How To Write A Letter Of Employment As A Job Seeker [2022]

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If you want to buy a new house, rent a new apartment, or do something else that depends on your income, you may need a letter of employment. Sometimes your HR manager will write these for you, but sometimes it will be up to you to write the letter. It’s possible that you will sign your own letter, or you may get someone from HR or management to sign it. Regardless of who signs, you will need the contact information of someone other than you who can verify the information.

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What Is A Letter Of Employment? 

A letter of employment explains and verifies your current job. Sometimes your lenders may ask you for a W-2 that shows your past income, but this shows your current income and employment status.

While it may seem overwhelming if you have to write this up, it’s really quite a simple process, and unless the requester has weirdly specific requirements, you won’t have to take much time to write it up!

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What To Include In A Letter Of Employment

Letters of employment aren’t fancy, and they don’t require great prose. They are straightforward. Here’s the information that you need to include.

  • Your legal name. This may be different than the name you go by, but paychecks and loans need to be written to whatever your legal name is.
  • Your company information. This includes the company name, address, and contact information for someone who can verify your information. This usually is your HR person. If your company does not have an HR person, ask your boss.
  • Your job title.
  • Your status (part-time, full-time, contractor, temporary employee).
  • Your date of hire.
  • Salary
  • If any information will change. If you plan to leave or the company has notified you that your employment will end on a certain date, include that.
  • Information explaining what this is for. If you’re applying for a mortgage, you may have a loan number that you should include. This just makes it easier to match your letter with your file.

How To Write A Letter Of Employment + Template

In today’s electronic world, you may have forgotten how to write a formal business letter or never written a printed one. Generally, letters of employment are printed and signed, even if you ultimately scan it and send it back. So, you will want to write it on company letterhead.

Here is a template that you can fill in the blanks for your letter.

Company letterhead


[Company requesting the information]

[Their address]

Dear [intended recipient]

This letter is to verify [your name] employment for [loan number, or whatever you are using this for]. Here is the information:

  • [Date of hire]
  • [Employment status]

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  • [Job Title]
  • [Salary]

If you need further information regarding [your name], you can reach out to [HR Manager’s name] [HR manager’s title] at [phone number] or [email address]


[Signature of HR Manager]

Here’s what the text will look like if you’re signing your own letter.

Dear Bank Officer,

This letter is to verify my employment for my mortgage application, file number 1234567. Here is the information:

  • January 12, 2021
  • Full time, salaried employee
  • Marketing Manager
  • $78,000 annually, plus a possible 10 percent bonus.

If you need further information regarding my employment, you can reach out to Stephanie Smith, HR Manager for Acme Tires, at 555-555-1234 or


Jane Doe

If you will be writing it but the HR manager will sign it, write it like you were her. It might look like this:

Dear Property Management Firm,

This letter is to verify Jane Doe’s employment information for her rental application, file number 1234567. Here is the information:

  • January 12, 2021
  • Part-time (20-24 hours per week)
  • Cashier
  • $15.75 per hour

If you need further information regarding my employment, you can reach out to me at Acme Tires at 555-555-1234 or


Stephanie Smith

Manager, Human Resources

Acme Tires

That’s it! It doesn’t need to be fancy. Don’t worry about the wording, as they are just looking for the facts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a letter of employment?

A letter of employment verifies your current employment status and gives any additional information needed to demonstrate your status.

What information is needed in a letter of employment?

The person requesting it will give you any specifics, but generally, company name, person’s name, title, date of hire, salary, and employment status.

How do I ask my employer for proof of employment?

If you have an HR department, ask your HR manager. This is a standard process that the HR department will have done many times. If you work for a small business, ask your manager how to do it. Don’t worry about asking! This is a very normal part of employment.

Can I write my own letter of employment?

Yes, but you will need to either have someone from HR or management sign the letter, or get their permission to give out their name, title, and contact information so that the requestor can contact them if needed.

The Bottom Line

A letter of employment is a standard part of many rental or loan applications. They are easy to put together and write. If you have to write yours, just follow this template, and it will be ready to go in minutes. If you are currently looking for a job, we recommend searching on ZipRecruiter! ZipRecruiter is rated the #1 job site in the U.S.!