From Corporate to Coach: Alli Rizacos’ Journey to Entrepreneurial Freedom

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Table Of Contents

In 2021, Alli Rizacos took the leap and left the corporate world to pursue her dream of building a coaching business while traveling the world. In less than 3 years, she has built a recognizable brand on LinkedIn and a successful coaching business nearing $1M in revenue.

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  • (3:40) Layoffs and why 9-5 jobs are unstable
  • (8:12) How Alli started thinking about valuing her thoughts against what the norm is
  • (14:18) Alli's fascination with human behavior and how that helped her make her own choices
  • (16:18) Alli's experience hiring a coach at age 26 who she calls her "personal trainer of her mind"
  • (18:28) Alli describes her path as being "the good girl" and following the path she thought she was supposed to follow
  • (23:44) Tools that Alli used to make her decision to leave corporate
  • (28:12) The impact of who you surround yourself with
  • (30:41) The belief flywheel
  • (31:15) Micro decisions and actions that Alli took before going out on her own
  • (32:57) What did Alli need to see to believe she could have made this decision earlier?
  • (37:03) Why Alli shares personal stories on LinkedIn
  • (45:10) Being more human in today's world - why this matters to Mike and Alli
  • (45:43) Why retirement isn't something Mike and Alli are looking forward to
  • (49:34) Alli's thoughts on self-directed lives and breaking corporate dependence
  • (55:14) How Alli views coaching, the value of coaching and why it should be a no-brainer for people
  • (1:01:40) Who Alli works with and who can benefit from working with her


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  • "What if I valued my own abilities more than I valued the consistency of a paycheck?" - quote from Alli
  • Jim Carrey commencement speech that Alli mentions
  • "So many people spend too much time and energy on their fears and what the inner critic is saying about it. Spending energy on that is such a waste of time when you could be spending your energy figuring out how to get better." - quote from Alli
  • "To be authentic, you have to go and live your life." - quote from Alli
  • "Coaching was created as a result of some of the gaps in therapy. Most therapy is about how you feel, not about achieving a goal." - quote from Alli
  • Book a call to work with Alli
  • The Myth Of Normal - a book Alli recommends
  • Four Thousand Weeks - another week Alli recommends
  • Connect with Alli on LinkedIn and her website.