The Best IT and Tech Job Boards

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Find the best job boards for sourcing IT and tech talent.

If you’ve been involved in hiring for more than a minute, you’ve learned that finding tech talent for your team can be tricky. But that task becomes much easier if you know where to look. We’ll tell you about the best tech job boards so you can easily and quickly hire the all-stars you need.

If you’re looking for tech talent, start your search on ZipRecruiter! When you post a job opening on ZipRecruiter, your job posting is posted to 100+ job boards. You can start posting jobs for free! You can also check out the best free job posting sites if you’re recruiting on a budget.

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The Best Job Sites To Find Tech Talent


  • Dice - Best Overall
  • ZipRecruiter - Best candidate database
  • ComputerJobs - Best pricing options
  • TechFetch - Best for high-volume recruiting on a budget


  • Big Data Jobs
  • Data Jobs
  • Digital NYC
  • Ember Job Board
  • Geek Work
  • HackerEarth
  • Hacker News Y Combinator
  • Hired
  • icrunchdata
  • ITJobPro
  • Just Tech Jobs
  • Pycoder's Jobs
  • Python Jobs
  • Ruby Now
  • Ruby on Rails Jobs
  • Smashing Magazine Jobs
  • Tech Careers
  • TechCrunch Crunchboard
  • Top Tech Jobs
  • WP Hired

For additional options, check out our round-up of the best job posting sites.

Reviews Of The Best Job Sites To Find IT Professionals

DICE - Best overall

Dice may be the most well-known tech job board online. It’s been around for years and boasts:

  • 3 million visible candidate profiles
  • 1.5 million visitors per month
  • 500,000 applications per month

The tech job board lets you post open roles, search through resumes, and track your candidates. When you start receiving applications, the system will rank them in order of best match, making it easier to spot potential A-players. If you want to get more eyes on your job, you can ask Dice to feature it at the top of job seeker search results.

Dice also offers other services, like employer branding and done-for-you sourcing. If you want your company to stand out as an employer of choice, the platform can display ads for your business, help you connect with talent via social media and email, and more. If you want to save time and utilize the experience of tech job experts, recruiters from Dice will source candidates for you.


For 30-day job postings, it will cost:

  • $495 for one post
  • $429 each for two posts
  • $399 each for three posts

Please contact Dice for a quote if you need four or more job posts or would like to outsource your recruiting process.

ZIPRECRUITER - Best candidate database

While ZipRecruiter isn’t only a tech job board, the platform boasts 36 million resumes. That means you can likely find the talent you need there.

When it’s time to post a job, you can get started quickly by using one of the website’s 500 customizable templates. You can also add screening questions to help narrow your applicant pool to the most qualified professionals.

Once you submit your job posting, ZipRecruiter will increase its reach by automatically sharing it with over 100 other websites. The platform will also find matches in the resume database and invite those people to apply for your role.

As you review and rate the applications that come in, the system will learn what you like. That way, it can show you similar candidate profiles in the future.

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ZipRecruiter’s flat-rate, no-contract, monthly pricing depends on what plan level you select and how many job slots you need.

Here are the plan options:

Here’s what it will cost you under each plan for a select amount of job slots:

Remember: One job slot doesn’t necessarily mean one job advertisement. If you fill a role, close the listing, and put a new one in the same slot!

Note: If you have more than 5,000 employees, you’ll need to contact ZipRecruiter for Enterprise pricing.

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COMPUTERJOBS - Best pricing options

The ComputerJobs website doesn’t feature a stunning user interface, but it offers essential job board elements at different price points to suit various budgets. When you list a job for 30 days, the website will automatically repost it every seven days to keep it fresh. Plus, the platform will send you potential candidate matches with every posting.

You can also opt to have your role:

  • Featured in job seeker search results
  • Distributed to a network of more than 4,000 job boards and other relevant websites
  • Emailed to matching candidates in the ComputerJobs database

The company houses information for an impressive five million tech professionals, so you’ll likely find a match for your team!


ComputerJobs lets you choose the pricing model that best meets your recruiting needs. You can select:

  • 7-day posting: $95
  • 30-day posting: $330
  • Lifetime credits (never expire): starting at $75 each
  • Monthly credits (3, 6, 12, or 24-month contract): starting at 5 credits per month for $196
  • Resume downloads (3, 6, or 12-month contract): As low as $50 for 100 downloads on a 12-month contract

Volume discounts are available on credit purchases. You can also lock in your rate long-term when you buy in bulk.

One credit covers a 7-day posting. You can also use your credits to pay for resume downloads, job distribution and promotion, and more.

TECHFETCH - Best for high-volume recruiting on a budget

TechFetch gives you access to more than two million potential candidates. When you’re on the website, you can post your open roles and search through resumes. Once you list a position, the tech job board will show you the top-ten candidate matches within 30 seconds.

If you’re on the fence about committing to the platform, TechFetch offers a 7-day free trial. During the trial period, you can view up to 100 resumes (including full candidate contact information).

As a bonus, TechFetch can integrate with your existing HR software. Plus, the company has an extensive network of IT recruiting agencies that can help you quickly fill short-term, onsite positions.


TechFetch offers two annual plans:

The Diamond plan also includes job distribution to other websites, dedicated customer support, and other exclusive perks.

Why Use a Niche Job Site?

A niche IT job site offers several advantages over a generic job site, including a better-qualified talent pool, fewer unqualified applicants, a shorter hiring timeline, and industry-specific advice and services.


Most visitors to a tech job board are professionals with a tech background looking for a tech-related role. As a result, the website’s candidate database will be chock-full of relevant talent. That means you won’t have to sift through countless resumes that don’t match the requirements of your open position.


You're more likely to attract qualified applicants when you post a role on a tech job board. Chances are good that you won’t have to waste any time looking at submissions from administrative assistants when you want to hire a front-end developer.


Since your applicants will be of higher quality from the get-go, you’ll spend less time on the sourcing phase of the hiring process. That means you can select and onboard the professionals you need quickly. And, since your time to fill will be shorter, your team will be up to full-strength sooner, which can mean an increased bottom line.


Tech job boards offer resources, support, and advice specifically for hiring managers and recruiters looking for top tech talent. They also provide additional services, like employer branding, to help companies stand out to job seekers.

Check out our guide to the highest paying tech jobs.

How We Found the Best Tech Job Boards

We evaluated 24 tech job boards to determine which provided the best service to employers. We reviewed platform features, cost, and customer support.

We ended up with four finalists. Dice stood out as the best IT job site overall, thanks to its vast pool of tech talent and extensive employer resources. But depending on your hiring needs, one of our other choices might work better for you. We encourage you to compare them for yourself and then decide.

How We Chose our Finalists

When choosing the best tech job sites for employers, we looked at job posting reach, candidate database depth, other services provided, and pricing.


When you post your job, you want it to get seen! You also want the ability to explore more passive talent. Our finalists give you access to millions of potential new hires.


Sure, looking for candidates involves posting jobs and sifting through resumes. But it’s also nice to get additional support. Our top picks provide other valuable services, such as employer branding, job post boosting and distribution, applicant tracking software (ATS) integration, and more. You can also hire tech job boards like Dice to take over candidate sourcing entirely, freeing up your time for other tasks.


We know recruiting is expensive, so we want you to get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we made it a point to show you competitively priced options that offer a good value for the cost.

If you are on a budget, check out our guide to the best free job posting sites.

Bottom Line

The sooner you fill your tech-related positions, the better. Hopefully, you now have a good idea of where to start your candidate search. We encourage you to visit ZipRecruiter and get started today!