How To Build An Authentic Career With Eliana Goldstein

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Written By: Michael Gardon

Eliana Goldstein is a Certified Professional Coach who works with ambitious individuals to create the necessary mindsets, learn the key strategies and set the goals needed to move to the next level in their careers whether that’s growing where they are or moving into an entirely different career path. We spend over 90,000 hours of our lives working so her goal is to teach people how to build careers where they don't completely dread Monday morning.

Eliana wasn’t always a social media career coach. She spent years disconnected in her corporate sales career, where she had a nagging feeling she wasn’t living up to her authentic self at work. In a desperate search to find more alignment, a term I talk about frequently, she went to a personal development seminar and had her BREAK moment, where she decided she needed a different path and now was the time to have the courage to do something about it.

Now she is a Certified Professional Coach who works with ambitious individuals to create the necessary mindsets, strategies, and goals needed to find work more aligned with their authentic selves.

This episode is packed with great insights from a woman who took control of her career and had the courage to forge a new and better path. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know Eliana and proud to call her a new friend.

As a bonus for listening Eliana is giving you $100 off her amazing course. Use the code THEBREAK to receive your discount today.


  • Eliana’s background
  • How authenticity impacts our career
  • Eliana’s BREAK moment
  • The steps Eliana took to explore new career options
  • Low self-confidence and imposter syndrome - how they impact authenticity
  • What Eliana does today and how she helps people
    • She helps clients with their mindset and what is hindering their confidence and how that impacts their career and job search
    • She also helps clients get clarity on their career path
  • Sunday Scaries - what is it and what should someone do if they struggle with this
  • How Eliana got started giving career advice on Instagram and TikTok
  • The biggest lesson Eliana has learned on her journey
  • Mindsets and beliefs that we are conditioned to, but are not true
  • The biggest barrier that Eliana sees that prevents people from making their own BREAK


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  • “Through a lot of personal exploration into my values, areas of engagement, and my zone of genius, I discovered coaching and it ignited something inside me that changed everything.” - quote from Eliana’s website that is referenced
  • Mel Robbins and Marie Forleo - two thought leaders that Eliana recommends
  • Linked” by Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling - a book that Eliana recommends
  • “Don’t chase another person’s version of success when it comes to your career.” - Eliana’s advice for someone just starting out
  • Use code THEBREAK to save $100 on Eliana’s course
  • Connect with Eliana on Instagram, TikTok, her website, and LinkedIn

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