15 Of The Best Careers In America [2022]

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What are the best careers in America? With the tight job market, there is a shortage of jobs in some areas, and workers are questioning their careers, wondering if they’re on the right career path.

Glassdoor recently revealed the top careers in America. We compiled the top 15 jobs for you to check out!

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15 Of The Best Careers In America

Here are the top 15 jobs in America, based off of Glassdoor’s 2022 data. Glassdoor determined the best U.S. jobs by looking at three core metrics: salary, job openings, and salary. Each career was ranked on a scale of 1 (bad job) to 5 (best job), from 12/20/20 through 12/20/21.

We also provided additional insight about each career to give you a clear idea of what each career entails.

1. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects manage the organization’s IT (information technology) systems. They play a major role in the management of a company’s IT.

Median base salary: $144,997/year

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 14,021

Job Duties: Working as an enterprise architect means you’ll have job duties like:

  • Managing/updating an organization’s IT network, software, and hardware
  • Staying abreast of new technological advancements that may require system upgrades to support the company’s IT infrastructure

Enterprise architects have made it on the top of the list as one of the best careers in America because of its high salary and top marks for job satisfaction. Plus, you’ll be working in tech, which means you may get to enjoy the many perks tech workers experience like:

  • Remote work
  • Flexible work options including flexible schedule
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Wellness stipends

2. Full Stack Engineer

Full stack engineers’ work involves managing the front end and back end of computer software programs. Full stack engineers do the same work as full stack developers, but not in a leadership capacity. Instead, you’ll report to the full stack developer.

Median National Salary: $101,794/year

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 11,252

Job Duties: You’ll work on the front end and back end of computer software systems. Working as a full stack engineer ranked high for job satisfaction because of the:

  • High salary
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Above-average upward mobility

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists analyze large amounts of data to uncover trends and patterns for the purpose of solving complex problems for the organization.

Median National Salary: $120,000/year

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 10,071

Job Duties: Data scientists do their work using a mix of computer science, statistics, and analytics to solve complex problems within the organization. Despite what may be considered as a difficult, stressful job, it ranks high on job satisfaction among employees.

Data scientists earn a high salary and get to enjoy the rewarding benefits of working in tech like remote work and flexible working options, among other perks.

4. Dev Ops Engineer

Dev Ops Engineers work in a multifaceted profession, blending development and operations. The work includes coding, scripting, data management and other job duties around overseeing code releases and deployment.

Median National Salary: $140,000/year

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 6,977

Job Duties: The key factors that contribute to the job satisfaction of Dev Ops Engineer include:

  • High salary
  • Job growth prospects
  • Upward mobility

5. Strategy Manager

Strategy managers are in leadership, decision-making roles within organizations. They look at a company’s strengths, weaknesses, objectives, and other factors to create long-term plans that align with the organization’s goals.

Median National Salary: $140,000/year

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 6,977

Job Duties: Working as a Strategy Manager is one of the top U.S. careers because of the lucrative salary and total compensation package along with potential perks like flexible work options and the opportunity to work from home.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers build and maintain the AI responsible for machine learning. This is an exciting career field, working closely with the data science team to research, analyze, and create machine learning algorithms.

Median National Salary: $130,489/year

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 6,801

Job Duties: Machine learning engineers are seasoned tech professionals with a strong background in data science and statistics. While this job may seem stressful, it’s actually a fascinating career field.

Machine learning engineers can stay abreast of the latest AI trends and data models, getting the chance to create and test new AI.

The perks of this job include a high salary with opportunities for upward mobility and faster than average career growth to support.

7. Data Engineer

Data engineers build data pipelines. They collect data from different sources and work with broad teams to analyze and uncover data trends, process and store data.

Median National Salary: $113,960/year

Job satisfaction: 4/5

Job openings: 11,821

Job Duties: Data engineers need a strong background in math and have strong programming skills to excel in this role. It ranks high in job satisfaction because of the high salary, job happiness, and appreciation for the work.

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While data engineering is a complex job, the tech professionals in this role tend to have a love for the work they do. They enjoy analyzing large data sets, working with people across organizations and departments, and putting it all together in a pipeline.

This is also a very important job and carrying such a critical role for the team can provide satisfaction and appreciation for the job, alone.

8. Software Engineer

Software engineers build computer software systems and applications. You’ll need to know coding, as this is a major part of the job.

Median National Salary: $116,638/year

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Job openings: 64,155

Job Duties: Software engineers work closely with code. They will need to have critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Many software engineers feel relaxed in their job. There are typically opportunities to work remotely, you may be able to travel, plus, the role comes with a high salary, excellent benefits and amenities like employee discounts, home office stipends, bonuses, and more.

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9. Java Developer

Java developers are software developers for the Java programming language. They have similar duties to software engineers or software developers but with java.

