What To Include On A Financial Manager Resume + Financial Manager Skills

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Trying to figure out how to write a financial manager resume can be stressful and feel overwhelming. Financial management is a growing career field. With a projected 17% growth rate, that means it’s expected to grow much faster than average.

You will be hired by a senior-level manager or HR admin for the organization you’re interviewing for. It’s important to create a strong professional resume that can help you land an interview and potentially get the job!

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Financial Manager Resume Example


Financial Manager



hi @ me.com

Any City, ST 12345


Experienced and results-driven financial manager with a proven track record in financial planning, financial analysis, risk assessment, and market analysis. Eager to join 1ONE Co as a Financial Manager where I can leverage my skills and experience in financial planning and analysis to drive business growth and success.


Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Charter Oak State College




  • Conducted financial analysis to evaluate the organization’s financial health
  • Oversee the company’s budgeting process
  • Developed forecasting models for revenue and expenses
  • Guided financial plans, and financial reports, including insights and recommendations
  • Managed the company’s financial audits
  • Ensure compliance and accounting practices are being met



  • Develop financial and investment strategies to help clients reach their financial goals
  • Collaborated with senior financial advisors on multiple projects
  • Built and maintained client relationships to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Conducted financial analysis and financial planning for clients
  • Conducted market research and identify trends
  • Updated clients on portfolio performance and ensured it aligned with their goals


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  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Investment management
  • Communication
  • Team Player
  • Financial reporting
  • Market analysis and research
  • Risk assessment

What Is Unique About A Financial Manager Resume?

A financial manager’s resume should showcase your skills and expertise in finance. It should include the key skills, qualifications, and relevant experience that make you a desirable candidate for the hiring company. You should tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for, which can help make a strong impression on the reader.

The goal is to highlight your top skills in financial management. You want to show that you can excel in a Financial Manager role and tell the company why you’re the best candidate for the job.

What Should Be Included On A Financial Manager Resume?

There are key parts of a financial manager resume that are essential:


Highlight your educational background on your resume. This includes listing any universities or colleges you’ve attended and received a degree or certification, including ongoing coursework.

Expertise and Experience

Financial management includes the right mix of skills, experience, and expertise to help the organization reach their financial goals and remain financially healthy. Give examples of how your work helped your company meet their goals and excel. Include any relevant awards or recognition you received.

Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of working in financial management. With strong communication and interpersonal skills, you’ll be able to work well with others which align with you being a leader in the organization, managing others, and delegating tasks.

A strong financial manager will demonstrate excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.


Financial managers should be excellent financial analysts. You should have strong financial planning and financial analysis skills including forecasting, budgeting, and risk assessment. You’ll work to manage the organization’s finances and you’ll be expected to deliver exceptional results and help the company continue to thrive financially.

List your skills and demonstrate how you’ve used them with your current and previous employer.

A financial manager resume should highlight the candidate's ability to lead, plan finances, perform risk assessment, and perform market analysis to help the company achieve optimal outcomes.

What Should Be Left Off A Financial Manager Resume?

When crafting a financial manager resume, it is important to ensure that it is tailored to the specific job and employer you are applying to. While there are no concrete rules about what to leave off a financial manager resume, here are a few things that you may want to consider leaving out:

Personal information: Detailed personal information beyond your name, address, phone number, and email address does not need to be included on your professional resume, in any industry. This includes information like your age, marital status, social security number, or religion.

Irrelevant work experience: While you may have had many jobs in the past, not all of them may be relevant to the position you are applying for. Consider leaving off jobs that don't relate to your experience or the position you are applying for.

Hobbies and interests: While it can be tempting to add a section about your hobbies and interests, it's generally not necessary or relevant to the job.

References: Most employers will request references separately, so there is no need to include them on your resume.

Ultimately, your resume should showcase your relevant experience, education, and skills clearly and concisely that highlight why you are the best candidate for the job.

Important Job Skills For Financial Managers

When preparing your financial manager resume, it’s important to consider adding relevant job skills.

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Investment management
  • Communication
  • Team Player
  • Financial reporting
  • Market analysis and research
  • Risk assessment

The Bottom Line

Writing a professional resume is important but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some key takeaways to remember:

  • Include all relevant sections on your resume like education, experience, and skill, and skip the unnecessary stuff (i.e. references, etc.)
  • Focus on highlighting top skills relevant to the job you’re applying for
  • Make sure your educational background and experience have plenty of information and detail

We hope you found this guide helpful but, if it’s too much, you can skip it altogether and go straight to the best resume writing services to work with the pros who can write your resume for you! With your resume all set, it's time to begin submitting job applications on ZipRecruiter.