8 Best Recruiting Platforms To Help You Find Top Talent

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Finding the right candidates for open positions in your company has always been a challenge. The marketplace is flooded with workers who have lost or left jobs or are looking for something better. Workers are also hesitant to make a job change. A recent SHRM report shows that the number of candidates employers have to wade through to find the right one has doubled.

Here's a look at the best recruiting platforms available today and why they can help you recruit the best talent to your organization.

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Best Recruiting Platforms

  • ZipRecruiter - Best Overall
  • Teamable - Best For Talent Associated With Your Company
  • WayUp - Best For Diverse Recruiting
  • Entelo - Best Cloud-Based Technology
  • Yello - Best For Campus Recruiting
  • Hired - Best For Hiring In-Demand Tech Talent
  • iCIMS - Best For Driving ROI At All Hiring Stages
  • Ideal - Best Talent Acquisition Intelligence

Reviews Of The Best Recruiting Platforms 

ZipRecruiter - Best Overall

ZipRecruiter is a platform intended to help employers and recruiters find the best talent to fill any open positions.

ZipRecruiter is way more than just a job board. This platform allows you to post job openings, search their resume database, set up candidate screening, use AI to reach candidates, and integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Varies depending on plan. Contact ZipRecruiter to obtain current pricing.

Teamable - Best For Talent Associated With Your Company

Teamable is an online recruiting platform that utilizes company employees and other connections to boost referrals and source top talent already associated with your company.

Recruiting is incentivized for employees to increase engagement. They are rewarded as they refer more (and more qualified) candidates to open positions in your company. Teamable also speeds up the recruiting process with employee referrals hired, on average, in 29 days versus 52 days through other platforms.

The platform provides employers and recruiters with customized analytics to help with recruiting efforts. Teamable also works seamlessly with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to ensure every detail of the recruiting process is covered.  Employers can also use Teamable in conjunction with Slack to make connecting even easier.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Contact Teamable to obtain current pricing.

WayUp - Best For Diverse Recruiting

WayUp is an online recruiting platform that promotes diverse early-career job candidates. The platform boasts over six million candidates, 71% of which are underrepresented minorities.

WayUp provides employers with diverse recruit sourcing, detailed diversity and inclusion analytics, unbiased screening, and other tools to attract and hire the best candidates. WayUp easily integrates with popular ATS software for a complete recruitment experience.

All Employers that sign up get access to WayUp's basic platform and all of its candidates. From there, you can pay extra for added solutions, including virtual events, branded content, advanced analytics, and more.

Free Demo: yes

Cost: Contact WayUp for current pricing.

Entelo - Best Cloud-Based Technology

Entelo is an online recruiting platform that uses automation technology to engage with job candidates. Its cloud-based technology reduces the time it takes to move from sourcing candidates to hiring them.

Entelo boasts a process that helps employers remove some of the roadblocks before candidates apply for jobs. This not only cuts down the time it takes to hire, but it also helps bring only the right candidates to you. It also works with ATS software to further promote engagement during all phases of the recruitment process.

The company is also focused on helping companies promote diversity with tools like one-click diversity filters and language alerts, so you always promote inclusivity in your recruiting practices.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Contact Entelo for current pricing.

Yello - Best For Campus Recruiting

Yello is a recruitment platform designed to help employers and recruiters find the best talent to fill various positions. The platform focuses on a few specific types of recruitment, including professional, campus, diversity, government, and virtual recruitment. Approximately 100 Fortune 500 companies currently use Yello to recruit top talent.

Yello provides job seekers with a personalized candidate experience that leads to quicker hiring practices for most employers. Yello leverages employee referrals, a centralized job board, LinkedIn integrations, and recruitment CRM software to source the best candidates for open positions. It also partners with WayUp to focus on diversity sourcing and campus recruitment. Advanced services include recruitment events, interview scheduling, candidate evaluations, and more.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Contact Yello for current pricing.

Hired - Best For Hiring In-Demand Tech Talent

Hired is a cloud-based recruitment platform that connects tech workers with companies that are hiring. Employers can search through a curated supply of highly qualified candidates. The process utilizes a proprietary algorithm to match companies with only the right candidates. Hired boasts that companies using its platform save 45 sourcing hours per hire.

