Dealing With Change In Your Career and The Workplace With Chrisa Boyce

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Table Of Contents

“I get to help people figure out how to reframe change and how to act in spite of being scared” - Chrisa Boyce

Chrisa Boyce is an Executive Coach at Handel Group, a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company. Her experience building brands, working alongside executives from a variety of different sectors and managing large teams have helped Chrisa to serve as an executive coach at Handel where she leads workshops and corporate retreats and works privately with individuals and teams.

In this part 1 of this two-part episode, Chrisa talks about two words that describe many people’s careers: react and pivot, and how you should navigate accordingly. Adapting your career to the pandemic, dealing with diversity in the workplace, and coping with change are also highlights.


  • Chrisa’s background [00:43]
  • Where are the opportunities now? [2:39]
  • Pivot and react [5:40]
  • How leaders react and pivot [9:52]
  • Dealing with change [11:25]
  • Dealing with the pandemic [13:41]
  • Diversity in the workplace post-George Floyd [17:26]
  • Awkward [25:00]
  • Working together to cause change [27:20]


  • The voice of fear [1:06]
    • Fight
    • Flight
    • Freeze
  • Survive vs. thrive [4:44]
  • What are you asking for when switching your career (figuratively) [9:07]
  • “There’s thousands of books on time management!” [10:43]
  • What do you want to be proud of? [12:57]
  • Is there such a thing as setting too many goals? [18:28]
  • “Some action is better than no action” - take baby steps [26:54]