“I Hate My Job.” What About Changing Your Attitude?

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So you hate your job. What do you do to survive this conundrum? The first thing I recommend you do is change your attitude. You may not want to hear that, you may want to hear all the reasons you should just quit, or you might be looking some sympathy for suffering on a daily basis. You’re not going to get it right now, but you will get some advice on how to turn it around mentally.

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Feeling unbalanced and unhappy at work can be signs that you are just unhappy with yourself. We all have those times when work seems boring, demanding, or like a complete waste of time. But the bottom line is we can be happy doing anything, until we decide to do something else. Normally when you are stuck in a state of “I hate my job,” you can’t see opportunities that may be available to you or the true reason why you are where you are in that moment.

Grateful Can Quickly Turn to Taken for Granted

Years ago I worked at a department store checking out 8 hours a day. I remember when I first got hired how excited I was to have a job and to be making my own money. In the beginning, I went to work and was grateful to be there. As time went on I started to get annoyed by people who shopped at the store. I started to rush through checking out instead of really looking at the people being pleasant and saying hello. This didn’t make me feel better -- it made me hate my job even more.

Somewhere along the line I realized that my attitude was making things a lot worse. Somehow I had forgotten how important that paycheck was at the end of each week, and the fact that a lot of my friends couldn’t find a job. I am not saying that you should stay in a job you hate for the rest of your life, but I am saying you have the ability to make the best of it. You never know when a contact may come through the door or when you may need a reference for the job you really want.

If I hated my job today, I’d stop blaming the job and start using those feelings as motivation to better yourself. If it’s more education you need, than get started on it. If you can network and talk to others who may have connections to other kinds of work, do it. The problem with people who say they hate their job is that is all they are doing -- hating their job. You should also think about the positive parts of your job and understand that some of those could go away with a new job.

Some Steps You Can Take Online to Stop Hating

If you don’t know what you want to do, you can look into career testing and personality testing. There are a lot of sites out there that offer online career testing to help you determine what type of career fits your personality type. You may want to try Live Career as a start. They offer free testing and will send you jobs fitting your personality in your area to you. They ask for you to tell a little about yourself and that information will be used to personalize your detailed career report.

Another great little find was Oprah.com. She asked Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation to put together five aptitude tests for people to try at home. You can go online and download these tests.

The first one measures how to be organized and break down ideas so they can be understood. Examples of people good at this are engineers, computer programmers, and editors.

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The second test is determines if you are able to quickly see a commonality among unrelated ideas. Jobs for people with this skill are normally scientists, police detectives, and lawyers.

The third test is measuring how well you can picture three dimensional objects in your mind. If you happen to have this skill the jobs suited to you would be engineers, architects, physicians.

Test number four this test will check to see how well you can decipher numerical patterns and concepts. Jobs for these people would be economists, financial analysts, and accountants.

Finally, test number five measures your ability to imagine lots of possibilities and anticipate problems. Jobs for these people would be politicians, entrepreneurs, physicians, and activists.

Advancing Your Education

Perhaps some online education may the thing you need to expand your skill level, depending on what you want to get better at. There are many online education opportunities you may want to consider.

While looking at online colleges, it’s important to consider graduation rates, faculty, and support available for remote access. There are many ways to evaluate the best colleges, but why reinvent the wheel when U.S. News & World Report does it every year. I picked a few to elaborate on, but feel free to go look at the expanded list of online colleges that cater to more specific types of work you may be interested in.

A Few Online Education Options to Consider

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide has been offering bachelor’s degree programs since 1993. You will find that all of the classes are recorded and archived so you can access lecture material at your convenience. They have what is referred to as rolling enrollment, which means there is a period of time that you can enroll within a large window. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s online programs were among 1,200 programs surveyed by U.S. News. Only accredited institutions whose programs are offered mostly or entirely online.

Kaplan University has a huge list of bachelor’s degrees available. They have a 90% success rating from graduating students. They are a leading provider of higher educations and have over 180 programs in a variety of fields. They offer accelerated programs, credit for prior training or work/life experience and scholarships. They will give you personalized support to help you realize your goals.

Sullivan University is Kentucky’s largest private college and university. They pride themselves in streamline programs designed to fit your lifestyle. From selecting the best programs, to financing, to finding employment, this online college has it all. they will work around your schedule offering flexible plans to suite your needs. Sullivan has over 50 years of lifelong success. They offer unlimited employment assistance to help their graduates find jobs nationwide.

Colorado Technical University was ranked among the Best Online Programs for 2015. CTU earned themselves a spot on the list from the respected publication for its online Bachelor’s degrees, Master's of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology, and Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice. CTU’s personalized learning system let’s you control what and where you learn. You can save up to 30% on tuition by passing assessments of content you already know. They offer over 1200 programs to help their students gain the knowledge and credentials to boost their careers. You can download their mobile app by Career Education Corp.

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Plan to Get Yourself on Track

So I think you get the idea. Stop hating your job and start doing something more positive to get yourself into a better position. There are so many resources for you to take advantage of online. Don’t be the victim. Empower yourself by taking steps to bring change into your life. If you continue to do the same things, you can expect the same results. If you do something different, a whole new world will open up to you.