What To Include On An Education Resume + Education Skills

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If you're looking for a job in the education field, a well-crafted education resume will help you stand out among your peers and catch the attention of hiring managers. Creating a unique education resume is your first step in the job search process and could be the key to landing job interviews and, eventually, your next job.

This article walks through education resumes, what makes them different, what to include (and leave out), and other tips to make your resume stand out from the pack.

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What Is Unique About An Education Resume?

An education resume is similar to other resume formats. Many of the same elements make up an education resume but contain essential information about your experience, education, and accomplishments relevant to education jobs.

Your resume can be one or two pages depending on your current and relevant experiences. Some education positions, especially those in higher education fields, may require a more comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) to apply. Determine which type of resume you need before applying.

Regardless of your resume type or length, take time to customize your resume each time you send it out. Use the job description to guide which information and language to include in your resume before applying.

The education field offers tons of different position types. Each position has its own benefits, challenges, and requirements. Here are some common education job titles you may encounter when searching for an education job online.

  • Academic Adviser
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Administrator
  • Admissions Assistant
  • Admissions Representative
  • After-School Program Aide
  • After-School Program Coordinator
  • American Sign Language Education Assistant
  • Art Teacher
  • Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Dean
  • Assistant Principal
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Associate Professor
  • Athletic Director
  • Behavior Specialist
  • Bilingual Education Assistant
  • Bus Driver
  • Business Education Teacher
  • Career Counselor
  • Child Care Assistant
  • Child Care Center Teacher
  • Choral Music Teacher
  • Coach
  • Computer Science Teacher
  • Crossing Guard
  • Custodian
  • Day Care Assistant
  • Day Care Center Teacher
  • Dean
  • Driver Education Teacher
  • Education Coordinator
  • Education Specialist
  • Education Technician
  • Educational Assistant
  • ESL Teacher
  • Family and Consumer Science Teacher
  • Financial Aid Administrator
  • Food Service Aide
  • Food Service Manager
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Health / Physical Education Teacher
  • Industrial Technology Teacher
  • Instructional Assistant
  • Instructor
  • Instrumental Music Teacher
  • Lead Teacher
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher / Consultant
  • Library Aide
  • Library Assistant
  • Life Skills Teacher
  • Lunch Monitor
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Preschool Director
  • Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Principal
  • Program Assistant
  • Program Coordinator
  • Registrar
  • Residence Hall Manager
  • Resource Room Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • School Librarian
  • School Nurse
  • School Psychologist
  • School Secretary
  • School Social Worker
  • Special Education Assistant
  • Special Education Coordinator
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Superintendent

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  • Teacher
  • Teacher Aide
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Tutor
  • Webmaster
  • Youth Care Worker

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What Should Be Included On An Education Resume?

Your education resume should include detailed information about yourself and your experiences related to education. Reverse chronological order is recommended for this type of resume, but use your best judgement when crafting your resume. Let the specific employer and job description dictate which information to include in your education resume.

Below are some of the resume sections to include when creating an education resume.

Create a header at the top of your resume. The resume header includes your name and contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address. You can include your mailing address or leave it out. Most employers and recruiters correspond via email and other methods besides mail.


It's also a good idea to include a resume summary near the top of your education resume. This is a brief description of skills, experiences, and accomplishments related to the open education position.

Your resume summary should be just a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs. Focus only on the most relevant details that will catch the eye of potential employers and hiring managers.


Your work experience comes next. Begin with your most recent work experiences and work backward chronologically. Include relevant education experiences and positions. If you held an internship, include it in the work experience section.

Follow this format when listing your work experience:

  • Position title
  • Company name
  • Location
  • Dates of employment

You should also include a bulleted list of your responsibilities and accomplishments for each position. Use action words and statistics to describe your responsibilities and achievements.


You also need to include an education section to list your formal education experience. Use reverse chronological order, starting with the highest degree you’ve received, and work backward.

List out your education experience using the following format:

  • College or university name
  • Location (city, state)
  • Years attended
  • Degree earned
  • Major (if relevant)

For current students, use the same format except list your anticipated graduation date instead. You can also list any relevant associations, clubs, or academic achievements in the education section if desired.


If you've earned any certificates or licenses required for the position, include them in a separate resume section. List the certificate or license title, license number, the issuing organization, and the expiration date (if listed).


It's also a good idea to include a skills section on your resume, especially if you possess skills vital to the open education position. Include hard skills and soft skills that relate to the job description. Hard skills are specific skills acquired through training. Soft skills are general skills applicable to most work environments. Keep your skills section short, listing between 10 and 15 skills maximum.

What Should Be Left Off An Education Resume?

Space is limited on resumes, so keep most of the information relevant to the specific open position or education field. It's ok to have gaps in your work experience but be prepared to explain them during an interview. If your resume is lacking, you can include other work and education experiences to fill in the gaps and provide more context. Try to avoid this if possible, though.

Important Job Skills for Education Resumes

The resume skills section gives potential employers an overview of your skills and abilities that relate to the open position. Here are some of the skills you might include on an education resume.

  • Active listening
  • Advising
  • Building community
  • Building relationships
  • Clarity
  • Classroom management software
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Detail-oriented
  • Direction-giving
  • Diversity
  • Electronic presentations
  • Enthusiasm
  • Evaluation
  • Facilitating
  • High energy
  • Imaginative thinking
  • Instructing
  • Leadership
  • Lesson planning
  • Microsoft Office software
  • Modifying behavior
  • Motivation
  • Multitasking
  • Networking
  • Organization
  • Patience
  • Presentation
  • Problem-solving
  • Report writing
  • Research
  • Special needs assistance
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Technological skills
  • Technology
  • Time management
  • Visual aids

Where To Get Help With Your Resume

You can now get started with crafting your education resume! However, if you still need help, we would recommend working with a resume writing service. Here are some resources:

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I write my education resume?

An education resume should summarize your education and experience related to the education field. It should include your name and contact information, a summary, work and education experiences, skills, and any other information relevant to the position.

What is education in a resume?

Education is the section of your resume where you list your formal education experience. This section should include any degrees earned, the college name, location, graduation date, and other relevant information.

Should I include education on my resume?

Always include an education section on your resume. The education section of your resume informs potential employers of your formal education related to the desired career field and position.

What is a resume summary? 

A resume summary is a summary located towards the top of your resume that walks through some of your most relevant experiences and accomplishments related to the open position.

The Bottom Line

Crafting an education resume isn't difficult, but if you need help, consider using a resume writing service. To find education jobs in your area, head over to ZipRecruiter and create a free account. Jobseekers can use the online employment marketplace to search for over nine million jobs.