How to Break Into The Lucrative Field of Software Development with Bobby Davis Jr.

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Table Of Contents

“Do the first job for the money, and the second job for the passion” - Bobby Davis Jr. (@ctBobbyDavis)


Serial entrepreneur Bobby Davis Jr. started his first software consulting company in 2002 when he founded Core Techs. He has since gone on to launch Advanced Fraud Solutions, which operates in nearly 1,000 companies across 48 states, and finally Coder Foundry, a coding bootcamp which he and Justin focus on in the interview. Bobby is also the author of the book, Breaking The Code, which walks you through five steps to obtaining “a life-changing software development job.”

If you’re in the midst of a job search, you may have seen ads for coding bootcamps near you. If you’re interested, this episode should answer any questions you may have. Bobby and Justin get into the benefits of being a coder, how to break into the industry with no experience, why diversity plays a critical role in problem-solving, and many other topics regarding the longevity of a successful career as a software developer.

Episode 1

Show Notes: Episode 1

  • Bobby’s background and coding school [00:54]
  • Mobility through coding [4:01]
  • No shortage of opportunity in coding [7:51]
  • Deciding what you want to build [10:10]
  • Breaking in and staying committed [12:21]
  • Getting a taste for coding before you invest in classes [13:20]
  • Ancillary benefits of learning to code [19:24]
  • The secret to coding [21:56]
  • Out of context - starting out with your first coding job [25:24]

Episode 2

Show Notes: Episode 2

  • How you can start to build a portfolio of coding work [1:20]
    • Business level projects that solve business-level problems
  • How to come up with a new product idea [6:41]
  • The lack of diversity in software development [8:34]
    • How diversity helps solve problems in coding
  • Not letting “grumpy coder guy” get in the way of your success [12:42]
  • Bootcamps vs college degrees [15:40]
  • Letting your portfolio be your sales tool [18:40]
  • Taking control of the interview [21:00]
  • Building business level projects [24:20]