Job Seeking Advice, Examples, and Intelligence With Ronan Kennedy

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Table Of Contents

“Your doubts and hesitations will affect your execution” - Ronan Kennedy (@KennedyRonan)


Ireland-based Ronan Kennedy is a career coach who has worked with thousands of professionals at just about every level - from interns to CEOs, and everywhere in between. Because of this, Ronan has been able to develop a unique set of skills to help just about anyone get results from their job search.

In this episode, Justin and Ronan discuss the career path that Ronan took, and as we learn, it was a journey that could (and should) instill hope for you as you embark on your own career path. They touch on job seeking in Ireland vs. the U.S., and the difference between the two cultures as it relates to the business world, and they wind down the interview by talking about both emotional and gender intelligence as it relates to the workplace.

If you’re thinking about hiring a career coach, this is a perfect episode for you, because it serves as a taste of what it is like to work with one. Ronan gives plenty of examples of clients he’s worked with as well as actionable tactics you can use to help in your interview process.


  • Ronan’s background [00:44]
  • Hustling with three part-time jobs [4:08]
  • Getting fascinated with high-performance psychology [6:34]
  • Developing a coaching philosophy [9:11]
  • Example of working with clients [11:00]
  • Second example [19:15]
  • Outlasting your learning curve - “not giving it a good old try” [26:20]
  • The Silicon Valley of Europe [34:04]
  • Challenges that job seekers face in Ireland vs. the U.S. [39:06]
  • Following through...saying something and then doing it [46:01]
  • “Certainty is a sound” [48:25]
    • A strong ‘no’ is better than a weak ‘yes’
  • An interview practice technique with your smartphone [51:07]
  • What is emotional intelligence? [53:12]
  • Interpersonal skills in the workplace [1:02:47]
  • Gender intelligence [1:08:27]