Receptionist To Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Developer - How Sean Sweeney Embraced His Purpose To Live An Authentic Life

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We've got an incredible guest in the house – a friend from the past who's has broken himself on purpose, and undergone an extraordinary journey of reinvention. But before we dive into this conversation, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and share our podcast with your friends and family. We've got a lot of inspiration coming your way.

Let me set the stage for you. Sean Sweeney and I go way back. We attended high school together, shared memories, and then life took us on separate paths. For over 25 years, we didn't cross paths, until one day, Sean's intriguing Twitter feed caught my eye. He'd reinvented himself multiple times, and that got me thinking. What led him down this transformative road?

Today, many know Sean as a successful real estate developer and Twitter influencer. More on that later. But we're not delving into real estate. No, today, we're talking about how he went from a 23-year-old actor to receptionist at 27 to becoming a big real estate developer with over $200M portfolio. I’ll give you a hint as to how he did it  – he overcame the same mental roadblocks and hurdles that can hold you back from realizing what your true purpose is. 

You can check out more of what Sean is all about by following him on Twitter (@SeanDsweeney) and checking out his substack called The Bright Build. A weekly design-driven and community-focused newsletter mapping the moves and mindset that are crucial for both the seasoned and aspiring real estate developer.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Sean Sweeney.

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  • The why behind Sean's desire to change the course of his kid's future both financially and mentally
  • Sean's BREAK moments
  • "I just have to get on the team" mentality and what that means to Sean
  • How to bring who you are into the workplace and into what you do every day
  • The importance of working on your mental health
  • Mental health vs mindset
  • How Sean tackles self-doubt
  • Sean's health and longevity journey


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  • "It stops with us. We are going to do whatever kind of hard work we have to do in therapy, emotionally, in tough conversations, whatever that has to be. It's not getting passed on." - quote from Sean
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad - book that Sean mentioned
  • "If you're good, if you believe in yourself, if you think you can do the thing, you just gotta get in the room." - quote from Sean
  • "Without mindset, it doesn't matter how good you are at anything." - quote from Sean
  • Justin Welsh and Sahill Bloom - two influencers that Sean is liking
  • The Creative Act - a book Sean recommends
  • The Almanac Of Naval Ravikant - another book Sean recommends
  • "Work on your mental health and don't be afraid to try a few things." - one piece of advice that Sean would give to someone just getting started
  • Connect with Sean on his newsletter, Twitter, his website and his company website.