Marketing Manager Job Description

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Learn about the important requirements, obligations, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a marketing manager job description.

Marketing managers promote a company’s products or services and strive to increase brand awareness. They conduct market research, develop marketing strategies and campaigns, manage a marketing budget, and may oversee a marketing team.

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Marketing Manager Job Description Template

We are seeking a forward-thinking marketing manager to promote the launch of a new product line. The successful candidate will have experience creating and executing marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads. The marketing manager will report to the vice president of marketing and will be responsible for managing the department’s budget and leading a team of marketing associates.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

  • Conducting market research and analyzing trends to inform marketing strategy.

  • Planning and executing marketing campaigns through various mediums, including email, social media, the company blog, podcasts, radio, and television.

  • Increasing brand awareness.

  • Generating new leads.

  • Working closely with other departments to create an overall marketing strategy.

  • Managing the marketing department’s budget and seeking ways to reduce costs.

  • Forecasting demand for the company’s offerings.

  • Mentoring, supervising, and leading a team of marketing associates.

  • Attending industry-related events to promote the organization and its product lines.

  • Preparing marketing-related reports for the executive team.

  • Staying abreast of marketing strategy trends.

Marketing Manager Requirements 

  • Bachelor's degree in marketing or business. Master’s degree preferred.

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar role.

  • Proven experience increasing brand awareness, leads that convert, and market share.

  • Proficiency in marketing automation software, like HubSpot.

  • Proficiency in the Google suite of tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.).

  • Working knowledge of popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • Superior communication, analytical, collaboration, and leadership skills.

  • Innovative and creative problem-solving abilities.

Marketing Manager Duties And Responsibilities

Let’s dive deeper into some of the marketing manager’s responsibilities.

Conducting Market Research

Marketing managers regularly conduct market research to ensure the company offers products and services that meet their target customer’s needs, wants, and preferences. Doing so helps position the firm as a brand of choice and leads to increased sales. A marketing manager must be able to distill research findings into actionable insights.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Marketing managers are responsible for increasing a firm’s brand awareness through marketing initiatives such as social media campaigns. Better brand awareness can result in more warm leads, increased market share, and higher revenue. A marketing manager needs to understand the company’s customers and prospects and design marketing materials that position the firm’s offerings as solutions to their problems.

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Marketing managers need to keep track of key metrics and create reports on the department’s performance for the executive team. Doing so helps leadership understand the marketing department’s successes and areas of opportunity so that the strategy can get adjusted as needed. A marketing manager needs to be organized, pay attention to details, and know how to convey critical information concisely.

Managing A Budget

Marketing managers are in charge of managing the department’s budget wisely. Doing so ensures that company dollars get allocated toward the initiatives that will provide the greatest return on investment. A marketing manager needs to be financially prudent and look for ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing results.

Leading A Team

Marketing managers must lead the marketing associates on their team effectively. When they do, the group will be more likely to achieve department and company goals. A marketing manager needs to know how to motivate, inspire, and train the personnel they oversee.

If you want to apply for a role as a marketing manager, you may need to spruce up your resume. Learn more in our marketing manager resume guide.

Marketing Manager Salary And Job Outlook

Here’s the current outlook for the marketing manager role in the United States:

Median National Salary: $61,000+

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Number of Jobs: 347,000

Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 10% (faster than average)

The Bottom Line

It’s time to write that marketing manager job description. Then, when you’re happy with it, head to ZipRecruiter to post your position! And, if you’d like to list the role on other employment marketplaces but don’t have the budget to do it, check out our picks for the best free job posting sites.