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On, we strive to get you the straightforward resources you need to improve your careers. Our guides give you a step-by-step actionable roadmap, and we revisit and update our content as times and tactics change. Our writers come from all industries and backgrounds, and all bring very unique perspectives to the topic of career trajectory. Some of the helpful topics you can find on our site are:


Our team embraces the large scale shifts in labor and technology that now provide new ways of working and collaborating (historically called 'job'), while embedding those activities within the context of our overall lives in new ways to increase productivity and overall life happiness. Our team is fully remote, has no set hours and few work policies. While that may all seem like our heads are in the (Career) clouds, our team members have built their careers working in some of the most high-performance companies on earth. We have worked in or advised billion-dollar Fortune 500's and we have been freelance consultants. We have raised venture capital, sold companies, and watched others go down in flames. We've been hired (and fired). We've hired (and unfortunately fired) others. We've mentored teams, and developed talent. Through these experiences, we've built a catalog of expertise that we wish to bring to you to help you not only build your career, but elevate your life.