The Best Resume Templates And Tools To Start Your Job Search

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Searching for a new job can be both exciting and stressful all at once. However, a great resume template can make life a bit easier. The key to getting your foot in the door to get that first phone or in-person interview is getting noticed- a feat you can easily accomplish with a resume that stands out.

Think of your resume as your one and only chance for a first impression. But also be aware that if your resume isn’t polished and relevant, it could be your last impression. Fortunately, there are a myriad of resume builder tools, customized resume templates and even resume writing services at your disposal to produce a sharp, job-winning resume.

To cut to the chase, we highly recommend Resumonk for a cheap resume builder option, and TopResume for a more holistic resume writing service. Read on to see our recommendations for free resume templates.

What Makes a Good Resume Template?

Melissa Wayne Rudy of RNInterviewTools says a resume format should be specifically targeted to the industry and position applied for. This is what helps an applicant get past the Application Tracking System software.

Unfortunately, that means more work for you, which is where a resume builder can come in handy. "If you apply online, 99% of the time, a computer system is judging you based on words you used within your resume and application", Rudy states. "The best resume is the one that lands you the interview. The best resume template is the one that gets you past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) / HR and in front of a Manager."

There is a wide range of resume templates that have become available to address the more advanced requirements of today's market. There are more basic resume templates for new job seekers and more complicated or creative resume templates for more experienced applicants.


  1. Ease of use - You shouldn't have to be a technical wiz to figure out how to add sections or adjust the settings on your resume template.
  2. Multiple format options - A template does you no good if it only comes in one format that you can't edit or use. The best resume templates allow you to edit in Word, Powerpoint or Google Docs and save as a pdf.
  3. Options based on experience level or industry - An individual who has been working in the tech industry for 15 years may have different resume needs than a college grad looking for a creative writing gig. Templates should be flexible enough to accommodate.
  4. Range of cost alternatives - The best template services have both free or low-cost options and higher-priced options with more advanced features and support.
  5. Ability to tailor - You want to be able to create multiple versions of your resume to suit specific job industries, when necessary.


Cost: Free Option

Format: Available in PDF Format

Benefits: Resumonk offers 5 professional resume templates for free download. Each template is customizable, allowing for additional sections to be added and also for each section to be rearranged for more impact. You can also import directly from LinkedIn, which could be a huge timesaver. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade to premium services for additional templates and options.


Hloom template

Cost: FREE

Format: Available in Microsoft Word format

Benefits: This basic resume template has a fixed format so that edit is available for the entire document at one time. This allows for a resume beginner to simply type their own information directly in or copy and paste to the existing format. If the basics aren’t enough, the template is already available in Microsoft Word, so the font, design, and layout could be modified to suit individual needs. If this template doesn’t strike your fancy, there are 5 others available on this site for free download.

Microsoft Word Resume Template

Word template

Cost: FREE if you have access to Microsoft Word

Format: Available in Microsoft Word format

Benefits: Talk about ease of use, you already have access to these free templates if you already own or use Microsoft Office. They aren’t fancy but they are simple, easy to edit and modify. It’s definitely a fast option for a job hunter who doesn’t want to start a resume from square one.

Google Docs Serif Template

Google resume template

Cost: FREE for anyone who has a Google account

Format: Available in various formats

Benefits: Similar to Word, Google’s free resume templates are already available to you if you have a Google account. If you don’t already have one, create one-It’s FREE! These templates are simple and easy to modify as well. You can also download the Google templates as PDFs or Word Documents, among other formats.

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NovoResume, Free Resume Template

Cost: FREE for anyone who has a Google account

Format: Available in various formats

Benefits: Similar to Word, Google’s free resume templates are already available to you if you have a Google account. If you don’t already have one, create one-It’s FREE! These templates are simple and easy to modify as well. You can also download the Google templates as PDFs or Word Documents, among other formats.

Cheap Resume Templates

These options provide a step up from the basic free templates. They are still easy to use but provide more templates to choose from with advanced options for job seekers.

