Substitute Teacher Job Description

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Table Of Contents

Learn about the important requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a substitute teacher job description.

Substitute teachers instruct pupils, manage classrooms, and monitor student behavior when regular teachers are absent. They may cover short-term or long-term absences.

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Substitute Teacher Job Description Template

We’re seeking a dedicated and flexible substitute teacher to cover both planned and unplanned regular classroom teacher absences. You’ll instruct pupils using pre-written lesson plans, monitor and manage student behavior, keep the classroom tidy, and write detailed reports about each school day. Ideally, you have several years of teaching experience, a flexible schedule, and a passion for educating our youth.

Substitute Teacher Responsibilities

  • Teaching students based on pre-written lesson plans

  • Running educational activities

  • Assigning homework

  • Managing the classroom schedule and student behaviors

  • Keeping the classroom clean

  • Monitoring students in common areas, such as the hallway, cafeteria, auditorium, or outdoor play area

  • Writing daily reports about classroom events

  • Complying with and enforcing school policies

Substitute Teacher Requirements 

  • Some college education; Bachelor’s degree preferred

  • State-granted licensure or certification (if applicable)

  • 3+ years of teaching experience

  • Solid knowledge of child psychology, teaching methodologies, and classroom management best practices

  • Flexible availability

  • Superior communication, interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills

Substitute Teacher Duties And Responsibilities

Let’s dive deeper into some of the substitute teacher’s job responsibilities.

Teach Students

Substitute teachers carry out lesson plans created by the regular classroom teacher. They may lecture pupils on a topic, facilitate group discussions, run activities, or play a movie. A substitute teacher must follow the instructions provided and ensure the appropriate material gets covered.

Assign Homework

Substitute teachers assign students homework based on notes provided by the regular teacher. That way, pupils can reinforce what they learned in class. A substitute teacher may also collect and grade the assignments, depending on the length of the regular teacher’s absence.

Manage the Classroom

Substitute teachers manage their classrooms just like regular teachers do. They keep students on schedule, on task, and on their best behavior. A substitute teacher must be organized and an excellent leader.

Monitor Students

Substitute teachers keep an eye on students as they move around the school. That way, they can ensure pupil safety and correct any problem behaviors they see. A substitute teacher must remain vigilant when they are on duty.

Write Reports

Substitute teachers write daily reports about classroom events. That way, the regular teacher knows what happened in their absence. Therefore, a substitute teacher must be detail-oriented and a strong writer.

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Substitute Teacher Salary And Job Outlook

Here’s the current outlook for the substitute teacher role in the United States:

Median National Salary: $30,000+

Education Required: Some college; Bachelor’s degree preferred

Number of Jobs: 374,000+

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 5% (average)

The Bottom Line

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