resume, include a resume header. This section starts with your name, which is usually in a larger font than the rest of the text. Somewhere around it, include your phone number, email address, and any other ways you’d like an employer to contact you. If you have a portfolio, the header is also a good place to put it.

While it’s not necessary, you could include a resume summary. This consists of 2-3 sentences about your skills, experience, or education that differentiate you from other candidates.


Another necessary section to include is your educational qualifications. It’s worth noting that many cloud architect positions will require some sort of degree, with some employers looking for master’s degrees.

For each entry, briefly describe your educational experience by listing the university’s name, graduation date, degree, or any additional certifications you obtained. If you didn’t earn a degree, but received a certification, this would also fall under the education section in the resume. You can also include your grade point average (GPA) if it’s relevant.

In addition to listing your education information, including details about any extracurricular activities is a great idea — especially if you’re a recent graduate. For example, this could be any honor societies, fraternal organizations, or volunteer projects.

Work Experience

Starting with your most recent or current job, list at least two or three work experiences relevant to the cloud architect position you’re applying for. Like other sections in the resume, the rest of your work experience needs to be listed in reverse chronological order. This means your oldest job should be last instead of first.

Here’s what to include under each position:

  • Specific descriptions of job duties, including statistics where applicable
  • Employer name and location
  • When you started and left the position
  • Job title

If you held different positions at the same company, you can either include both under the same entry or separate them. Either way, be sure to include all the above details.

Achievements, Memberships, and Projects 

Along with listing specifics about things you accomplished in your positions, it’s also a good idea to list any additional projects you completed outside of a job. These can be from past internships, freelance gigs, or volunteer positions.

If you won an award for any of these projects, list them along with the project details. Describing other achievements like presentations, papers, or awards can also help show employers that you’ve been recognized for your good work.

Lastly, always state whether you’re a member of any professional organization. Sometimes, these memberships are a liaison between your future employer and clients or business partners.

Professional Skills 

List and briefly describe 5-10 skills related to a cloud architect’s job responsibilities. Regardless of whether you include hard and soft skills, they should be relevant to the position. Avoid being too generic and only listing things like “strong communicator” or “dependable.”

What Should Be Left Off A Cloud Architect Resume?

There are a few general rules to follow when deciding what to leave off a cloud architect resume:

  • It’s best not to include personal information like political affiliation, marital status, health conditions, or age.
  • Avoid listing unprofessional email addresses.
  • Don’t disclose past salaries or hourly wages. You can do this during the interview or on the application if requested.
  • Don’t include irrelevant work experience.

Important Job Skills For Cloud Architects 

Creating your resume is the perfect time to assess your strengths and weaknesses regarding related skills for a cloud architect position. Here are some relevant to the job that you should include on your resume:

  • Programming languages like Python, .NET, and C#
  • Operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows
  • Data center technologies
  • Cybersecurity, including how to properly use VPN systems and firewalls
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to work independently or with a team
  • Self-starter
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills

Wondering what other things to add to your resume? Our best skills for resume guide might help.

The Bottom Line 

Are you preparing to apply for cloud architect jobs? If so, having a clean, concise resume is one way to land the position that suits your skills best. However, if designing and writing resumes isn’t one of your strengths, or you just don’t have time, hiring a resume-writing service to write and format a resume on your behalf is an option. Creating one on your own is also an option. It’s also important to stay updated on what positions are available. Check ZipRecruiter for the latest cloud architect jobs!