The platform also relies on skill assessments to ensure that companies find qualified candidates that match their needs. Assessment options include role-based assessment and live coding playback. You can also send customized assessments directly to candidates within Hired. Employers can also see candidate salary expectations and work preferences upfront for more transparency during the recruitment and hiring process.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Access Plan: pay per hire (15% of first-year salary); Basic plan: contact Hired for current pricing; Plus Plan: contact Hired for current pricing; Premium: contact Hired for current pricing.

iCIMS - Best For Driving ROI At All Hiring Stages

iCIMS is an all-encompassing online recruitment platform. It focuses on helping employers connect with qualified candidates at every step of their recruitment. It includes several tools to attract and engage with candidates and walk them through the hiring process.

iCIMS includes cloud-based ATS software to manage the entire recruitment process. It also allows for team collaboration for companies with hiring teams. Other tools include a customized career site for your company, candidate relationship management (CRM) software, onboarding help, offer letter assistance, text engagement through popular messaging apps, and more.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Contact iCIMS for current pricing.

Ideal - Best Talent Acquisition Intelligence

Ideal is an online recruitment platform that helps recruiters and employers identify better candidates for open positions. The company relies on AI technology to screen candidates instantly. Its software also allows recruiters to manage thousands of applications efficiently and effectively.

The recruitment process with Ideal includes screening and matching to narrow down your talent search. It also includes various automation tools for tedious administrative tasks like sending assessments and calendar invitations to candidates. Ideal works with your ATS software to create a more efficient recruiting experience for recruiters and candidates.

Ideal has been acquired by Ceridian. At the time of this writing, nothing has changed in terms of the products and services provided by Ideal to companies.

Free Demo: Yes

Cost: Contact Ideal for current pricing.

What Is A Recruitment Platform?

Finding the right candidates for your open positions can be a daunting task. That's where recruitment platforms come in. Recruitment platforms are websites or apps that allow employers to connect with job seekers, communicate with them, and manage their applications. These platforms can help employers make more effective hires, which can, in turn, improve their production and efficiency.

Recruitment platforms can provide a variety of tools to help employers streamline their hiring process. For example, some platforms offer customized scorecards for interview feedback, pre-hire assessments, and hiring analytics.

These tools can help employers make more informed hiring decisions and ensure that they are selecting candidates who are the best fit for their company culture and the role they are trying to fill.

Additionally, recruitment platforms can save employers time and money by automating many of the tasks associated with the hiring process, such as job postings and candidate screening.

How To Choose The Best Recruiting Platform

Here are some tips to help you choose the recruiting platform that's best for your needs:

  • Establish your budget and look for a solution that can grow with you as your workforce and needs expand.
  • Determine which features are essential for your recruiting platform.
  • Look for software that can be customized to fit your organization's unique reporting, job requisitioning, and career page needs.
  • Choose a recruiting platform that integrates well with other software and applications your company is using.
  • Make sure that the software promotes diversity and inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a recruitment platform?

A recruitment platform is an online software or program that allows employers and recruiters to source qualified job candidates and manage the recruitment process for open positions within their company. Recruitment platforms often incorporate various recruitment tools such as ATS, CRM, CMS, and other software.

What are the best recruiting methods?

The best recruiting methods depend on your company, industry, and the type of talent you are trying to attract. Effective recruiting methods include job boards, networking events, referrals,  social media, online recruitment platforms, and internal hiring.

Which social media platform is best for recruiting?

LinkedIn is a professional networking social media platform and the best option for employers to attract, connect, and hire top talent.

Which is the least expensive method for recruitment?

Inexpensive recruiting methods include social media, referrals, online job boards, and in-person job fairs and networking events. You can also check out our list of the best free job posting sites.

The Bottom Line

Your company's success is often based on finding the right candidate to fill roles in your organization. Using an online recruitment platform in conjunction with recruitment software can help you achieve your hiring goals and position yourself as an attractive destination for highly qualified job candidates.

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