Median National Salary: $107,099/year

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 10,201

Job Duties: Since this role is so similar to software engineers, the perks also align:

  • High salary
  • Remote work options
  • Potential for travel
  • Employee discounts
  • Stipends and bonuses

10. Product Manager

Product Managers work in non-technical roles in the tech industry. They work with customer needs and business objectives on a macro level. The work duties include developing a high-level product strategy based around a customer's needs and wants.

Median National Salary: $125,317/year

Job satisfaction: 4/5

Job openings: 17,725

Job Duties: Product Manager roles rank high for job satisfaction and job happiness because of:

  • Creative opportunities
  • Autonomy
  • High salary and benefits package
  • Rewarding and fulfilling work
  • Remote work options

11. Back End Engineer

Back End Engineers are software engineers for back end development. You’ll likely need to know multiple programming languages and have the ability to work with Java, Python, SQL, and Git, among others.

Median National Salary: $112,384/year

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 6,221

Job Duties: Back end engineering is a great career to choose if you’re interested in technology and programming languages. Job satisfaction is high for this career due to high salary, flexible and remote work options, and opportunities for upward mobility.

12. Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers are software engineers for cloud computing. This role may be referred to as a Cloud Architect or a Cloud Software Engineer.

Median National Salary: $118,999/year

Job satisfaction: 4/5

Job openings: 10,689

Job Duties: Cloud Engineers might have job duties like:

  • Helping organizations migrate to the Cloud
  • Monitor and maintain cloud infrastructure
  • Computer networking and security

Along with the high salary, Cloud Engineers have high job satisfaction for this job because they enjoy their work, the opportunity to work from home and have flexible work options are present, and growth opportunities.

If you want to become a Cloud Architect, you may need to update your resume. Check out our guide to creating a cloud architect resume to learn more.

13. HR Manager

HR Managers head up the Human Resources department for an organization. This can include: recruiting and staffing, onboarding, organization strategic planning, benefits and compensation and being a liaison between management and employees.

Median National Salary: $91,502/year

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 7,276

Job Duties: The role of an HR Manager will vary day-to-day. You’ll manage the company’s HR activities including leading the HR department. This is one of the most important jobs within an organization.

Unlike other career roles, you’ll unlikely need to work overtime or need to work hours outside of standard 9 to 5 office hours, which is great for work-life balance. Additionally, HR managers have a high salary and compensation package, which contribute to overall job satisfaction.

14. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager’s role is to help grow the organization. They do this through a mix of strategic planning, client prospecting, and lead generation activities.

Median National Salary: $89,496/year

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 9,263

Job Duties: Business Development Manager’s attract prospective clients to the organization and move them through the lead cycle. They also do:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Revenue growth and sales activities
  • Relationship-building with clients
  • Lead follow up
  • Training peers

This job ranked high for job satisfaction because of the high salary and compensation package, benefits, and flexible work options including remote work.

15. Information Security Engineer

Information Security Engineers also called Cybersecurity Engineers identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in the IT system. They are excellent critical thinkers with strong problem-solving skills, able to identify problems and develop high-tech solutions to fix the issue, defending against hacking.

Median National Salary: $116,919/year

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 7,264

Job Duties: Information Security Engineers are an important part of the organization. They help prevent attempts of malware, ransomware, cybercrime, and other threats that could impact the system and overall organization.

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How Do You Get One Of The Best Careers?

Each career is different, but these tips can help you land any career of your choosing.

Upskill If Needed

Make sure you have the required education, background, and skills for the job.

For example, some roles, like Back End Developers require a lot of experience with programming languages before you can work in this profession while other positions like Product Manager can be an entry-level role, with a college degree behind you.

Update Your Resume

Now, update your resume. Add any new skills that you may have obtained. If you need help with your resume, we recommend checking out our guide to the best resume writing services.

Resume writing services are surprisingly affordable and it can really pay off to get professional help with your resume!

Once you have determined which career you want to pursue, you can begin your job search. Don’t forget that networking can play a big role in landing jobs.

Where To Find The Best Careers

There are plenty of places to find careers. These are some of the top job search sites we recommend to find work.


ZipRecruiter is a job search website that has been home to millions of job postings online. This job search tool has a simple layout and is very easy to use. You can search for jobs online, research salaries, and read jobseeker reviews on ZipRecruiter. It’s one of the best places to start your online job search.

For more information, check out our ZipRecruiter review.

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Indeed is one of the leading online job search websites. You start by entering keywords in their search bar and setting your location. Then, you can sift through the job search results to find the best jobs to apply for.

For more information, check out our Indeed review.

Google Jobs

Google Jobs is Google’s job search tool built right into the search bar. Head to Google and type keywords in the search bar based on the type of career you’re searching for. Then, you can refine your results by setting job filters like remote work, category, requirements, and other filters to produce a refined set of results to find your perfect job.

Visit Google Jobs to get started.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in a new career, hopefully this guide helps you to recognize new potential career options! When you’re ready to begin looking for work, start your career search by heading to ZipRecruiter.