How to Create a Strong Profile Statement for Your Resume

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A strongly worded resume can bring you a good job and a high salary. The difficult part of creating your resume is actually graduating, volunteering and working in order to fill it in with experience. However, none of this matters if you create a bad resume.

What does it take to create a good resume?

The first thing that everyone is going to read on your resume is your profile statement. It is a short introductory paragraph of 3-4 sentences that summarizes you and your experience.

What Profile Statement isn’t?

First of all, let’s see what you should not write as a profile statement in your resume:

  • Details about your private life such as  family, hobbies, etc.
  • Boasting about your skills – this is seen as highly unprofessional
  • Too much adjectives or adverbs – make it short and up to the point
  • Too much filler words – avoid words such as however, therefore, on the other hand, etc.
  • Long sentences and long words – short and informative sentences work the best and hold the attention of the people who will read the resume.

As you can see, it should be concise. Furthermore, it should also be adapted to the jobs that you are applying in order to catch employer’s attention.

Add the skills in which you excel

Every job has some aspects which you are not good and those which you can do very well. The second option should be inserted into the opening statement.

The effect that you want to achieve with this sentence is to make you stand out in the sea of other candidates. You will agree that the first sentence is somewhat generic and this is exactly the reason why you should put some creativity into the second one.

Therefore, you should put something that makes you different from other candidates. Following the example from above, the second sentence should look like this:

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"Specializations include tech blogging, social media marketing content combined with infographics“

On the other hand, the bad example of this second sentence would look like this:

"I love to write about technology and I know how to create beautiful infographics and write content for Facebook

Once again, the difference is more than obvious – the first sentence wins.

Add your skills and experience

The first thing to do when it comes to writing statements is adding your skills and combine them with experience that you’ve had so far. Look at this sentence as an example sentence:

"A professional copywriter with more than 5 years experience in writing web content at Aussiewriter content writing service“

Now look at this sentence which illustrates a bad example:

"I am an excellent copywriter and I worked hard for more than 5 years in order to gain the experience needed to get the adequate qualification for this extremely important and interesting job...“

Which one sounds more professional? You need not be a professional writer in order to understand the difference and see that the second one looks like ordinary chit-chat with an acquaintance of yours.

If you do not have experience in the job, try stating your education and what you learned the best there.

Add how you will fit in the company

The third part is the most difficult one and will require you to brainstorm. First of all, you need to see what specific tasks you are going to do if you are hired for the company. Next, you need to see whether your skills can contribute to those tasks and how can you use them in order to improve them for the better.

After all of this has been recognized, you need to brainstorm the ideas for improving the company’s functionality. The third sentence must be different for all of the jobs that you are applying to because not all of them will require the same skills.

"Seeking to improve your blog with and with my unique style and voice bring to the higher conversion rates“

Once you got these three important parts, you can focus on finishing up the rest of the resume. The rest of it should be written well but it exists for purely informational reasons, while the profile statement is sort of a copy that will sell you and your skills to the employer.

To sum up, whenever we apply for a job we need to devote extra time to writing a high-quality profile statement in order to impress the employer. Check out where jobs are being posted.

It is not a difficult thing to do and anyone can do it by following the three steps that are explained here. This pattern is proven to have worked many times before – one sentence about your professional background, one sentence about your specific skills and one sentence about the way you can help that specific company.

Scott Ragin is a social media specialist and blogger working in multi-channel marketing, content strategy and connecting social media to business initiative. He loves guiding other people through their marketing practice and shares his ideas as a blogger. Feel free to contact him at Facebook.