Using Financial Planning As A Tool To Intentionally Design Your Life With Richard Archer

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Table Of Contents

Career change, fear and money.

Those concepts are tightly interlinked. Much of my work is trying to break the traditional conceptions of this trinity, so we can step boldly forth on our path. I’ve wanted to get the financial perspective nailed down for some time, but haven’t found a financial expert that could really smash the way we think about money in times of change. Until now.

Richard Archer is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner for ambitious, driven, and intentional professionals. He helps people make big financial decisions and transitions with confidence. Richard believes money is a tool and he helps his clients use their money to live authentic lives, not just save it for retirement. In fact he says, “if you die with $5M in the bank, I’ve failed.”

Richard is here for all the exciting and courageous conversations around money, fear, risk, investment and using it as a tool to intentionally design your life. Welcome to the show, Richard of Archer Investment Management.


  • How to use money as a tool and not die with millions in the bank
  • How Richard talks with clients who may be misaligned
  • Tips to build your runway
  • How to build your network before you need it
  • The balance between saving and having options
  • The power of saying no
  • Richard's BREAK story
  • The importance of hiring a coach or finding a mentor


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  • "If you're intentional and live a life of meaning it can lead to really good things." - quote from Richard
  • "Cut mercilessly on the things that aren't important to you." - quote from Richard
  • Coupleship Inc - book that Richard recommends
  • The Insiders Guide To Getting Into College - book that Richard is reading now
  • "Figure out what you're interested in, get really good at it, and bet on yourself." - quote from Richard
  • Connect with Richard on his website and LinkedIn.

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