7 Ways to a Winning Resume

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Exploring or finding the information that is helpful in creating an effective and result oriented resume is becoming a difficult task these days. Many students do not know how to formulate a resume when they apply for getting jobs after the completion of their education.

Considering the problems of students in developing efficient and concise resumes, following guidelines are helpful in formulating a resume that will have an impact on the future of students a great deal. Remember, if you need help, there are great resume writing services out there that are well worth the money. These guidelines are provided as follows:

A better title results in better perception

The famous saying that says 'first impression is the last impression' does suggest the importance of a resume title in a great way. It is strongly recommended that you have a professional headline in your resume so that it gets the attention of potential employers. The better your resume title, the more are the chances of short listing of your resume. Consider titles like;

"Digital Marketing Expert" or "Software Sales Executive"

Resume objective shows the future of the candidate

This is one of the most important aspects of the resume; the objective defines the ambitions and future goals of a person. Therefore, the objective needs to be effective and at the same time it should correlate with your past and recent employment. It should focus on providing the hints regarding the experience or traits that a person possesses.  In this way the professional desire of a person is described in a better way.

Writing an influential career summary

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There are different kinds of aspects that must be considered while writing a career summary. First of all, you are advised that you should perform detailed research regarding the employers’ requirements. This is necessary because of the reason that it will enhance your chances to receive a call for an interview.  The assessments of qualifications are also significant in this concern. If you are found behind from any required expertise or qualification then you can develop or earn that skill or trait. The summary should also include the achievements so that the employer should know that what kind of value will be attained after hiring you.

Mention employment history effectively

There are some key attributes that make an employment history result oriented and eye catching for the employers. There is no need of describing job description of current job in this section, rather emphasize on justifying your value in the organization in which you are working. The results, which you brought in the organization, need to be mentioned in numbers.  The experience should be interconnected with the goal because it is better to include history that relates with your objective. The words should be used in a careful manner and be selective in portraying your personality in the resume. The information about employment history should be true and the employer should not doubt on your abilities and experiences.

Describe Education in an appropriate way

The education should come before the experience section if the candidate is fresh graduate. On the other hand, if the candidate is an experienced one then it is better to mention experience before education. The reason is that employer is more interested in exploring the experience of candidate rather than education.

Describe your skills in the resume

There are three kinds of skills, one is job related, second is transferable and the last one is adaptive. These skills could be considered in the form of skills that are related to job performance means core job skills. The skills that can be applied in different jobs are transferable and the other skills are concerned with the personality characteristics. These all skills are portrayed in skills section of resume in a reasonable manner.

Provide additional information in the end

An extra value can be added by incorporating your additional information that should support your experiences and qualifications. Any training acquired during the job could be mentioned here in the end.

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Author Bio

Sarah Dean is holding a Degree of Human Resource from The University of London. She also works for custom dissertation services group where her job responsibility is to develop quality content for the sake of students in their studies.