What To Include On A UI/UX Resume + UI/UX Skills

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Table Of Contents

Learn about the important requirements, skills, and keywords that should be included in a UI/UX resume.

If you have a passion for making web or mobile applications better for users, you must learn how to write a stellar UI/UX resume. Don't worry. We'll share all of the essential details. That way, you can impress the Creative Manager, land an interview, and get back to designing helpful, attractive, and easy-to-use tools.

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UI/UX Resume Example

Use the below UI/UX resume example as inspiration for your document.

Jane Doe

Framingham, MA


(555) 555-5555

ACE-certified UI/UX professional with seven years of experience and a bachelor's degree in computer science. Raised UX score by an average of 20 points across 150+ projects. Completed projects 35% or more ahead of the deadline.

Work History

User First, LLC

UI/UX Designer, 2016-present

  • Created or enhanced 150+ user interfaces to improve the user experience
  • Increased the UX score by an average of 20 points across all projects
  • Finished all projects at least 35% ahead of schedule
  • Achieved and maintained a 99.6% client satisfaction rating
  • Mentored two newer UI/UX Designers

Education and Certifications

ABC College

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2016

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), 2016


  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch
  • Prototyping
  • Mockups
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Responsive design
  • Brand consistency

Professional Membership

User Experience Professional Association (UXPA), 2016-present

What Is Unique About A UI/UX Resume?

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Your UI/UX resume should look like any other resume in terms of formatting and the types of sections you include. However, it will be unique because it showcases your UI/UX career highlights, positioning you as the ideal candidate for a new professional role.

Pro Tip: Include keywords from the UI/UX job description in your resume to catch the employer's attention!

What Should Be Included On A UI/UX Resume?

Your UI/UX resume should include the following six sections:


You need to make it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to invite you to an interview. So, at the top of the page, list your full name, phone number, and professional email address. You should also include links to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile.


Next, write a few concise and compelling lines about why you're the best candidate for the role. For example, if you're new to the UI/UX field, you should craft a resume objective statement showing how your education and experience have prepared you for the position. But, if you've been in the profession for years, you should write a resume summary that showcases your most impressive career accomplishments.


List your previous work experiences here in reverse chronological order. Doing so puts your most recent (and likely most relevant) contributions closer to the top of the page.

Each entry should contain the company you worked for, your position, and the dates you were there. Then, add three to five bullet points that summarize your top contributions during that time.

Your bullet points should feature an action word and a number whenever possible. This formula proves that your knowledge and abilities generate real, quantifiable results.


You can keep this section brief if you have at least a few years of related work experience. List your degree, the school you attended, and your graduation year. You can also follow this same structure for certifications.

However, you may want to include some supplemental information if you recently entered the field. For example, listing relevant club memberships, activities, and coursework is appropriate.

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You can make it past applicant tracking system filters and impress readers by strategically including skills in this section. Review the job advertisement and write the capabilities and competencies you see here (if you have them).

Shoot for around ten skills. Adding more could overwhelm the page while adding fewer could signal that you're not qualified for the role.


If there's nothing else you want the reader to know, you're done! But if you'd like to add that you speak four languages, belong to a well-recognized professional association, or won an award, write about those details here.

When you are ready to start applying for new roles, check out the best job posting sites to see the places employers prefer to post jobs.

What Should Be Left Off A UI/UX Resume?

Your resume could get put into the 'no' or 'yes' pile within seconds of a recruiter or hiring manager seeing it. Therefore, every word you include in the document must entice them to keep reading. That means irrelevant information like unrelated jobs, degrees, or hobbies should get omitted.

Exception to the rule: If you're pursuing your first UI/UX role and don't have internship experience to share, it makes sense to include the work experience you do have to demonstrate potentially transferable skills.

Important Job Skills For UI/UX Resumes

As you progress through your career as a UI/UX professional, you'll learn how to do a lot. Here are the skills you should include on your resume (if you possess them):


  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Mockups
  • User flows
  • Templates
  • Design elements
  • Brand consistency
  • Responsive design
  • Graphic design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Sketch
  • CSS/JS Frameworks
  • Requirements gathering


  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to write your UI/UX resume? If so, great! If not, that's okay. You can turn to one of the best resume writing services for help. Then, once you're happy with the document, you can start applying for roles on ZipRecruiter.