ResumeWay, Modern Template

Cost: $14.00

Format: Available in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages formats

Benefits: ResumeWay offers over a hundred resume templates to choose from. Customer Service is also available to answer any questions that job seekers run into when building their resumes. ResumeWay also offers more advanced services such as Resume Writing, if the need arises.

Etsy, Resume Template

Etsy resume template

Cost: $14.99

Format: Available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats

Benefits: Etsy is another good option for finding customizable resume templates. These are easy to use and format. This option also comes with 2 resume template options (1 or 2 page), 2 cover page options and 2 reference letter templates.

Creative Market, Resume & Cover Letter Template

Cost: $6 for Personal Use

Format: Available in PSD, INDD, PDF formats

Benefits: Creative Market provides a marketplace for individual designers to peddle their creative wares. This template is a good option for those who want a more creative look. Graphicriver, Resume Template

Graphicriver, Resume Template

Cost: $11.00

Format: Available in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages formats

Benefits: This is another creative marketplace with multiple resume templates available for purchase. This Professional template is available for immediate download. Purchase includes cover letter template, references letter template, references template, and Instructions Guide for Resume Design.

Resume Tools To Get The Job Done Right

If you prefer more hands-on help with the creation of your resume, there are a myriad of services and tools to assist you. You don’t have to go it alone. There are some great resume builders and resume-writing services out there for those who don’t mind spending a little cash for the big WOW.

Resume Builders

Resume Builders save time, have lots of available professional templates to select from, and produce impressive results. They allow a user to start from scratch while they build the resume from the data pieces provided or a user can take an existing format and the service will incorporate it in to a selected template automagically! Most of these services have inclusions like help articles, resume checks and job boards, like those below:

Resumonk – Cost $29 a year or $89 for full lifetime access

ResumeNow – Cost $285 for 14-day full access and $10.45 monthly

MyPerfectResume - Cost: $2.95 for a 14-day trial period or $5.95 monthly

ResumeGenius - Cost: $2.95 for a 14-day trial period or $5.95 monthly

Resume Writing Services


TopResume specializes in helping job seekers to create a personal brand. They do this with their professionally written resumes. They offer three tiers of hands-on, customized resume services:

  • Professional Growth - $149
  • Career Evolution - $219
  • Executive Priority - $349

All three levels include a professionally written resume by an industry expert and keyword-optimization. The Career level also includes a cover letter. But what really sets it apart is the inclusion of the 60-day interview guarantee! The Executive level steps it up to include resume creation by one of the Executive writers and a LinkedIn Makeover.

The Writique

The Writique offers a Resume Building Service that includes a phone consultation for $199.99. You can also purchase other services a la carte, such as a Cover letter, Mock Interview, and Basic LinkedIn Set-up, to name a few. They also offer a Resume Refresh service to spruce up an existing resume for $129.99 and a Resume Review Service to check for structural or grammatical errors for $59.99.

Resume Writing Group

This Service has multiple service levels as well. One reason to give them a try is that they guarantee job seekers who use their services will get a refund AND an additional $100 if they are not hired within 45 days of using the service. They offer services at the following levels:* Student and Entry Level - from $89

  • Professional Level from - $119
  • Senior and High-Level Executive Level - from $199
  • Federal and Government Resumes - from $189

You can also receive a free critique of your current resume!

When your resume is finished, you can start applying for jobs. Check out our guide to the best job posting sites to see wher employers are listing jobs!

Final Thoughts On Resume Templates and Other Tools

There are numerous very good and affordable resume templates and services available. If you're on a budget but have time at your disposal, use a basic resume template. If you don't have time, and are willing to pay to have your resume done right, opt for Topresume, or another of the best resume writing services. If you're in the middle, then check out Resumonk or another of the best resume builders. You might decide to use one service or a combination of several to achieve the best possible results. What is most important is that you capture who you are in clear, concise manner to land that job!