Why You Should Consider A Career Break With Katrina McGhee

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So I made a new friend. We’re kindred spirits. My new friend is called the fairy godmother of career breaks and sabbaticals.

Katrina McGhee is a Career Break and Sabbatical Expert, creator of the Break Blueprint and the author of the upcoming book, Taking a Career Break for Dummies. As a certified master coach with an MBA, Katrina helps mid-career professionals create happier, more fulfilling lives by designing bold and transformational breaks. Her clients return from their breaks recharged, inspired, happily-employed and forever changed. On their time off, her 60+ clients have traveled the world, launched a business, changed careers and more.

Katrina's work was inspired by her own 20-month career break where she saved $40,000 in just 18 months to quit her corporate job to travel the world. She's now an enthusiastic world traveler and digital nomad. Her advice on career breaks, money, and travel has been shared across various outlets including Forbes, Smarter Travel, Thrive Global, and Yahoo.

We obviously jammed on this idea of a career break and how we both come at that word from different points of view. Katrina has an amazing life story spanning heartache and triumph, and she shares it all.

I look forward to having her on again when her book comes out, but for now, I hope you enjoy this episode with Katrina McGhee.


  • How Katrina and Mike define career breaks
  • Katrina's background
  • Reasons people put off career breaks or career changes
  • How Katrina prepared for her career break
  • What Katrina did on her career break
  • The benefits of taking a career break
  • How to use your career break to your advantage when applying for jobs
  • How Katrina knew she needed a career break rather than a new job
  • What Katrina does now and how she helps people


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  • Scared-cited - a word Katrina uses to describe something that is scary and aligned at the same time
  • "Wait. Adults can quit jobs that are good and just do what they want and travel the world?" - quote from Katrina
  • The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer - book Katrina mentioned
  • Connect with Katrina on her website.

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