What To Include On A Computer Programmer Resume + Computer Programmer Skills

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Table Of Contents

Learn about the important requirements, skills, and keywords that should be included in a computer programmer resume.

Computer programmers play a critical role in creating, designing, and implementing software programs across all industries. From large tech companies to small family-owned businesses, people in this profession use their knowledge of writing, testing, and debugging code to make company operations simpler and more efficient.

Landing a position as a computer programmer requires a strong resume that encapsulates the necessary skills, work experience, and education employers are looking for. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what to include on your computer programmer resume — helping you land the job you dream of!

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Computer Programmer Resume Example

Steven Programmer

12345 Popplar Drive, Los Angles, CA


Developer/Programmer - LQT Digital

  • Create, update and maintain Digital Support Suites (DSS) for TMSS
  • Work with TMSS analysts to create and maintain SGML Digital Support Suites (DSS) to support AF TMSS user
  • Design and document new processes and obtain organizational feedback
  • Communicate with staff regarding software development efforts

Developer/Programmer - Madison Inc

  • Maintain code quality and adhere to coding standards of the programming language and patterns used in the application
  • Embedded development tools and methodologies
  • Manage work and project tasks of other development contractors


University of Wisconsin - Bachelor’s in Computer Science


  • Strong analytical and coding skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • Linux

What Is Unique About A Computer Programmer Resume?

A programmer’s resume should show their technical proficiency in various programming languages and give examples of their problem-solving abilities, project management experience, and collaboration skills.

Although the job title computer programmer and developer are often used interchangeably, programmers focus more on troubleshooting and a program’s code than developers do. This is what makes a computer programmer’s resume unique from other types of jobs in the tech industry.

To learn more about working as a computer programmer, check out our computer programmer job description.

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What Should Be Included On A Computer Programmer Resume?

The content of your resume is just as important as the design. When you’re brainstorming what to include, ensure you’re including relevant information pertaining to the job you’re applying to. You may have to change your resume from job to job, but the overall structure should stay the same. Let’s look at what you should include on your computer programmer resume.

Resume Header and Contact Information

The resume header is the first thing a hiring manager will see when they pick up your resume. It’s also part of what automatic tracking systems evaluate when sorting through resumes submitted through a digital platform or website.

Your name should be in bold font that’s larger than the rest of the text. Also include how an employer can contact you, including your phone number and email. Always ensure your contact information is up-to-date so you are easily reachable if a company wants to schedule an interview.

Links to your LinkedIn or other professional social media profile are useful, but not necessary additions to this section. However, you want to include a website or portfolio link to demonstrate your project history.

Resume Summary Or Objective

A resume summary and objective also belong in or close to the header. You can place it underneath your contact information or somewhere else on the page, but make sure it’s labeled appropriately so it won’t be confused with any other section on your resume.

An objective describes why you’re the best fit for the position and a summary talks about your professional skills.


The education section of a computer programmer’s resume should include every degree you’ve obtained. If you have a postsecondary degree, listing where you went to high school is unnecessary. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree, it should be listed as your oldest degree obtained.

For each degree you list, include the degree type, major (and any minors), the name of the university, and any relevant coursework (software engineering, computer networks, circuitry, etc.). Putting your GPA isn’t required, but it can help show your commitment to academic excellence.

Professional Experience

When creating the work experience section of your resume, list all relevant work history and the specifics about the job, including the company’s name, position title, and responsibilities.

It’s important to highlight the specific programming languages and software development tools you’ve worked with at each job and how you applied them. Note any successful projects, teaching opportunities, or other professional achievements related to the job.

As you’re describing your work responsibilities, be as specific as possible and include statistics where applicable. You can also talk about any volunteer projects or freelance work you’ve done on the side.

If you’re a new grad applying for entry-level positions, this is a great way to show you’ve taken the initiative to seek out opportunities in the programming field.

Professional Skills 

As a computer programmer, employers expect you to have certain skills before starting the job. Think of these like prerequisites; they help you to be able to perform your duties adequately without a significant amount of training. Including these on your resume can help employers know you have what it takes above other candidates.

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What Should Be Left Off A Computer Programmer Resume?

Don’t include outdated skills or programming languages irrelevant to the current computer programming industry. With how quickly technology evolves, it’s important to update your resume regularly to ensure you’re listing what employers will be looking for. You can omit non-technical work experience, personal information, or controversial information.

Important Job Skills For Computer Programmer 

Computer programmers have a unique set of skills that allow them to create useful and efficient programs for companies. Here are some to include on your resume:

  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • SQL
  • Kafka
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • R
  • Linux
  • Mongo DB
  • AWS

In addition to technical skills, you also want to mention relevant soft skills like:

  • Effective leadership skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience working independently or in high-stress environments

Wondering what other things to add to your resume? Our best skills for resume guide might help.

The Bottom Line

To land a computer programming job, create a resume that helps you stand out among other candidates. By highlighting your work experience, achievements, and education history, you’ll have a good chance of catching a hiring manager’s eye.

While creating your own resume is an option, you can hire a resume-writing service to write and format a resume. It’s also important to stay updated on what positions are available. Check ZipRecruiter for the latest computer programmer jobs!