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Resumes Planet is an online resume writing service that helps job seekers build professional looking resumes. Its certified resume writers work one-on-one with customers to produce resumes, CVs, and cover letters that get you noticed.

This review of Resumes Planet walks through its many services, who should use Resumes Planet, and alternative services to look at as well.

Who Is Resumes Planet For?

Resumes Planet is for almost any job seeker who needs help with their resume or CV. Their writing services are available for a wide range of career levels. They also offer options for federal careers and those transitioning from the military. Creating a compelling resume is not only necessary but also one of the best ways to land your dream job.

Using a resume writing service like Resumes Planet is ideal for beginning job seekers.  It’s tough to know what information to include and what to omit, especially if you’re a new job hunter. Writers know how to spotlight the most important details and achievements.

Along with resume writing, Resumes Planet offers complementary services to help people stand out even more, like cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile help, and follow up letters.

Resumes Planet writers are CPRW certified. They work hard to write resumes and CVs that appeal to employers. Plus, you can connect with your writer throughout the process. They get to know you and highlight your strengths, so you land job interviews.

If you already have a resume CV and just want to spruce it up, Resumes Planet also has editing services at a reduced price. Resumes Planet writers will optimize your current content based on years of industry experience. It’s a great option to ensure you don’t miss any essential details that would keep you from being noticed by potential employers.

Resumes Planet Features

Resumes Planet has several notable features that make it one of the top online resume writing services. While resumes are its main product, Resumes Planet’s charm extends beyond just resume writing. Here are some of its more promising features.


Resumes are the number one tool needed as you search for a job or career. They are also the main service available through Resumes Planet. All of its resume writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers who understand how to clearly and concisely highlight your strengths. Its writers analyze provided information to create the perfect resume that leaves a good impression, regardless of industry or experience level.

If your current resume isn’t getting the job done, Resumes Planet also provides resume editing service. Its writers can tweak your resume to better showcase your abilities.

Cover Letters

If you plan to mail resumes to potential employers, your cover letter is the first thing they will see. Resumes Planet writers craft professionally written cover letters that capture an employer’s attention. You can connect with your writer throughout the writing process with any questions or feedback. Resumes Planet guarantees on-time delivery with every cover letter order.


CVs, or Curriculum Vitae, are documents typically used in academic settings, although other professions may require having one too. They are different from resumes in that they offer a more detailed overview of your accomplishments, including education. Because of this, CVs generally don’t require the customization often associated with resumes.

Resumes Planet writers are trained in writing CVs that deliver. They work hard to turn your life experiences into something that leads to interviews and career options.

Another service available is CV editing. Resumes Planet does extensive research in most markets, which means they know what employers are looking for and can fix up for your CV to reflect those needs.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for professionals. It allows you to connect with potential employers and build your network connections. It’s also used as a screening tool by HR professionals.

Having an optimized LinkedIn profile could be crucial in your job search. Resumes Planet’s expert writers work with you to create a stellar LinkedIn Profile to compliment your resume.

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Additional Services

On top of standard resume writing services, Resumes Planet also offers extra help to take your job search to the next level. Here’s a list of other services available through Resumes Planet:

  • E-Cover Letters
  • Thank You & Follow Up Letters
  • Resume Distribution

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  • Knowledge, Skills Abilities (KSAs)
  • Key Selection Criteria (KSC)

Prices vary depending on the service you need.


Resumes Planet stands confidently behind its services. Every purchase comes with several company guarantees.

Interview: If you don’t receive an interview request after submitting your Resumes Planet resume or CV, it will revise the content free of charge. This offer is only available within 30 days of your initial order.

Timely Delivery: Resumes Planet lets you set the deadline for your order. It guarantees no late deliveries regardless of which deadline you choose.

Revisions: If you aren’t happy with your Resumes Planet product, you can request revisions, which are typically completed within 24 hours.

Refunds: Refunds are available if you aren’t completely satisfied with the product you receive. You’ll need to call Resumes Planet’s customer service to request a refund. If your complaint is warranted, it will issue you a refund.

Quality & Professionalism: Resumes Planet guarantees the best service according to industry standards.

Customer Service 

Customer service is a highlight of most customer experiences with Resumes Planet. First, the online ordering process is straightforward, typically taking less than five minutes to complete.

As mentioned earlier, Resumes Planet services are backed with several guarantees. If your experience has been less than stellar, simply reach out to customer service for help resolving the matter. To avoid issues, take advantage of its special messaging system to communicate directly with Resumes Planet writers as they work on your resume or other product.

Revision requests are handled from your personal profile under your Resumes Planet account. This service is free to use, and revisions are unlimited.

Customers can reach Resumes Planet customer service by email or by phone. Phone service is available both in the US and the UK. Customer Service is available 24/7 to assist you.


Resumes Planet has several different price levels, based on career and turnaround times. All of its products come with a guarantee of on-time delivery, which ranges from five days to as little as 24 hours from order acceptance. Here’s a list of Resumes Planet’s starting pricing for each career type, based on a five-day deadline.

Resumes Planet Starting Pricing (Based on 5 Day Turnaround)

Several packages are available that bundle services together at discounted prices. If you need more than just resume writing services, purchase a Resumes Planet package to save considerable money up to 20% off.


ServiceEntry-Level   Professional  ExecutiveMilitaryFederalCareer Change
Resume Writing                $109                 $139                $179           $129      $149      $159                     
Resume Editing$79$109$139$99$109$119
CV Writing$129$169$189N/AN/A$169
CV Editing$99$139$159N/AN/A$139
Cover Letter Writing        $49                   $69                 $89             $69       $79        $79                      
LinkedIn Profile                 $79                    $99                 $119            $89       $99       $109                   

Resumes Planet vs. TopResume

Another popular online resume writing service is TopResume. While both services target similar consumers, they also both offer services and features that may appeal to particular customers more than others.

For starters, TopResume offers a free expert review of your current resume. You may not need a new resume or a complete overhaul. TopResume lets you find out before spending a single cent. If you only need minimal editing help, though, you won’t find it from TopResume without purchasing one of its packages. TopResume doesn’t offer as many “a la carte” services as Resumes Planet, which has separate editing services at lower prices. Resumes Planet’s pricing is based on turnaround time, while TopResume’s resume writing process typically takes two weeks.

Both TopResume and Resumes Planet have experienced resume writers that communicate with customers throughout the process. This allows you to get a customized resume or CV instead of a cookie-cutter document that doesn’t stand out.

Services provided by Resumes Planet and TopResume are very similar but are packaged differently. TopResume offers three levels of service packages: professional growth, career evolution, and executive priority. Each service package provides different products and services, with prices ranging from $149 to $349. On top of packages, Top Resume also has other similar services, including:

Paired with its resume writing service, TopResume has two sister sites that offer additional services:

  • CV writing services
  • Job interview coaching services

In the end, both Resumes Planet and TopResume provide quality resume writing services that appeal to most job seekers. Both are premium services, so people who don’t want to spend much money on resume writing should look to other options, like free resume templates from companies like Resumonk.

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Final Thoughts

A professional-looking resume is a great way to get the attention of hiring managers and potential employers. Whether you’re just starting your career, switching careers, or transitioning from the military, using a service like Resumes Planet can fast track you to more job interviews and a better shot at the career of your dreams.

Resumes Planet is a premium service but offers many pricing options that make it a viable option, even for people on a budget. Constant contact with a professional resume writer, along with unlimited revisions and several guarantees, makes using Resumes Planet a no-brainer if you need a top-notch resume or CV.

If you are interested in comparing and contrasting options, our team also researched the best resume writing services.