The Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

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Written By: Michael Gardon | Edited By: Mike Jelinek

Looking for a quick answer? TopResume is our top pick for LinkedIn profile writing so that your profile will stand out and show up in search results.

If you’re on the job hunt and your LinkedIn game needs some work, you may want to look into LinkedIn profile writing services. Your profile must make a positive impact on visitors to land your next opportunity. We’ve compiled the best LinkedIn profile writing services so you can get the assistance that you need.

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The 6 Best LinkedIn Writing Services in 2023

What Are LinkedIn Profile Writing Services And How Can They Help You?

Before we divulge our top LinkedIn profile writing services, we should explain more about what they do. A LinkedIn profile writing service reviews and improves your LinkedIn profile content to make sure it’s engaging and reflective of your career achievements and aspirations.

Your assigned writer will ensure that your profile is complete, up to date, and peppered with relevant keywords. That way, you’re more likely to come up in search results, which increases your chances of meeting other professionals and landing job opportunities.

Why Is It Important To Have A LinkedIn Profile That Will Stand Out? 

Did you know that LinkedIn has 756 million members worldwide? That means your profile must stand out. Otherwise, your brilliance will get lost in a sea of other professionals clamoring for attention. A well-written, intentionally crafted, and thorough profile is your key to getting on a searcher’s radar - and keeping their interest.

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Who Should Use A LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

LinkedIn profile writing services aren’t for everyone, but here are some tell-tale signs that you should consider using one:

  • You don’t know what to include in each section of your profile.
  • You’re not up on current LinkedIn profile best practices.
  • You don’t feel confident in your writing capabilities.
  • Your profile is boring or missing something, but you don’t know how to fix it.
  • You know your profile is essential, but you don’t have the time to perfect it.

Now that we’ve explained a little more about these services, it’s time to reveal our top picks.

Reviews of The Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

There are lots of LinkedIn profile writing services on the market, which can make it tricky to choose the best one for your needs. But, we’ve compiled a shortlist of options to make the decision-making process a breeze. If you are also looking for help with your resume, many of our top picks offer bundles that include resume writing services and LinkedIn writing services.

TopResume - Best Overall

TopResume is a resume writing service that also offers a LinkedIn Profile Makeover. When you purchase a profile makeover, you’ll get matched to a writer that specializes in creating profiles for your specific industry. Your writer will understand what it takes to stand out among other similar professionals, so you get the attention of hiring managers.

The service also includes:

  • One on one collaboration with your profile writer
  • Keyword optimization to increase your presence in search results
  • A focus on your skills and accomplishments to make your expertise shine

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TopResume’s LinkedIn Profile Makeover costs $125 as a standalone product. But, if you purchase the Executive Priority resume writing package for $349, an overhaul of your LinkedIn profile is included. Financing through Affirm is available.

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TopStack Resume - Best For Unique Pay-After Model

TopStack Resume is a resume writing company that also offers a variety of services, including professional LinkedIn Profile Writing. If your LinkedIn profile needs some help, TopStack can help with this! TopStack can update, enhance or create your LinkedIn profile. Having a polished, professional LinkedIn profile can help you stand out from other job seekers.

The TopStack team will make all the changes to your LinkedIn profile, if you’d like. To do this, you will set up a temporary password to allow TopStack to access your LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, they can also provide a document so you can copy and paste and make the profile updates yourself.

If you purchase the Professional or Premium package, a LinkedIn profile update is included.

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ZipJob - Best For Keyword Optimization

ZipJob is a resume writing company that focuses on keyword optimization so your resume can get past applicant tracking system (ATS) screening. The provider runs your resume through a tool to gauge how well it will do in a company’s ATS when you apply for a job and makes modifications as needed. ZipJob offers three packages to accommodate different needs and budgets: Launch, Fast Track, and Premium.

If you purchase the Premium resume writing package for $299, a LinkedIn profile update is included. A writer will make sure your profile is current and fully optimized so that it appears in search results and impresses visitors. If your budget is tight, you could qualify for a payment plan through Affirm.

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ResumeSpice - Best For Phone Support

ResumeSpice is a resume and LinkedIn profile writing service that offers phone consultations to customers, which is uncommon as many companies only provide email or online chat support. When you purchase the LinkedIn profile service for $189, you can expect a:

  • Phone consult with a LinkedIn expert to discuss your background, credentials, achievements, and aspirations.
  • First draft within two days of the conversation.
  • Single round of revisions to make sure your profile is just right.

Please note: If you don’t purchase a resume writing service, your LinkedIn profile writer will refer to your current resume to build your profile. Resume writing packages range from $409-$629, depending on your career level.

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JobStars - Best For DIY Profiles

JobStars is a resume writing service that also offers two LinkedIn Optimization packages, DIY and PRO. If you choose the DIY option, you’ll receive a Microsoft Word document with your profile content. Then, you can cut and paste it into your LinkedIn profile at your leisure. If you’re comfortable doing that, going this route can save you some money.

But, if you need a little more help, the PRO option includes importing all of the content directly into your LinkedIn profile. Your writer will also make sure that the formatting is visually appealing and that you have the best chance of being found through keyword optimization. Regardless of which package you choose, the process will include an intake questionnaire, a phone call with a writer, and unlimited content revisions for 30 days.

LinkedIn Optimization runs $250-$495 based on your seniority level and whether you choose the DIY or PRO plan. If you’re an entry-level professional who purchases the DIY package, you’ll pay $250. But, if you’re an executive that opts for the PRO plan, the service will cost $495.

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Resumeble - Best For Profile Testing

Resumeble is a resume and LinkedIn profile writing service that has industry professionals test and review your new profile before calling the project complete. Your writer takes the feedback received and continues to make tweaks until the profile gets deemed effective. The service also includes:

  • A thorough spelling and grammar check
  • Keyword optimization
  • Formatting for readability
  • A tailored message to engage hiring managers
  • Original content to help you stand out
  • Collaboration with your writer throughout the entire process

The LinkedIn Write-up service costs $99 on its own. But, if you purchase the Professional ($229) or Premium ($339) resume writing package, you’ll get the LinkedIn service for no additional charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a LinkedIn makeover cost?

A LinkedIn makeover could cost up to $500, but some services run as little as $99. Many resume writing service packages also include a LinkedIn profile overhaul.

How do you stand out on LinkedIn?

You can stand out on LinkedIn by having a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn profile writing service can help you create an effective and memorable presence on the platform.

Who can write my LinkedIn profile?

Many companies offer LinkedIn profile writing services. Some examples include TopResume, ZipJob, ResumeSpice, JobStars, and Resumeble.

Should I hire someone to write my LinkedIn profile?

You may want to hire someone to write your LinkedIn profile if you’re not sure what to write, don’t understand how to optimize the content on the platform, aren’t confident in your writing skills, or don’t have the time to do it.

The Bottom Line

If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t pass muster, it may be time to hire a LinkedIn profile writing service. Since the number of options out there can be overwhelming, we’ve shared some of our favorite companies with you. Now, you’re ready to choose a service provider and get the LinkedIn profile that lands you the job of your dreams!

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